Summary of EarTHQuaKES by cgz15130


									                                     Summary of EarTHQuaKES
                                      reported by tsunami warning centres *
                                           1 January- 5 January 2010
Advisories issued by international tsunami warning centres. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (P) issues: Tsunami In-
formation Bulletins (TIB), Fixed and Expanding Regional Warnings (FRW, ERW), and Ocean-wide Watch/Warnings (TWW)
for the Pacific; Tsunami Information Bulletins (TIB), Local, Regional, and Ocean-wide Tsunami Watches (LTW, RTW, TW)
for the Indian Ocean; Tsunami Information Statements (TIS), Local, Regional, and Ocean-wide Watches (LTW, RTW, TW)
for the wider Caribbean. The Japan Meteorological Agency (J), issues: Tsunami Advisories (NWPTA) for the Northwestern
Pacific; Tsunami Watch Information (TWI) for the Indian Ocean. The West Coast/Alaska Tsunami Warning Center (A) is-
sues: Tsunami Information Statements (TIS), Tsunami Watch/Warnings (TWW) for Canada, the US (including Puerto Rico,
excluding Hawaii and US-affiliated Pacific Island countries), and the US/British Virgin Islands. Depth (from GCMT solution)
epicenter and Mw from the USGS (G), and Mw from PTWC (P) and JMA (MJMA for Japan local vicinity) at action time. Wave
height and period measurements from sea level gauges reported as amplitude, peak to trough, or greatest value for either
inundation or runup as indicated. Other earthquakes with moment magnitude (Mw) greater than or equal to 6.5 and a depth
no greater than 100 km, as recorded by USGS, have also been included.
                                                              *Compiled by The International Tsunami Information Centre, ITIC
                                                                           PTWC (P)
                                                                                           aCTIon                      maXImum
         TImE                                   DEPTH                     Jma (J), or                    TSunamI?
                    LoCaTIon       EPICEnTEr
                                                             mw          WC/aTWC (a)
                                                                                            (uTC)                    and LoCaTIon

                                                                                                                    0.155 m peak to
                                                                          TIB (P)          22:04
   03                Solomon         8.732° S             6.6 (A, G,                                      YES            peak
         21:48                                   12                       TIS (A)          22:06
  Jan                 Islands      157.496° E             GCMT, P)                                        YES         Rosslyn Bay,
                                                                          NWPTA            20:05
                                                                                                                    Australia gauge

                                                                           TIS (A)          22:57
   03                Solomon         8.800° S             7.2 (G, P)       TIB (P)          23:03
         22:36                                   12
  Jan                 Islands      157.370° E            7.1 (GCMT)      NWPTA (J)          23:04          NO
                                                                         TIB 002 (P)    00:10 (4 Jan)

                      East of
   05                              58.101° S             6.8 (GCMT)        TIS (A)         05:14
         04:56    South Sandwich                 16                                                        NO
  Jan                              14.867° W             6.7 (A, P, G)     TIB (P)         05:12

                                                                         TIB 001 (P)       12:30                       0.03 m
   05                              9.056° S               6.9 (A, P)       TIS (A)         12:30          YES           amp
         12:16   Solomon Islands                 12                                                                  Honiara tide
  Jan                            157.585° E             6.8 (G,GCMT)     TIB 002 (P)       13:43          NO

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