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					  What is Nomad Homes?

This leaflet explains what types of housing Nomad Homes
          has to offer and where they are located.
Who is Nomad Homes?
Nomad Homes is a housing association. We provide housing
for many different sectors of the community. We always seek to
help the most disadvantaged. These may be people who cannot
get local authority housing because there is not enough, or
because they do not qualify. We have been around since 1974
and are based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We have many types of
housing across Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Cumbria.

What is a housing association?
Housing associations are independent not-for-profit organisations
that provide low cost housing for people in housing need.

They are major providers of homes for rent, while many also run
low cost home ownership schemes to help people who cannot
afford to buy their own homes outright. In these schemes, the
buyer owns a proportion of the home, and rents the remaining
share from the association.

Some associations specialise in providing housing for younger
single people, or for those who need special support – for
example, people with mental illness or drug problems.

What sort of homes do Nomad Homes have?
We manage over 3,000 properties for single people, couples,
families, and older persons.

The types of properties we have include bedsits, flats, houses
and bungalows.

Most of our properties are for rent and we also have housing for
those who require special support.
We are the largest developer in the North East of low cost home
ownership schemes.

Where are Nomad’s homes?
We have properties in these areas:
   •   Alnwick               •   Gateshead
   •   Berwick               •   Newcastle upon Tyne
   •   Blyth Valley          •   North Tyneside
   •   Carlisle              •   South Tyneside
   •   Castle Morpeth        •   Sunderland
   •   Chester-le-Street     •   Tynedale
   •   Darlington            •   Wansbeck
   •   Derwentside

What do I do if I want to find out more?
If you want to find out more about the types of properties we
have and where they are located please contact us. Our contact
details are:

Nomad Homes                Customer Services: 0191 268 4800
Number Five                Local Rate Number: 0845 712 6590
Gosforth Park Avenue       Fax: 0191 229 7373
Gosforth Business Park     E-mail: info@nomad-homes.co.uk
Newcastle upon Tyne        Website: nomad-homes.co.uk
NE12 8EG

For queries about low cost home ownership please call
0191 229 7200
 If you would like this document translated into your own language,
 please contact the number below giving your full contact details.

    If you, or someone you know would like a Nomad
document on tape, in large print or Braille please telephone
                  Customer Services on:
                       0191 268 4800

                                  Produced by Nomad Homes
                                        February 2006

                                  Printed on recycled paper as
                               requested by the Residents’ Panel

Nomad Homes is the trading name of Nomad Housing Group Ltd and Nomad Housing Trust Ltd

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