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                      Consulting Summary – FORUTNE 100 Corporations

1. As Program Director and Technical Project Manager (TPM) for First Data Corporation I
was responsible for assisting with the implementation of one Commercial Off The Shelf
(COTS) IT Service Request Management (SRM) application with the initial 12 service
request modules, one Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) project, one
Configuration Management Database (CMDB) project.
SRM project summary
I inherited and was responsible for the first phase of the Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)
application implementation which included driving the initial software installation, custom
development and configuration of web pages to receive and process data, underlying
application configurations, data imports, introduction to IT departments throughout the U.S. and
England, training, intranet development, problem logging, tracking and resolution, contractor
relations, and financial management.
♦   Team members and outside consultants had been pre-selected, the project was underway
with inadequate planning, scope definition and documentation, no defined change management
process, significantly behind schedule, with scope creep, staff/team problems, over budget, high
risk for significant cost over-runs, contract disputes and with a litigation potential.
♦   Each service request module (such as ordering one server, ordering one PC, ordering
multiple servers, server upgrades, etc.) for the integrated SRM application included all aspects
related to purchasing, provisioning, configuring, stand-up and implementation of the requested
hardware and custom configured and designed COTS software.
♦   Each module encompassed a large number of complex and interrelated processes that had
to be defined, documented and approved, and which touched many functional areas.
♦   I was able to bring the first and most important phase of this troubled project to successful
completion and implementation without financial over-runs or litigation.
♦   When the scope changed to include connectivity with Europe and China, there were
additional DNS and complex infrastructure connectivity issues that I personally resolved.
♦  Infrastructure work was primarily related to acquisition of operating system and third-party
database software, populating data tables from CMDB, PeopleSoft and Remedy applications,
and resolution of network connectivity and security issues.
Two international ITIL and CMDB project summaries
♦  Responsibilities were primarily concerned with effective information gathering, plan
development, reporting, and on-going development operations. Work included:
    o   Improving international communications and data gathering to accurately reflect the
        scope of work to be performed throughout numerous European countries, Australia and
    o   Improving, better organizing and expanding the master project plan and all WBS (work
        breakdown structures) to accurately encompass the work to be performed.
    o   Improving team communications, participation, cooperation and ‘esprit de corps’ between
        the U.S. and international team members.
    o   Restructure the planning and project plans for the CMDB project and it’s many
        development sub-projects.

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2. As a senior Technical Project Manager I assisted Verizon Business and Verizon Telecom
to implement new mid-range AIX servers in Omaha, NE and in the Washington, DC area, to
host a new proprietary and highly confidential data privacy software application to comply
with increased security requirements mandated by Federal and California data privacy
My data privacy projects were at the highest priority for the corporation, with significant
executive visibility because of the storage of sensitive customer and client data, employer
IDs, social security numbers, credit card and additional financial data.
These projects were also of significant importance to support the privacy needs for all
Verizon corporate entities (Business, Core, Telecom and Wireless) and because the patent-
applied-for software was to planned to provide additional revenue streams with sales into
European, Latin America and Asian international markets.
These new infrastructures provided multiple real-time mirror redundancy and fail-over/roll-
back environments. I was individually responsible for the full project scope from planning,
implementation, scheduling, executing, monitoring and control.
Work included
♦  Identification and documentation of over 200 mainframe and mid-range impacted applications,
dozens of senior stakeholders, all IP addresses, inbound/outbound ports, mainframe communication
channels, many servers located within a number of geographically dispersed data centers.
♦  Obtained and coordinating team resources, coordinated with network services for new IP
addresses, new secure subnets, new mainframe communication channels. Coordinated,
documented and tested hundreds of firewall changes. Coordinated network testing to identify and
resolve network connectivity issues, router and switch configuration problems.
♦  Performed procurement verification to ensure correct hardware and software versions were
ordered, received and documented. Coordinated procurement of mid-range servers, memory/RAM
upgrades, operating system software, third-party tools and utilities.
♦  Responsible for overseeing the installation and testing of operating systems, tools and utilities at
remote data centers by system and database administrators. Identified and resolved racking,
cabling, electrical connection and other physical connectivity issues, not under my direct control.
♦  Responsible for performing data updates to ITIL CMDB, coordination of configurations with
system administrators, weekly stakeholder communications and update meetings.
♦  Planned and coordinated SAN data storage, backups and resolution of SAN performance issues.
♦  I further directed the initial live fail-over and the initial roll-back, ensuring 100 percent zero
defects (zero failed or impacted applications and zero impacted customers.
♦   I further directed and finalized implementation projects for Verizon telecom for servers that were
not being backed up but had multi-million-dollar risks for Federal financial penalties should the data
be lost or compromised. These projects were unsuccessful by previous project managers.
♦   My projects also included creating VoIP software development schedules in support of VoIP
infrastructure changes and new software rollouts.
♦   The PMO organization was a “balanced matrix” environment with all team resources drawn from
geographical dispersed functional organizations (from New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC,
Florida, to Arizona and California).

