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					           Let it Snow! Let it Snow!                       Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

                               REC Write-up
Issue 10                                                                                     Jan / Dec 2010

      Information                Moultonborough Recreation Department
• Community Center is
  open for the After—             Parent Meeting           Basketball Info       SENIOR’S CORNER
  School Program on Tues-        January 9th will be      January 9th is our     Senior Information :
  Thurs, 2:30- 5:30 pm.          the last chance to at-   opening day for all    Jan. 19th: 9:30 am,
• In order to insure that        tend a parent meet-      grades for basket-     there will be a speaker
  registrations are received     ing. There will be a     ball. Kindergarten     on Durable Power of
  on time, we have one           meeting at 8:00 am,      will meet at 8:00 am   Attorney, at the Com-
  drop-off location. Regis-                               at MCS Gym. Girls      munity Center.
  tration forms & payments
                                 and another at 10:00
                                 am, at MCS. If your      grades R-2 will meet
  for all of our trips, sports
                                                          at 9:00 at MCS, and    Feb 2nd a valentine
  programs, and events           child is registered to                          craft: 9:30 at the Com-
  must be dropped off at         play basketball, and     Boys grades R-2 will
                                                          meet at 9:00 at MA     munity Center
  our office at 10 Holland       you have not at-
  St., or mailed to PO Box       tended a previous        Gym. Grades 3-6        Feb 16th, 9:30 at the
  411, Moultonborough,           meeting, you must        will play at various   Safety Building, learn
  NH. Please DO NOT                                       locations. The         about Identity Theft
                                 attend this meeting
  send forms or payments                                  schedule is online.
  to MCS with your child.        or your child will not                          Tai Chi: Tuesdays at
                                 be permitted to play     Please be sure that    10:30 am. $7 / class
  We have a gray box out-
  side the office, where reg-    the following week.      parents & children
                                                          wear only gym          Adult Yoga will re-
  istrations & payments can      The Parent Meeting
                                                          sneakers at MA         sume on April 25th
  be placed at any time. It      is recommended by
  is checked daily. Thanks       the Recreation Advi-     Academy, and there     Senior Sit & Stretch:
  for your cooperation.          sory Board, and is       is NO food or          Wed at 10:45am. At
•   If you have questions or     mandatory for all        drinks allowed at      Lion’s Club. Free
    suggestions, call us at      parents!                 either gym.
    476-8868 or visit our
    NEW web site at:                          Trips                      Discounted Price
                                 Mall & Hibachi Dinner:                Ski & Snowboard Trip
                                 January 13th (early release).         Join the MRD & MTA at the
                                 Kids in Grades 5 & up will leave      Round Hearth Inn in Stowe, VT,
                                 at 1:30 pm for the Steeplegate        for a Spring Skiing extravaganza!
                                 Mall. Then, the bus heads to the      Two Night’s lodging, two days lift
                                 Moritomo Japenese Steak House.        tickets, breakfasts, & dinner Sat-
                                 for a Hibachi Dinner. Kids see        urday Night. March 12-14th.
                                 their dinners made before their       $175 per person! Call for details
                                 eyes! $25, plus mall spending
                                 money! Return at 6:30 pm.
                                                              Mark your Calendar
        Father/Daughter Dance
                                                         Jan 5: Senior Craft: 9:30 am
                          Moultonborough Recrea-         Jan 7: NNE Conference: Office closed
                          tion will once again bring     Jan 9: Mandatory Parent Meeting
                          dads & daughters to-           Jan 9: Basketball Opening Day: K-6th
                          gether at this annual          Jan 11: Recreation Advisory Board: 5:00
                          event. Scheduled for           Jan 13: Mall/Hibachi Dinner Trip
                          February 19th, from            Jan 13: Youth Sports Night: Girls
                          5:30—8:30 pm. This             Jan 15, 22, & 29: Winter Days
                          year’s extravaganza will       Jan 19: Power of Attorney Info: 9:30 am
                          take place at Moultonbor-      Feb 2: Senior Craft: 9:30 am
                          ough Academy, and will         Feb 5: Winter Days
                          be catered with a full         Feb 8: Recreation Advisory Board: 5:00
                          Italian buffet. In addi-       Feb 9: Youth Sports Night: Boys:
                          tion to food, there will be    Feb 12: Winter Day Make Up
 a D.J., dancing, and each girl will receive a keep-     Feb 16: Identity Theft Info: 9:30 am
 sake photo and flower. Registration is required,        Feb 19: Father/Daughter Dance
 as we need to have a count for food in advance.         Feb 23: Tubing/Swim Trip
 $20 per couple, $5 each additional daughter.            Feb 25: Open Gym
                                                         Feb 28: Moonlight Snow Shoe Tour
            CATCH Kids Club
 CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health)
is a program designed to promote physical activity,
                                                                          Ice Rink
                                                         The Ice Rink is now open daily! Please
and healthy food choices in elementary school aged
                                                         log on to the website for the rules &
children . This exciting new program is open to
                                                         schedule. Coming soon are details for
students in Readiness through grade 3. The club
                                                         the “Learn to
will meet on Monday & Thursday mornings, from
                                                         Skate” program
7:45—8:20 am, at MCS Gym. This is a great oppor-
                                                         We hope to be
tunity for your child to have a ton of fun playing
                                                         able to offer les-
games, getting exercise, cooperating with their
                                                         sons by mid-
peers, and learning about healthy nutrition. Regis-
tration is required by Jan 10th. There is no cost.

     Tubing & Swim                         Kidzercise                     Get Paid to Talk
          Trip                      A new session begins on               Coming on March 15th,
  On February 23rd, MRD will        January 14th. Preschoolers            6:30 pm, MRD will host
  take a tubing trip to Gun-        meet on Thursdays at 10:30            an Introduction to
  stock, and then head over to      am for games & activities at          Voice-Overs. Learn how
  the Margate Resort for            the Recreation Department.            to read audio books, an-
  swimming. This trip is for        $5 per child, per session             nounce a commercial, be
  grades 5 & up, and will cost:                                           an animation voice, or
  $27 pp. Bring your own                                                  read a documentary.
  lunch, or money for lunch at                                            The class will be $15 per
                                    “I’d rather be failing at something   person, & you will also
  the ski lodge. The bus leaves     I enjoy, than be a success at some-
  MCS at 9:00 am & returns                                                learn where to look for
                                                thing I hate”             local voice opportunities.
  at 3:30pm.                                   George Burns