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									                         Frequently Asked Questions
                     Busing in Madison’s Catholic Schools

1. What is the proposed agreement?
    The proposed agreement maintains busing for all Catholic schools in Madison except for
    Edgewood Campus School. The agreement is for two years. The Diocese and the
    District will continue working together during that time to improve the bus system and to
    extend the agreement further into the future.

2. What changes will be made to the current busing system?
     A. Edgewood Campus will no longer receive busing, but parent contracts will be offered.
     B. The noon, kindergarten routes at St. Dennis will be eliminated.
     C. Our Lady Queen of Peace and St. Maria Goretti will adjust their start and
     end times to accommodate the bus schedule as follows:

              Our LadyQueen of Peace -       (bus drop at 8:15)
                                             (bus leaves at 3:25)

              Saint Maria Goretti -          (bus drop at 7:30)
                                             (bus leaves at 2:40)

3. Why are start times changing?
     Changing the start times allows us to pair schools with each other or with a public school.
     This saves money by reducing the number of buses. For example, each bus route costs
     about $45,000/year. If two schools start at the same time, they each need a bus, for a
     total cost of $90,000. However, if School A starts early, then one bus can pick-up
     students at School A. That same bus then picks-up students at School B. This eliminates
     one whole bus, thus reducing the cost from about $90,000 to about $48,500.

4. How will these new times impact parents?
     Changes in bell times mean some changes to the times that parents need before and/or
     after-school care.

5. How will the schools assist parents in making necessary adjustments?
     The schools and parishes are aware of the implications and adjustments necessary to
     implement this agreement. The schools and parishes will help coordinate these efforts.
     There will be a great deal of communication and parental involvement at the school level
     as we move forward.

6. Why weren’t parents a part of the discussions that created this agreement?
    Due to the legal nature of the discussions, parents could not be involved. The principals
    at each school however, were members of a work group that met with District officials
    and bus vendors. They considered many different factors, including the difficulties
    associated with changing bell times. After much thought, consideration and collaborative
    discussion with the District, the principals supported the noted changes in bus service.

                          Frequently Asked Questions
                      Busing in Madison’s Catholic Schools

7. Why is busing not being provided for Edgewood Campus School?
    One of the major goals of our discussions was to find ways to lower the cost of busing.
    After several discussions with the Edgewood Campus School administration and the
    District, we found that very few Campus School students were utilizing the bus service on
    a regular basis. Due to the fact that the Edgewood attendance area encompasses the
    entire City of Madison, it required several buses, from several different parts of the city to
    transport these students. After full consideration of alternatives, we were unable to find a
    more cost effective solution. If Campus School families are having difficulty with
    transportation, they should contact the school.

8. Will Edgewood Campus School parents receive contracts since they will not
   receive busing?
     Yes. Since there are no buses, all those families who would have qualified for buses, will
     instead receive reimbursement from the District at the parent contract rate. This applies
     to all families who would have qualified for bus service, even if previously they did not use
     the bus.

9. Can parents at other schools choose to have a contract instead of taking the bus?
     No. When the bus service is provided, parents have the choice of sending their child on
     the bus or not. This is how busing has always operated. When buses are provided,
     contracts are not provided. Edgewood families will receive contracts because no busing
     will be provided. Busing will be provided at all the other schools, so contracts will not be
     provided. This has always been the rule regarding contracts, so it is not a change from
     current practice.

10. Other questions?
Contact your school office or Michael Lancaster, Superintendent of Catholic Schools at:
                              608-821-3180 or


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