3. As a Technical Project Manager for Standard & Poor’s I helped organize, document,
forecast, budget, procure and implement Denver Data Center infrastructure projects that
     ♦    Procurement from Sun Microsystems and implementation of new mid-range Sun Servers,
     ♦    Procurement and implementation of a multi-million dollar EMC SAN storage in Denver,
     ♦    Identification and migration of over 200 undocumented applications from the DEC Alpha
     O/S servers in New York to the Sun Solaris servers in Denver.
     ♦    I performed infrastructure risk identification, quantification and risk response planning for a
     $300,000 database consolidation project that was outsourced off-shore.

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     ♦   Monitored and controlled server procurements including budgeting, tracking approvals,
     performing procurement, tracking shipments, utility arrangements, physical provisioning,
     system and database administrator configurations.
     ♦   Managed third-party application software procurement including monitoring and event
     processing applications.
     ♦   Tracked project capital expenditures exceeding $2.7M during six-month tenure.
     ♦   This was a non-PMO, functional matrix.

4. As Senior Technical Project Manager for the Gateway Computer Corporation I directed
several projects exceeding over $8.1M that included:
     ♦   Implemented new Human Resource infrastructure for the migration from the Sioux City, SD
     corporate data center to a Denver, CO data center.
     ♦   The simultaneously migrated all HR applications from DEC Alpha to Sun Solaris.
     ♦   Transformed the Sioux City data center into a redundant fail-over center,
     ♦   Implemented a significant PeopleSoft Human Resources and financials upgrade
     Implemented several new web-based HR applications.
     ♦   I inherited this project behind schedule and over budget and completed the project on-time,
     under-budget with no major implementation issues and with many accolades.

5. As managing Senior Technical Project Manager I directed the entire corporate
relocation, including IT and telecommunications, from Salt Lake City, UT to Centennial, CO
for a publicly traded national corporation. This further included the physical move of all
furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and records.
This work included
   ♦   This included installation of all new data and telecommunications cabling throughout the new
   corporate headquarters
   ♦   All contracting and procurement for new service providers.
   ♦   Provisioning of a new data center facility.
   ♦   Termination of existing service contracts and shut-down of services
   ♦   Coordination and oversight of the packing, shipping, receipt, installation and provisioning of
   PBX, UNIX, Linux and Windows servers and Windows work stations, as well as all FF&E.
   ♦   This project required considerable contract negotiations and arrangements for new service
   providers. The project was completed as scheduled with no major issues or operational impacts
   and zero unscheduled outages.

6. Smaller Infrastructure Project Examples
♦   Implemented Local Area Network (LAN) and wireless network for CPA firm.
♦   Identified and resolved line-of-site radio frequency (RF) internet communications problems for
small corporation.
♦   Directed web site development for real estate brokerages including HTML coding, ASP, PHP,
MySQL, Flash and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Demonstrated advanced SEO skills by
taking a new commercial web site to a Google national page rank of “five” within six months.
♦   Directed migration from IBM AS/400 to HP-UNIX and new Oracle financials implementation (G/L,
A/P, A/R). Implemented dozens of Oracle and UNIX patches and major upgrades.
♦   Directed Novell eDirectory/NDS upgrade, implementation of centralized Directory Services for
integration and automation of NT, Exchange accounts, internal and external password validation.
Rescued Web-based eLocator/NDS-java application and successfully completed implementation.

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