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Mobile advertising unit for Apple iPhone
Wednesday, August 15th 2007 - 18:30 CEST AdMob, the world's largest mobile advertising marketplace, announced that it has launched a new advertising unit to help brands and companies reach the hundreds of thousands of new Apple iPhone users and take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Apple iPhone. The new ad unit will also help AdMob's network of over 2,000 publishers monetize their iPhone traffic, with fifteen publishers already signed up who develop Apple iPhone specific content. AdMob's ad servers will now recognize iPhone users and serve Apple iPhone specific advertisements. The new unit leverages the core technologies available for the Apple iPhone, including mapping technology for location-based advertisers.

AdMob community - Increased traffic from Apple iPhone users AdMob developed the new mobile advertising unit after fielding requests from its advertiser communities looking to reach early adopter audiences. Equally interested was AdMob's publisher community who experienced increased traffic from Apple iPhone users and urged AdMob to develop an ad specifically for the device. Apple iPhone - Mobile specific advertisement "What we built takes advantage of the targeting capabilities of our platform and the unique capabilities of the Apple iPhone to deliver rich, mobile-specific advertisements. This new user functionality - from an advertisement - is exactly what mobility is all about," states AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui. Apple iPhone advertisement to reach mobile users The Apple iPhone ads leverage AdMob's targeting capabilities, enabling advertisers to reach users based on their behavior and demographics. Initial data show users hitting typical mobile sites, including weather, news and sports. Entertainment sites are particularly popular, offering games, virtual pets and even haiku.

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