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									Help with telephone conversations at work
Many people at work would benefit from improved telephone listening conditions. Using a handsfree
headset allows easy computer keyboard entry (without a crooked neck!) and generally improves the
listening conditions for those with or without a hearing loss.
Two solutions are offered on this product sheet, both with binaural and monaural headset options.
Using a Converse telephone with a headset and converse linking cable. Alternatively a more flexible solution,                                    T
which will work with a much wider range of telephones, is to use a Supra headset with Vista basestation.
The Supra headsets are hearing aid ‘T’ compatible, however as the ‘T’ signal is not strong many hearing aid users
prefer listening to the telephone using a Connevans personal fm radio system – details on sheets T3a and T3b.

 Using a BT Converse telephone                      Using a telephone with a modular handset with a Supra
 with a Supra headset &                             Headset and Vista basestation
 Converse linking cable                             The Vista
 Underneath BT Converse telephones                  basestation allows
 is a socket marked ‘headset’ where                 headset use for
 you can plug in a Supra headset with               any telephone,
 a Converse linking cable (Pt No.                   analogue or
 40THSUPL). The telephone may then                  digital, that has
 be used with the handsfree headset                 a conventional
 or with the conventional handset.                  plug in
 To use the telephone with the                      handset.
 headset, you simply press the headset
 button on the front of the telephone               Calls can be taken
 to pick up or end a call.                          either on the handset
                                                    or headset by the touch                                        40THVISTA
                                                    of a button.
                     Supra Binaural

                                                     Telephone and             Telephone with Vista Basestation and Supra headset
                                                                                                                   Vista plugged into the
                                                                                                                   handset socket on the

                                                                               Telephone                                         Supra Headset
                                                                               handset                                           (monaural
                                                    Telephone with             plugged                                           shown)
                                                    handset plugged                                                              plugged into
 Converse                                                                      into Vista
                                                                                                                                 the other end
                                                    into side of               Basestation.
 linking Cable                                      telephone as                                                                 of the Vista
 40THSUPL                                           usual                                                                        Basestation.
 Only for use with
 Converse telephones             Headset button
 The headset combination may be used with any        The Vista Basestation and Supra Headset can also be used with Connevans radio
 BT Converse telephone, the telephone                systems which gives excellent telephone performance for hearing aid wearers.
 illustrated here is the Converse 420                For more details visit our website

 Supra Headsets

                                                                               Vista base adaptor                 T-Call base adaptor
 The Supra headsets are light and comfortable with good                        40THVISTA                          40THCALL
 sound quality. A fully adjustable headband design                             The Vista basestation              Slightly louder than the
 provides a very stable fit while the soft ear cushion buffers                 provides the interface             Vista and has an audio
 distracting background noise. The headsets are hearing aid                    between the telephone and          out socket for use with
 ‘T’ compatible although the sound level is fairly low.                        the headset. Simple settings       radio aid equipment.
                                                                               on the side of the Vista
 Monaural                         Binaural Headset 40THSUPB                    basestation allow the              Uses 2 x AA
 Headset                          The Supra binaural provides sound            headset volume of both             alkaline
 40THSUPM                         in both ears, making it easier for           hearing and                        batteries.
 An ideal                                  anyone whose job demands            speaking to
 headset which                               total concentration when          be adjusted
                                              making or taking calls,
                                                                                                                                                     BPI 40TH V1.0 October 2003

 allows the                                                                    to suit the
 user to have                                 particularly in a noisy          telephone
 normal conversations                         environment. The                 being used.
 without the need to                         binaural version is
 remove the headset                         appropriate for those with         Uses 2 x AA
 between phone calls.                     two hearing aids.                    alkaline batteries.

      For full details including the range of BT Converse telephones, see Connevans Catalogue, section 10 – Telecommunications

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