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                             Social Media the Internet Marketing Tool for Your Business
                                                                 By Cala West

  Not so long ago social media was Considered by many to be a short-lived trend. However as the
amount of users of well-liked social networks expand each day, it has turn out to be an internet
marketing tool that your venture really cannot afford to continue without.

Business owners are becoming more aware how valuable using social media as one of their internet
marketing methods really is. Consumers are more internet savvy, have more access to information and
can search and compare easily. They expect (or at least want) a company to provide them the
information they need and want with the ability to interact with the company. Social media marketing is
a way to hook up to consumers on a more personal level. Now is the time to put your energy into
looking at and learning about these social networking sites as they are set to radically change the way
businesses communicate.

Merely having a website for your business simply is not any good these days if it doesn�t have a
distinguished visibility. Your major goal ought to be to get your website noticed, and the way to do that
these days is by writing about it, and getting it written about in blogs and other social media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and related forums and blogs, are certain of the social media tools that
you can use to help you in increasing you website visibility

Twitter is the newest social media tool and has grown extensively in a very brief period of time at
present ranked as the third most used social network. It offers folks a very easy way to hook up with
each other. As a business marketing tool it is very effective since you can direct people to your website
and/or blog updates.

Facebook with more than 200 million active users worldwide, is one of the biggest social networking
site around. It offers fantastic business features and the opportunity of making business contacts, it has
"Pages" you can promote your business on. Another appealing feature of Facebook is the advertising
opportunities which connect with your particular demographic. There is also an "Events" feature to help
with your internet marketing.

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Using blogging as part of your marketing plans is an effective way to connect with your target
audience, because they can post questions and get comments about products and businesses. A
business blog is an effective internet marketing tool because it contains particular industry related
content. Search engines will pick up on the keywords and phrases used and attract a high number of

Consumers choose to communicate and have access to the businesses and companies they buy their
goods and services from. Your customers want to connect with the real people behind the company
and know what you are doing and planning to do.

By implementing these social media tools will help your business to become more visible and attract
more customers

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                             Quick And Easy Way To Make Money With Social Media
                                                          By Jeff Schuman

What is social media marketing, and how would you make money with social media?

First of all before you can make money at something you need to know what it is. Once you are
educated on the subject then you can start to make money.

So what is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is promoting and trying to sell your product on social networking sites. For
example a couple of different social networking sites would be Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube just to
name a few.

Some other forms of social media are blogging and forums. With blogging you can write about your
products and reach thousands of people. I would suggest this blogging blueprint for making money if
you want to get serious about it.

On forums you can tell others about your products and you can have links to your website. You can
also talk to people and answer questions about your products thus creating a sort of friendship
between clients. You can find forums relating to the theme of your business at Big-Boards which is the
largest message board and forum site on the web today.

So just how would you make money with social media?

By having links to your website on many different kinds of social media websites then you can
potentially increase traffic to your website resulting in many more customers which will result in many
more sales.

If you are doing this for internet business reasons it can lead to you making money.

With so many different forms of marketing on the Internet making money with social media really is a
fast and easy way to reach thousands of potential customers. There is no reason you could not start a
new blog and be getting 500 visitors a day in less than 60 days if you work at it.

To find out more about making money with social media you need to further your research and decide
which social media sites are best for you and the customers that you are trying to reach.

You can find many websites online that offer excellent training on social media including ebooks, and
blogs specificially about it.

To make money with social media you have to work hard at it all of the time, just like any other form of
internet marketing. If you are willing to do this you can start and run any business you want online and
use socail media to promote it.

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