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					ENVIRONMENT & LEISURE COMMITTEE REPORT (Minutes) of the meeting of the Environment & Leisure Committee held at the Fleur de Lys Council Chambers, Market Square, Hailsham on Monday 8th September 2008 at 7.30 pm. Prior to commencement of formal business, a period of not more than 15 minutes was assigned for the purpose of permitting members of the public to address the Committee or ask questions (on matters relevant to the responsibilities under direction of this committee) at the discretion of the presiding Chairman. Members were advised that Hailsham had been awarded a silver medal at the South/South East in Bloom and Councillor B. Burchmore congratulated everyone involved, in particular Councillor G. Bentley Astor for his role in the organisation of this. Mr T. Tack spoke in respect of his proposal for a skateboard park to be built in Hailsham, on the Maurice Thornton Playing Field. He presented some drawings to the Committee and advised he has visited two skateboard parks in Polegate and Herstmonceux. The Committee Clerk stated she had contacted Polegate Council regarding the cost of their skateboard park and had been advised it had been in the region of £80,000. Members were advised that this work at the cost of £80,000 was undertaken 10 years previously. Mr Tack reported he will be applying for funding for his proposal. Members reminded Mr Tack that all local residents would have to be consulted over the placing of a skateboard ramp on the playing field. Councillor I. Haffenden requested to know whether the mobile skateboard ramp run by the Community College was ever based in Hailsham. Mr Tack advised that the ramp is taken all over Wealden therefore it is only occasionally available for use in Hailsham. He stated he will make further enquires regarding the skateboard ramps and contact the Environment and Leisure Officer with his proposals. E&L/08 /2/73 Present: Councillors: J. Bentley Astor, B.F. Burchmore (Chairman), Mrs SPM Cottingham, I. Haffenden, Mrs S. Henstock, P. Holbrook, J. Puttick, G. Rowe (Vice Chairman), M. Rowe, Officers in Attendance: Karen Moralee (Environment and Leisure Officer), Mickey Caira (Deputy Town Clerk), Richard Gillett (Works Supervisor) 74 75 Apologies for Absence: Councillor R. Kempe Declarations of Interest None were received. 76 Minutes of Previous Meeting RESOLVED to note that the report (minutes) of the meeting of the Environment and Leisure Committee (reference: E&L/07/4/215-230) held on Monday 9th June 2008 was amended, confirmed as a correct record, and adopted at the meeting of Hailsham Town Council on Monday 7 th July 2008. 77 Matters Arising None were received. 78 Additions to the Agenda The Chairman requested two additional items be added to the agenda, in respect of: i) Common Pond – Drainage to the paths

ii) Hailsham Country Park - Vermin Control This was agreed by members. 79 Officer’s Update on the Environment and Leisure Committee’s Responsibilities A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/79A was circulated with the agenda, outlining all the completed works and projects which will be achieved over the coming weeks. Members noted and adopted the report. Battle Road Allotments 80.1 Allotment Agreement A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/80A was circulated with the agenda. Members noted and adopted the report. Members discussed reducing the length of time allowed for new allotment holders to cultivate their plot and agreed that the current length of time of 6 months could be shortened to 3 months. 80.2 RESOLVED to recommend that the tenancy agreement is amended, stating that new tenants must cultivate their plot within 3 months. Allotment Rent Members were advised that a years notice must be given to allotment holders for any rent increase and that the rent will be increasing this year in October 2008, from £17.50 to £20.00 for a 5 rod plot and £10.50 to £12.50 for a 3 rod plot. Members discussed whether to increase the rent again for 2009 and it was agreed the rent will remain the same and will be reviewed in June 2009, for any increases in October 2010. RESOLVED to recommend there will be no increase in the allotment rent for October 2009. 80.4 Greenhouse A request had been received from an allotment holder to erect a greenhouse on their plot. Much discussion ensued and some concern was raised regarding health and safety implications in the event of vandalism, as the Town Council would be responsible for clearing up any broken glass. Members were advised that both Polegate and Eastbourne Council allow greenhouses on their allotment plots. The Committee Officer was requested to contact these Councils and investigate whether they use toughened plastic and report back to the next meeting. 80.5 RESOLVED to recommend the Committee Chairman and Committee Officer be delegated to investigate the possibility of plastic greenhouses and to decide whether to pursue this option and allow greenhouses on the allotment plots. South Road Play Area A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/81A was circulated with the agenda. 81.2 RESOLVED to recommend to adopt the report in its entirety and the recommendations contained therein.




