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									College 101 – Estelle, Pre-fall ‘09

Name _________________________________

This worksheet will help you get started on the research for your group’s teaching session. What is your topic?

From the library home page,, click on Class Guides: CCC and find the class guide for College Success, then Estelle.

A. Search the library catalog for a book about your topic.

Search the library catalog using one or two keywords that describe your topic (for example: sandwich and history). Once you’ve found a book that looks useful, write down one title and call number for a book that is available in the Bothell/CCC Campus Library stacks.

Title: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Call Number: _______________________________________________________________________________ What LC Subjects are used to describe this book? _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Go upstairs and get this book. While you’re there, look at other titles nearby to see if they are relevant to your topic.

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B. Search Gale Virtual Reference for an encyclopedia entry on your topic. Note: If you can’t find an article that looks useful in Gale Virtual Reference, try another reference source – Oxford Reference Online – instead. There is a link to Oxford Reference Online from your CCC class guide.

1. Select an article from the results you get and write down the full reference for this article (found at the top of the page of the full entry). Write down details about the author, article title, and the source of the article (the encyclopedia the article was published in).

2. Skim the article. Are there any main points in this article that you feel you should cover in your teaching session? (If not, find another reference article with some points that are relevant for you!) List 2 points you’d like to cover here:

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