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HoldFast’s experience and expertise in designing innovative platform solutions for rail, road, tram and pedestrian routes is now being applied to new converged transport systems. These will increase public transport opportunities and reduce road congestion. The key to our solutions is to increase infrastructure flexibility while reducing cost and lowering the environmental impact. Since being awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2002, recognising the improvements we made in road and rail safety, our continuing product innovation has underpinned our international growth. We have since been awarded the HSBC Rail Supplier of the Year, The Green Apple Award and The Network Rail Environment Award recognising the recycling of over ten million tyres. All our platforms are made of 100% recycled waste rubber and are designed for simple installation, low maintenance and long life span.



HoldFast Level Crossings Limited
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HoldFast Level Crossings Limited

HoldFast Rubber Highway

HoldFast Carpet Track

creating a flexible infrastructure

The HoldFast Rubber Highway has been fully developed and successfully trialled as an affordable and flexible means of running rail and wheeled traffic on the same track bed.
It took approximately one week to fully install the three hundred metre test track at Corby on prepared sleepers at random centres.

We can transform hundreds of unused or under used rail lines into routes for mixed tram and vehicle traffic. We can replace asphalt with rubber to encase a light rail infrastructure

Applications Redundant branch lines

Light Rail

Fast to Install

HoldFast Carpet Track, used in association with light transit systems, like Parry’s People Mover, enables track to be laid within the black top surface of the road on the existing road base. Buried services do not have to be removed and the track can be easily relocated if required. This offers a much less expensive alternative to conventional tram systems requiring continuous electrification, heavy track footings and the obligation to relocate buried services.

HoldFast panels do not suffer from cracking, splitting or pot holes created by freeze / thaw. Water drains straight off the raised anti-skid surface.

A Safe and Durable Surface

Suitable for any locations where rail, people and vehicles converge HRH is ideal for busy junctions where fluted rail would be generally used and encased in asphalt and concrete. 8,000 vehicle movements were recorded as part of the trials held in Corby in 2006.

Depot Platforms


354,000 waste tyres will be used for every mile of Rubber Highway. The Highway will survive maintenance free for over 20 years.

Environmental Credentials

HoldFast Rubber Paving

The track bed and crossing itself is maintenance free and will survive weather and traffic forces for longer periods. If any panel is damaged then that particular panel can be quickly removed and replaced. No long road closures, drilling or heavy plant is required.

A Maintenance Free Environment

HoldFast Guided Bus Routes

Our new full depth recycled rubber paving system is more durable and safer than traditional concrete materials. Made from 100% recycled rubber, the system is appropriate for the busiest pedestrian thoroughfares.

The HoldFast Guided Bus Route uses the same proven fixing technology as trialled for the HoldFast Rubber Highway, providing a secure bus lane which can also accommodate trams. Also made of 100& recycled rubber, the surface is quiet, comfortable and secure.

Benefits • High slip and skid resistance • Will not accept chewing gum or graffiti • Reduced risk of insurance claims • Highly durable • Potentially shock absorbent • Will not crack due to loads or frost • Will not wear - no pot holes • Half the weight of concrete paving slabs This picture shows the condition of typical town centre concrete paving less then ten • Easy to handle and install years after installation. • Comfortable walking experience • Unique panel connection method does not create tripping hazards or problems with tree roots

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