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									                                   The Purple Note
   VOLUME 15, Issue 17                                                                 JANUARY 15, 2010

                                                                               PRAYER FAMILIES
                              DATES                                              The Purple Note will name the prayer
                              TO                                                 families of the week and those
                              REMEMBER                                           families will be especially remembered
                                                                                 in prayer throughout the week and dur-
                                                                                 ing chapel on Wednesday. This week
                                                                                 we        remember Samantha Dyk
17-Soup Dinner hosted by Holy Cross held at                (preschool); Maren Swenson (preschool); Henry
   Zion                                                    (Kindergarten) and Ellie Bierman (4th grade), Faith Gerving
18-No School                                               (5th grade), and Marilyn Fiberger (custodian). If you know
20-Chapel @8:30                                            of a family you would like us to include in our prayers,
22-Report cards                                            please let the office know.
27-Chapel @8:30
28-Perkins Fundraiser 5:00-8:30pm                          END OF SECOND QUARTER
29-Reading Kick-off                                        The end of the second quarter is Friday, January 15.
30-Cabin Fever/Chinese Auction @ Messiah                   Report cards will be sent home the following Friday,
                                                           January 22.
Our chapel service will be Wednesday, January 20 @         MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY
8:30 am and will be led by Pastor Marcis from Zion         We do not have school Monday, January 18.
Lutheran Church. Guests are always welcome to join us
each week for chapel. Our chapel offering total for the    PERKINS FUNDRAISER
semester was $793.21. This went to Circle of Life          Join your Martin Luther family for dinner at Perkins
Lutheran Church in Montana.                                South on Thursday, January 28th from 5:00 - 8:30pm.
SCRIP PROGRAM                                              Perkins will be donating 10% of the sales to Martin Lu-
Please do not forget about the SCRIP program. It is a      ther. This is a great opportunity to have dinner with
great and easy way to raise money. The next scrip or-      friends and raise money for the school. If you don't
der will be place on Monday January 25, 2010. Please       have time to sit down and eat you can purchase gift
get your orders to the office by this date. We now have    cards for the future.
Bread Poets and Scheels Scrip.
                                                           All proceeds from the sales in the restaurant, gift certifi-
                                                           cates and the bakery will go towards the total sales.
Please stop by and notify the office if you have a child
that will be attending kindergarten for the school year
                                                           PIZZA RANCH FUNDRAISER
                                                           Pizza Ranch is scheduled for Monday, February 22
2010-11. We want to make sure we have the siblings of
                                                           from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.
Martin Luther School students on our list.
                                                             Payback to MLS will be:
                                                           $1000 buffet sales = 10%
LUTHER ACADEMY OF MUSIC (LAM)                              $1500 buffet sales = 12%
LAM piano students participating in the recital at Bis-    $2000 buffet sales = 15%
marck State College on February 26 and 27, please sub-
mit the $15.00 registration fee (per student) to Martin    Our goal will be to hit the $2000 mark, please invite
Luther School. If you have questions talk to Mrs.          your family, friends and neighbors.
PRINCIPAL’S NOTE                              CHINESE AUCTION
                                                        Join us for some mid-winter fun and fellowship.
We are continuing to focus on teaching peacemak-        Martin Luther School is sponsoring a Cabin Fever
ing skills to children. Authors Ken Sande and Tom       Night on 1/30/2010 (5PM to 7PM) at Messiah
Raabe present 12 principles to help you teach your      Lutheran Church. Admission tickets will be sold in
child how to become a peacemaker. These 12 prin-        advance and at the door.
ciples are presented in their book Peacemaking for      The evening consists of a light supper and a Chinese
Families, published by Focus on the Family. I en-       Auction of craft items. For the auction items, bidders
courage you to pick this book up for your own use       will buy tickets which are opportunities to win
at home.                                                items. The donated craft items will be displayed
                                                        around the room with a container in front of each item.
Principle 2: Teach about THE HEART—When                 Bidders will place tickets in the container in front of
children act out, it is often because something is      the items they wish to bid on. At the end of the
troubling them. Children need to know that they         bidding a ticket is drawn from the container, with that
are responsible for their own actions, no matter        item going to the owner of that ticket.
what they are feeling inside. Explain that they have
the power to choose whether they will be obedient       The Chinese Auction will feature homemade craft
or disobedient, and that ultimately conflict begins     items, so if you do any kind of woodworking, painting,
within our own hearts.                                  needle work, baking or other crafting, please consider
                                                        making a donation of an item for the auction. If you
Mrs. Voeller                                            are able to help, please contact your MLS board
                                                        member or the school office to let them know what
SOUP DINNER                                             your donation will be so that we can track the
Please join us on Sunday, January 17 from 11:00am       donations. There will also be a sign up sheet located
–1:00pm. For a fundraiser for Martin Luther School      outside of the school office. We would like all of the
hosted by Holy Cross but held at Zion Lutheran          craft items brought to the school by January 15, 2010
Church. Supplemental funds will be provided from        (baked goods may be dropped off on the 29th. If you
Thrivent Financial for     Lutherans. The soups we      would like to volunteer to help with making desserts
will be serving will be Sauerkraut,                     for the evening, setup/cleanup, selling tickets at the
Knoephla, Cream of Tomato, and                          door or serving, please contact Linda Houfek at
Chicken Gumbo. Thank you to                             258-5266.
Country House Deli for also pro-
viding Vegetable Beef and Beer                          HANDBELLS
Cheese Soup. For more informa-                          Handbells will be starting January
tion about Thrivent Financial for                       13, 2010. They practice every
Lutherans, please call (701) 258-8263.                  Wednesday from 3:15 –4:00pm.
                                                        The cost to join is $20.00 per stu-
CONGRATULATIONS                                         dent. This would be for grades 4-
Congratulations to our Geography Bee contestants.       8th bells.
The Geography Bee was held on Wednesday, Janu-
ary 13. Our contestants were: 4th Grade: Matthew        SCHWANS
Aduddell, Tess Sether; 5th Grade: Cole Fried,           Look for information Friday, January 15 about the
Carter Klein; 6th Grade: Jaden Jonson, Bryce Pe-        Schwans Fundraiser.
ters, Sara Simenson; 7th/8th Grade: Shyla Furcht,
Alaina Furcht and Sam Hinz. They all did a great        CHOIR CONCERT/LEARNING FAIR
job! The overall school winners were Alaina             February 4 we will be having a learning Fair from 6:00
Furcht, 1st Place and Cole Fried, 2nd Place. Alaina     -6:45 where you will get the opportunity to check out
will take a written test to determine eligibility for   some special projects your child has been working on
the next level of competition. Well done geogra-        in the classroom. The choir concert will begin at 7:00
                                                        with all the classes singing. Also going on during the
                                                        evening will be our Mayfest kickoff and Mayfest pack-
                                                        ets will be handed out.

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