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Artificial Daylight Panels In todays modern working office environment it is important to ensure correct lighting practices are followed to provide efficient low glare lighting for the work force. Artificial Daylight panels control the light by polarising the light from the lamp (see diagram). This has the effect of reducing glare from the reflective surfaces of the office and provides a more comfortable office environment. Choice of Lamp It is often recommended that the panel is used with cool lamps with colour temperatures as high as 8600k being quoted. This is close to the colour temperature of daylight. These lamps are often referred to as Daylight Lamps. The whiter light is also sometimes associated with helping Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Choice of Control Gear High frequency control gear is standard in most of our fluorescent luminaires. High frequency gear should be used when Artificial Daylight Panels are selected to give the highest comfort to the office environment. The Polarising Effect Light waves vibrate in an infinite number of planes at right angles to the direction of propagation. When the light wave passes through a polarising filter the light wave is confined to a particular narrow plane known as the polarised plane. Selection of Luminaires The majority of our fluorescent luminaires are now available with the (DLP) Daylight panel as a specifiable option.
U.V stabilised diffuser


Unpolarised light

Unpolarised light Polarising Panel

Polarising foam structure Air gap U.V stabilised clear panel

Polarised light

(DLP) construction diagram

Simplified diagram of how the polarising panel works

MIR60 luminaires utilising the (DLP) daylight panel down the length of this sports gym viewing gallery

A wide range of luminaires including the MIR550 range are suitable for housing the (DLP) daylight panel

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