Summary of key responsibilities of Area Office Posts by vmarcelo


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Summary of key responsibilities of Area Office Posts.

  Head of Landlord Operations

       Lead by example to instill a commitment to development
        of individuals and teams to achieve outstanding services
       Ensure a service planning approach which ensures
        Corporate Plan objectives are reflected throughout the
        Area Office service
       Ensure that service costs and quality compare
        favourably with top performing comparator organizations
       Instill and maintain a culture of innovation and
        continuous improvement
       Communicate effectively with all stakeholders, the
        objectives of the service and the outcomes; celebrating
        success and taking action on poor performance
       Be the link between strategic policy development and
        effective local services
       Ensure the agreed equality/diversity commitments are
        reflected in day to day operations
       Effective joined up working with the Board, Councilors,
        Police, the Government Office, Audit Commission and
        other Council departments
       To represent the organization in a wide range of internal
        and external contexts
       To ensure Boards receive timely and accurate
        information and have clear and agreed routes to
        contribute to improvement of services and
        encouragement of staff achievement
       Overall responsibility to develop strategy and policy for
        the operational unit and to ensure successful outcomes
        are shared across the organisation
Area Housing Manager

     Lead the area office team in providing a customer focused
     Be personally responsible for ensuring an effective
      performance management culture
     Promote the equality/diversity agenda
     Plan effectively to ensure staff resources are deployed to
      meet service priorities
     Identify strategies to overcome barriers to achieving
      service objectives
     Ensure high quality communication with staff, customers
      and members
     Involve staff and customers in service improvement
     Ensure Tenant Compact responsibilities are met
     Ensure systems for staff recruitment, induction and
      development are effective
     Prepare reports on performance for senior management and
      Board members
     Ensuring partnership working to ensure sustainable
     Lead on Health and Safety
     Manage budgets effectively
     Manage projects effectively

Housing Manager

     Promote customer focus
     Demonstrate leadership
     Manage and develop a well motivated workforce
     Build a team ethos
     Ensure team members are inducted and trained to deliver
      high quality service
     Promote continuous service improvement
     Deliver monthly one to one development sessions to team
      members to provide feedback
     Deliver the performance management framework
     Ensure individual personal development plans are delivered
     Ensure front line services are provided through planning of
      staff cover and properly equipping team members
     Be a member of the local office management team
     Provide feedback on the effectiveness of
     Be part of a project team to develop procedures as required
     Attend meetings to ensure inter agency working
     Deputise for the AHM as required

Rent recovery support and development officer

     Ensure the smooth transition from a central rents
      management service to a locally managed service
     Audit the effectiveness of patch managers’ operation of
      rent recovery procedures
     Alert Housing Manager Operations to any shortfalls in
      approach or case management
     Effective supervision of the quality of submissions to
      County Court
     Liaison with County Court staff re Court hearings and
     Production of arrears performance case management
     Induct and train new patch managers and support staff in
      relation to fulfilling rent arrears management
     Retain expertise in money and welfare advice rules and
      regulations to ensure a preventative approach to rent
     Liaise with housing benefits management on income
Housing Patch Manager

Reduce rent arrears

Take action on arrears cases
Provide benefit and debt advice
Liaise with Housing Benefits and Social Services staff
Serve Notices for arrears
Prepare cases for Court
Carry out Evictions
Produce inventories of tenants’ effects

Anti social behaviour

Take action on cases
Partnering agencies – Anti Social Behaviour Officer, Police,
Neighbourhood Wardens, Mediation, Social Services
Inform complainants of procedures and progress of action
Take statements for ASB actions

Gas Servicing

Important role in procedure when customers have not
cooperated with annual servicing

Visiting properties

Annual visits to all tenants (pilot scheme in 3 areas)
Visits to new tenants after 4 weeks
Visits to properties that are about to be vacated
Accompanied visits with prospective tenants
Visits to review Introductory Tenancies after 9 months
Several visits in accordance with gas procedure

Estate Management/Voids
Regular Estate Inspections
Identification of abandoned properties
Visit/secure properties when tenant fails to return keys
Liaison with Street Scene officers
Identification of environmental improvements
Ensure security of void properties and rubbish removal
Make recommendations on management transfers

Customer Care

Responding to letters and e mails and telephone calls
Attendance at meetings of tenants and residents
Demonstrating respect for customers
Knowing how to signpost other services
Informing tenants of planned programs
Alerting Managers to issues that require further action/resource

Tenant Involvement

Liaise with TROs to encourage customer involvement
Work with tenant inspectors
Attend tenant representative meetings to address current issues

Tenant and Resident Officer

     Ensure partnership working with tenants
     Retain expertise on statutory framework for TP
     Review and communicate Tenant Compacts
     Support tenants and residents in being involved
     Measure and report on levels of involvement
     Champion diversity
     Communicate tenant concerns to colleagues
     Feedback to tenants on how they are contributing
     Work seamlessly with patch manager
Housing Adviser

     Demonstrate customer focus in carrying out day to day
     Take personal responsibility for operating within a
      performance management framework
     Commitment to equalities/diversity
     Work as part of an effective team
     Feedback on barriers to achieving service objectives
     Show commitment to achieving team and personal
     Be responsible for self development in line with own
      personal development plan
     Take an active role in contributing to service improvement
     Maintain knowledge of patch manager priorities to ensure
      the best advice to customers

Administrative assistant

     Take personal responsibility for operating within a
      performance management framework
     To take an active role in team development events
     Feedback on procedures which are not being adhered to/are
      not effective
     Maintain and report on letter response performance
     Monitor and report on office budgets
     Petty cash, ordering and invoice management
     Office equipment ordering
     Maintain sickness and attendance records
     Maintain fire alarm test and other health and Safety actions

Clerical assistant
     Take personal responsibility for operating within a
      performance management framework
     Take an active role in team development events
     Feedback on procedures which are not being adhered
      to/which are ineffective
     To provide a welcoming customer friendly customer
      reception service
     To undertake general office duties including filing and
      maintenance of computerized and manual records
     Receive and balance rent payments from the public

TOB 25th February 05.

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