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									                          FAQ’s – Neighbourhood Skate Parks

Question                                        Answer

How big are neighbourhood skate parks?          These skate parks are approximately
                                                200m2 (2100 ft2).

Who uses the neighbourhood skate parks? The neighbourhood skate park concept
                                        has been designed to attract local youth
                                        with a focus on beginner and intermediate
                                        skill level users. Due to the relatively small
                                        size of the skate park, they do not typically
                                        attract users from a broader area.

How close is a neighbourhood skate park         Current design practices require 30 metres
to residential neighbours?                      (100 ft.) setback from residences.

How noisy are neighbourhood skate               Though there may be noise, as there is
parks?                                          from any other park features such as
                                                swings, this is confined to daylight hours.

How will the City deal with graffiti on skate   Skate park graffiti tagging is subject to
parks?                                          current City by-laws, policies and
                                                practices. These by-laws are being
                                                updated to a “zero tolerance” standard.
                                                Such graffiti will be actively removed from
                                                skate parks. Graffiti style murals must
                                                meet City’s public art policies and will
                                                require prior approval.

Will skate parks be lit at night?               No. The City does not light skate parks.
                                                All City Parks are technically closed from
                                                10 pm to 6 am daily and we don’t want to
                                                promote use during this time. People
                                                within a park from 10 pm to 6 am are
                                                trespassing and can be fined accordingly.

Do skate parks create safety concerns?          Evidence shows that there are fewer
                                                reported accidents and injuries associated
                                                with skate parks than with other outdoor
                                                park activities.

                                                London police experience no higher
                                                degree of issues associated with skate
                                                parks than with other park amenities that
                                                serve as gathering points (e.g. swing sets,
                                                play equipment).

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