Job Interview Preparation Guide by Evelina1231



The job interview is a conversation and your goal is to show the employer that you have the skills, background, and ability to do the job and that you can successfully fit into the organization and its culture. The interview is also your opportunity to gather information about the job, the organization, and future career opportunities to figure out if the position and work environment are right for you. Most employers do not hire people based on merit alone. Personality, confidence, enthusiasm, a positive outlook, and excellent interpersonal and communication skills count heavily in the selection process. Preparation Tips: 1. Always plan on getting there at least 15-20 spare minutes before the interview time to give your time for unexpected traffic issues, parking situations etc. (especially in LA) 2. Be courteous to everybody you come in contact with (parking attendant, receptionist etc) you never know what role they play and who they are connected to. 3. Always bring two copies of your resume. Carry a portfolio notepad or at the very least a manila file folder. 4. Always bring your Q Inc. Agents contact information with you for emergency situations. 5. First impression is everything, always dress professionally suite, tie, dress shoes and remember not to wear too much perfume/cologne (the person interviewing you might be allergic to the smell etc.) 6. Practice at home or with a friend, prepare clear answers to potential questions. Practice answering questions with a friend, or in front of a mirror. 7. Think out and write down questions you want to ask during the interview. Company Background 1. Always take the time to research the company vision, culture, history, technical environment and type of projects and their goals, history of the IT department. 2. Research the industry, major competitors and get yourself familiarized with industry LINGO. 3. Your Q Agent will share the top skills, make sure to prepare yourself in those areas and prepare to share your background pertaining to those specific skills. 4. Read through the job description carefully and share your past experiences which directly relate to the description. 6080 Center Dr. 6th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90045 310.242.5540

5. Ask a lot of questions, this shows how interested you are and will help you with your decision to figure out if the position/environment fits with your needs . 6. Do not bring up salary. If the interviewer asks you leave it vague and please refer them back to your Q representatives. Interview Questions 1. Everything on your resume is fair game, be prepared to discuss everything. 2. Remember to always be truthful, interviewing managers appreciate honesty. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask more questions and show that you can dig deeper and you can find a solution. 3. Bring up past experience as to how you have been in similar situations and how you came up with solutions. 4. Remember when answering questions answer it precise, to the point. If you are unsure whether you should give more information ask them, “Should I go on with more details or is this enough?” This helps you with getting a good balance where you don’t have to worry about being longwinded or short with your answers. 5. Never say anything negative about your previous employers or reporting managers. 6. Be consistent with your answers. Some of the basic but very important questions are. a. “Tell me about yourself” – pick something unique, you need to differentiate yourself so that way they remember you better b. “What are your goals” – remember to pick something that relates to the position/company c. “What are your strengths” – pick 2-3 and make sure they relate to the job description and/or company culture/environment d. “What are your weaknesses” – we all have weaknesses so make sure you have an answer. Pick something that you can show as a weakness but at the same time show that you are working on it to fix it e. “Why do you want to work here” – pick a few things as to why the position stood out for you and why you are excited about it. Also bring something up about the company f. “Give me an example of….” – always have examples for every situation, write them down g. “What is your biggest accomplishment” – it could be anything just make sure it is something you are really proud of and something you are excited and passionate about h. “What is your biggest failure” – always have an answer and remember to back it up by what you learned from that experience and what you took away from that experience End of Interview 1. Towards the end of the interview always ask a. “Is there any reason why you think I might not be a good fit for this position?” or b. “Is there anything I can clarify or go over again to make sure I address any concerns you might have regarding my qualifications?”

2. If you feel the interview went well and you are interested in the opportunity ask a. “What are the next steps?” b. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interview. After speaking with you and the team I am confident I can contribute to this team/projects and I will be successful in this role therefore I want to let you know I am very interested in this opportunity.” FOLLOW UP WITH A THANK YOU NOTE!

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