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                            Norvell News
                                                                           June 2006

The Most Important
Story                                                                                      Niger Teams—Toby * Rebecca * Tara * Seng * Bradley

         Our local Or-               no Hall of Famers or Most              the most important story
lando newspaper re-                  Valuable Players in the                “God’s Story”.                                Inside this issue:
cently launched a new                most important story.                           These languages
advertising campaign to                                                                                             The Most Important...        1
                                              Because the most              represent hundreds of
boost their image and                important story is the one             millions of people who                  Springs of Living ...        1
subscription sales. Here is          you write every day. The               do not have access to
an ad I heard on the ra-                                                                                            Springs of Living ...        2
                                     story of you.                          God’s Word. Let’s bring
dio:                                                                        them the real “most im-
                                              This ad caught                                                        God Opens the ...            2
          The most impor-            my attention for several               portant stories”, stories
tant story in the world                                                     worth telling.                          The First Story              2
                                     reasons. It’s about stories.
may not be in Washing-               We all like stories. It’s                      Enjoy the follow-               Corporate Matching           3
ton … or Tehran … or Bei-            about “the most impor-                 ing two stories from our
jing. It isn’t what hap-             tant story” they claim.                Niger OneStory teams.
pened on Wall Street to-             And it appeals to our self-
day. It isn’t global warm-                                                          Thank you for
                                     absorbed tendencies that               your partnership with us.
ing … or the Space Shut-             everything is about me,
tle.                                 me, me.                                                                             Special points of
         The most impor-                      Stories play a big            Todd and Debby                                  interest:
tant story in the world              part in the work Debby
might have nothing to do                                                                                              • The Norvells will be
                                     and I do with OneStory.
with victory laps or cham-                                                                                              travelling home this
                                     There are 4,000 lan-
pionship rings. There are            guages that do not have                                                            summer. We will be
                                                                                                                        in WI the month of
                                                                                                                        June and KC the month
                                                                                                                        of July.
S p r i n g s o f L i v i n g Wat e r — N i g e r M e n
                                                                                                                      • Some corporations will
                                                                                                                        match charitable gifts
         One thing that              of the few good wells left…            was great about this trip,                  by their employees.
Toby and I did this past                                                    though, was that I had the                  You could double your
                                               The good wells are
month was to separate and                                                   opportunity to share some
                                     definitely a gathering                                                             gifts to our ministry.
each spend a week alone in                                                  stories with the men at the
the bush with the DP…
                                     spot. So now each week at
                                                                                                                        See insert.
                                     the market back in town, I
          One day I helped           run into all sorts of people                    At first, it was just
drive a herd of camels ten           who remember me from such                     stuff—
                                                                            simple stuff—like “the boy
miles to get water from one          and such well… What really             who cried wolf,” which is

       Todd and Debby Norvell * OneStory a partnership ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ * *
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 PAGE 2                                                                                                                        NORVELL NEWS

S p r i n g s o f L i v i n g Wat e r
  about the extent of my broken language ability. They told me some basic
  stories of their own.
           But then my friend (who speaks some English) helped me tell a few
  stories out of the Bible. We ended up telling the stories of David & Goliath,
  Joseph, Daniel, Joshua, and several stories about Jesus to different groups
  of people.
                        Bradley Wise (CCCI) - Niger, West Africa
                                                                                            Toby and Storyteller’s son with their pet goat

F i r s t S to ry – N i g e r M e n
The first paragraph of the first Story in the *ama*** language

                              Elquissat pn Yusef                                                        The Story of Joseph
             Illay alps iyyan, igan esem Israel. Ila middan as-                    (close to literal backtranslation of the story in our language.
  amosnen marro d’ p¾¾in. Wir-npdrow mas-asan. Iyyan da£ sen                           changed some so that it will make sense.)
  barar-net esem Yusef. Ikna tara wpllen. Ig-as tcotcot tahossayat.
                                                                                  There was one man, named Israel. He had sons, 12 of them.
  Amadraynpn win hadatnen ihay n alham pn arat win din, wir-
                                                                       They did not all share the same mother. One of his sons was named
  toggeman assoufa aba-nesan Yusef. Har pzel wah.
                                                                       Joseph. This one he loved very much. He made for him an excellent
                                                                       cloak. And the other brothers became angry with this--that they saw
                                                                       Israel preferred Joseph. Until one day.

G o d O p e n s t h e C h i e f ’ s H e a rt — N i g e r Wo m e n
          This spring our chief’s young-               cine man in a nearby
 est daughter (8 years old) fell out of a              town.
 tree and injured her arm. We weren’t
                                                                 Well, after sev-
 able to see it so we didn’t know ex-
                                                       eral trips to the medicine
 actly what was going on but knew that
                                                       man with not many re-
 it was serious because she had no
                                                       sults, we tried once again
                                                       to see him. He said we
                                                       could take them to Galmi,
   Lemae said that she                                 the town an hour away,
   wanted to follow Jesus...                           to the hospital. The in-
                                                       jury was very serious and
                                                       we had to take her to the
                                                       capital for surgery.                              Tara * Lemae * Seng * Rebecca
 movement in that arm. We offered to
 take the chief and the little girl,                            While at the first hospital,
                                                                                                         me that all the people prayed to God
 whose name is Lemae (Lee-may), to a                   the chief (whose name is Ousamane
                                                                                                         for Lemae and now her arm is fixed.
 hospital about an hour away but he                    Alou) told us he wanted us to teach
                                                                                                         He also said because of Jesus her arm
 said no. He took her to a local medi-                 Lemae how to follow Jesus and she
                                                                                                         is better. The chief asked me to say
                                                       needed to listen...
                                                                                                         thank you to all the people who
                                                                Just before the surgery, Le-             prayed and also everyone who has
                                                       mae asked her dad how they were                   given money to help pay for this sur-
                                                       paying for this and he told them they             gery. He is getting to see how people
                                                       were not having to spend any money                live differently if they are committed
                                                       but people who followed Jesus were                to Jesus and God is really working in
                                                       going to pay for it and Lemae said                his life.
                                                       that she wanted to follow Jesus…
                                                                                                                 God is preparing the way for
                                                              Please continue to pray for                His Story to be told.
                                                       Lemae and the chief. The chief told

         Todd and Debby Norvell * OneStory a partnership ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ * *
                      Check out for the latest pictures and blogs from our OneStory West Africa team members.

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