FAQ (Frequently asked questions) To Bring or Not to Bring Can I by vmarcelo


									                          FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

                                To Bring or Not to Bring

Can I purchase ice anywhere onsite?                   Yes.

Should I bring a chair?                         Yes, a chair is a good idea.

Can I bring my dog, parakeet, cat, iguana?            No.

                    See also the list of what to bring on the website.

                               Registration and Parking

Where can I park my car? The camp comes with a parking lot. At the front gate,
you will be given a car pass correlating to your ticket (length of stay) and your in-and-
out needs. You will then be directed where in the lot to park accordingly. Please note
that the parking lot may be quite full, so we ask that you follow the instructions of the
parking crew and park as closely as possible.

If I buy my tickets at the gate, can I pay with a credit card?         We are set up for
cash or check only at the gate. The credit card option applies only to tickets purchased
ahead of time via our website and Pay Pal.

Can I drive my car into the camp? Only women with disabilities who are camping in
campers may drive their vehicles into the camp. All other cars will be parked in the
parking lot.

How will I get myself and my stuff to my campsite? At the parking lot there are
carts you may use to haul your gear to your campsite, about 1/8th of a mile pleasant
walk. Women with disabilities may arrange to use our shuttle service.

                                    Tickets and Such

I want to do work exchange for half of my ticket and pay for the other
half…Can I do that? Oh yes, please. Contact Rainbow, our work exchange and
volunteer coordinator, before you arrive at the festival to arrange this.
Rainbowjane@msn.com or 831 234 3168.

Can I just keep the wrist ticket in my pocket or put it on my ankle? You will be
given a wrist ticket. Yes, it is a flashier fashion statement, and maybe more comfortable,
to wear the band on your ankle. Yes, we love our personal freedom and like to do
things differently, but it doesn’t work if you wear the ticket in your pocket. Bottom line:
This ticket is for your wrist and must be worn on your wrist the entire time of your stay
at the festival.

I want to stay in a motel. Can I purchase a day-use only full festival pass? You
are welcome to stay in a motel, and leave at the end of every day, returning the next
day. We do not have a special ticket for that. Here are the ticket options:
    • Full festival (all 3 days)
    • Two day (Saturday and Sunday)
    • Saturday only
All these tickets include a safe place to gather in community with other women,
concerts, workshops, all activities, fabulous meals, first aid services, shopping and
parking! With the exception of the Saturday Pass, all include camping as well. Whether
or not you use the camping is up to you.


Can I have food in my campsite? Bears aren’t interested in us, but they are
interested in our food. We have so far avoided contact with the bears in the area, in
large measure because we are very careful about not having food anywhere that they
can get to it. We want to keep ourselves and our sisters safe here, so we will continue
to ask that your coolers in your campsite be for beverages only and if you need more
food than the 3 meals we provide per day, you can keep all food in your car.

I want to bring my Peet’s decaf Sumatra & I have a camp stove. Where can I
safely make my coffee each morning? You can set it up near the kitchen. Due to
fire danger in the area, we cannot permit stoves in the campsites.

I am experienced in the woods, can I just build a little campfire? Nope! There
is one fire only that is allowed and that’s in the fire ring in the center of the tipi circle.
There you can sing to your hearts content, snuggle with your girlfriend, roast
marshmallows or just stare into the flames.

Can I smoke on the festival grounds? Yes, so long as you are surrounded by bare
dirt and have a can for ashes with you whenever you are smoking. Please be
considerate of other’s air space. And: absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed in the stage
area or in the audience.

What will the weather be like? Summer in inland Mendocino County can be warm
to hot 80-95o F in the days. 50-60’s in the evenings. Shorts to sweats and even darn
right hot and cold! Generally speaking it does not rain in August.

Is there a lake? NO, but there is a seasonal creek which, depending on the winter
rainfalls, has a varying amount of water in it. It is possible to hike out of the camp for a
dip; however, the creek that encircles the camp is normally not above the knee.

Can I jump in the creek anywhere? Because the creek provides our drinking water,
you must be sure you are downstream from the kitchen. There is no body contact
allowed upstream from the kitchen. \

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