Tutorial Arrangements for Signals and Systems

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					B32FG2 Lab attendance

Term2, 2006-7

Laboratory Arrangements for Signals and Systems
You will each attend laboratory (EM184) to complete 2 laboratory practicals during the term. Each Laboratory will be associated with 7.5% of the total module mark made up of 2.5% for attendance and a post-lab session interview, and 5% for completion of results/analysis in your logbook. Two weeks are allocated to each laboratory exercise. You will therefore attend on either Mondays or Wednesdays of weeks 4&5 and weeks 7&8 according to your tutorials groupings as shown in the schedule below. You will write up your practical in a lab book and should present this for marking by the demonstrators present. To avoid overwhelming the demonstrators, you should submit your reports before 11 a.m. during your second sessions and on each occasion arrange a time for discussion of your report with them. Your logbook will be assessed only by attendance in person during the timetabled hours. You should work in groups of two or three. Standard A4 log books should be used and written up in ink with your name clearly visible. Log books should contain for each experiment: Title of experiment and date carried out Results – tabulated results clearly labelled and cross referenced to labsheet numbering system. Clearly labelled graphs (using as much of the page as possible) as required. Analysis and Discussion: Full answers to required analysis. Any questions asked should be answered in this section. Again, cross-reference your answers to the labsheet numbering system.

Schedule of tutorial attendance
Mondays; 9:15 room EM1.84 Week 4&5 (assignment 1) Week 7&8 (assignment 2)
GROUP 1 Dr J Hiley Brunsdon Ferguson Gilroy MacIver Waseem Gardiner Tsiligiannis Hunter Bark Bayley Maxwell Daykin Kelly Bennett Michael David Mark Scott Ansab Marc Apostolos Elliot David Scott Ryan Christopher Fraser Michael


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B32FG2 Lab attendance
GROUP 4 Dr J Hong Love(DE) Murray(DE) Canning(DE) Livingston(DE) Taylor(DE) Irwin(CS) Donaldson(CS) Guthrie(CS) Michakis (E&P) Squires (C&E) Dawkins Greenhill Umoren Harper Allan

Term2, 2006-7
Alastair Niall Timothy David Philip Russell Connor Alasdair Charalampos Andrew Simon Christopher Idorenyin Darren Luke

Wednesdays; 9:15 room EM1.84 Week 4&5 (assignment 1) Week 7&8 (assignment 2)
GROUP 6 Dr P Record Faulkner (R&C) Johnson (R&C) Whytock R&C) Warburton (R&C) Ham (R&C) Iriarte (R&C) Miller (R&C) Clyne (R&C) Phin (R&C) Cochrane (R&C) McCallum (R&C) Muir (R&C) Plumley-Rowe (R&C) Dow (R&C) Ahmed (R&C) Johnson (R&C) Peter Andrew Tenika Oliver Andrew Juan James Andrew Christopher William Johnathan Alastair Matthew David Shan Helen

GROUP 3 Dr J E Fletcher

Al-Anqari Joshi Long Qian Johnston Jones McNeill Nahhas Pope Kedslie Russell Purdom

Ahmed Jiten Sarah Yu Craig Michael Derek Khalil Chris Steven Stuart Kelvin


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