Finding Information About Design Principles � Worksheet - DOC by guym13


									           Finding Information About Design Principles – Worksheet
Instructions: Please complete the following worksheet at the Fine Arts Library. Use the accompanying
instruction sheet to guide you through the process.

1. Choose one of the following design principles. Circle the one you chose.

       Color                  Visual Perception
       Perspective            Pattern
       Composition            Balance
       Line                   Unity
       Proportion             Emphasis
       Texture                Movement

2. Use the Library Catalog to find a book about this design principle.
       Start here: ( > Research Tools > Library Catalog

          What kind of search did you do (ex. keyword, subject, title)?

          Write down your search terms. Did you have to modify your search in any way? If so, how?

          Write down the useful subject heading(s).

          Write down the date of publication. Is this book current enough for your research? Does
           currency matter for this topic?

          Write down the citation for one good book (a citation includes author, title, place and date of
           publication, and publisher).

          Write down the call number of the book.

3. Use the call number to find the book on the shelf.
      To find out which call numbers are located in which area of the library, use the guide posted on each
      floor or ask Fine Arts Library staff at the Circulation Desk.

4. Check out the book at the Circulation Desk using your UT ID card.
5. Write a paragraph about this book. Is it useful? Relevant? Are there illustrations?

6. Find two magazines and browse them for information about your design principle. For each
   magazine, write down the title and write a paragraph explaining how the contents address your
   design principle.
          Finding Information About Design Principles – Instructions
                How to Search the Library Catalog for Books About Design Principles

There are a number of different types of searches that may be effective. For each type of search, you can
also limit to the Fine Arts Library.

 Start here: ( > Research Tools > Library Catalog:

Keyword search (searches for terms in the author, title, subject and notes fields)

   Modifying your search
     If you’re keyword search has too many irrelevant results, click on the “Modify Search” button and
     try adding the term “design” and limiting your results to the Fine Arts Library.
          Interpret Book Citations in the Library Catalog (Citation Elements & Call Numbers)

                               Finding Magazines in the Fine Arts Library

Current issues of magazines are arranged by title. Older issues are bound together and placed in the stacks
(Library shelves) arranged by call number.

1. To find these older issues of magazines, do a Journal Title search in the Library Catalog for the title of
the magazine.

     Start here: > Research Tools > Library Catalog
2. Look at the record to find current and older issues.

                                             Useful Magazines

Contemporary Art (all media covered)            Contemporary Art (continued)
Art in America                                  Parachute
ArtNews                                         Parkett
Artforum                                        ArtUS
Art Papers                                      Art AsiaPacific
Flash Art
Ceramics/Craft              Drawing
American Craft              Art On Paper
American Ceramics           Master Drawings
Ceramics Monthly
Studio Potter

Graphic/Industrial Design   Metals
Communication Arts          Metalsmith
Design Issues

Painting                    Photography/Digital media
Modern Painters             Aperture
                            History of Photography

Sculpture Review

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