Hailsham Country Park 82.1 Reeds Councillor G. Rowe asked whether there is any money available in the budget for a second treatment of the reeds at the Country Park Lake. They had originally been treated with a chemical but there is evidence of re-growth. The Committee Clerk will investigate and report back to the Committee. 82.2 Petrol Powered Motor Vehicles Members were informed that a complaint had been received from a member of the public stating that the use of petrol powered model motor vehicles in the Country Park are dangerous, a nuisance and noisy. Members discussed the difficulty in establishing what constitutes a nuisance and the Committee Clerk advised she has only received one complaint on this matter. It was agreed that action will only be taken in the event of further complaints and the situation will be monitored for the time being. 82.3 RESOLVED to recommend the use of petrol powered model motor vehicles at the Country Park is monitored with no action taken at the current time. Water Bailiff 82.4 The Committee were informed that the Water Bailiff at the Country Park Lake has resigned. Members agreed to find a replacement and requested the Committee Clerk contact the Common Pond Warden, Mr P. Hobden, initially to ascertain whether he wishes to take on this role. RESOLVED to recommend a replacement Water Bailiff is sought. Vermin Control A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/82A was circulated with the agenda. Members expressed concern that if there were water voles in the Lake they would be killed by the rat bait bins. It was agreed the pest control company will be asked to contact the Council immediately if they find any water voles and to keep the Environment and Leisure Officer updated on the number of rats which are found. 82.7 RESOLVED to recommend the lowest quotation is accepted for vermin control at Hailsham Country Park and funds for this are taken from the existing budget. Maurice Thornton Playing Field 83 Mr T. Tack had spoken in respect of this item at the beginning of the meeting. It was agreed that a site meeting will be arranged to view the skateboard parks at Polegate and Herstmonceux once more details have been established and this item will be discussed at the next Environment and Leisure meeting in November. Public Open Space Gleneagles Drive 84.1 A request had been received from Southern Gas Networks to change the fence around the gas kiosk at the junction of Gleneagles Drive and Hempstead Lane, as it is regularly vandalised and it can take 3/4 weeks before Southern Gas Networks can organise someone to repair the fence. It was reported that the fence had been erected for aesthetic reasons and not as additional security. Members were advised that Southern Gas Networks were not requesting any financial contribution. Members were aware an email had been sent from Councillor Ellwood stating that he had

82.5 82.6

consulted with adjoining residents in this area and that they had asked for the fencing around the kiosk to remain as it is. He raised concerns at planting shrubs as they will not obscure the kiosk, as part of the area would have to remain unplanted for access purposes. He also raised concerns about the security of the kiosk if this option was implemented. Councillor G. Bentley Astor stated he was in agreement with Councillor Ellwood’s comments. Much discussion ensued and members agreed the preferred option was to plant bushes around the kiosk and surround these with a fence. This will then be removed when the bushes have established themselves. 84.2 RESOLVED to recommend permission is granted for Southern Gas Networks to change the fence to hedging around ¾ of the area, with the fencing removed once the hedging is established leaving secure wooden access gates. Tree Work A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/85A was circulated with the agenda and noted and adopted by members. 85.2 RESOLVED to recommend a) to transfer £865 from the surplus in the grass cutting budget to the tree works budget b) to accept the lowest quotation for the tree work. Common Pond 86 Paths A written report appended to these minutes as Appendix EL/08/2/86A was circulated at the meeting. Councillor G. Bentley Astor stated that the judges for South/South East in Bloom had commended Hailsham Town Council on the Common Pond but considered it would be a greater asset if it had a more natural look. He suggested this could be achieved by removing all the bricks surrounding the pond and considered this would also allow the flood water to drain into the pond. Members discussed this option and further options to tackle the flooding and it was agreed the Works Supervisor will obtain further quotations for discussion at the next meeting. Estimates Sub Committee 87 RESOLVED to appoint Councillors B. Burchmore, G. Bentley Astor, J. Puttick and P. Holbrook as members constituting the 2009/2010 Estimates Advisory Sub-Committee, to prepare recommendations for report to the next Environment and Leisure Committee. Committee Expenditure 88 RESOLVED to recommend to note and adopt the summary of the Committee Expenditure for the quarter ending 30th June 2008 as printed and circulated and appended hereto as Appendix EL/08/2/88A There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.00 pm.




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