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Your details Name: Position: Company/organisation: Postal address: Your reference: Email address: Telephone No.: Fax No.:

How long will the search take?
A search of the Registers may take up to five working days. We will contact you if a result cannot be provided within this timeframe. A search against the Registers and databases may take up to seven working days and be more costly. A search against the Registers is a search to ascertain whether there is a native title determination, claim or land use agreement over the specified area.

How much does a search cost?
We are unable to provide estimates of costs for individual searches. A guide is $22.00 for a search where you provide us with the Tribunal/Federal Court file number or name. Charges are applied at a rate of $21.45 for the first 15 minutes of searching and $7.15 each five minutes thereafter, plus postage/courier costs. Photocopy charges are 50c per page. The average cost of geospatial analysis is $79.20 per hour. This charge will be included in the total cost of the search. All charges are inclusive of GST. Please do not send any monies or cheques before the search is completed. The Tribunal will send you an invoice. In some cases charges do not apply, for example if assisting you is a function of the Tribunal under the Native Title Act. To help determine whether charges apply, tick the appropriate box if:
     you are a party to a native title application (or their legal representative) – please provide the Federal Court or Tribunal file number or name you know that you have an interest within the area covered by a particular application and intend to become a party – please note: you may be asked to provide evidence of that interest you are a party to native title negotiations related to indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs), objection to ILUA or statutory access (or their legal representative) you are an officer of a State or Territory government organisation you are unable to pay due to financial hardship (the Tribunal will require some evidence of your financial position before a decision can be made to exempt you from the charges, e.g. a Commonwealth health care or concession card).

How would you like to receive the search results and invoice (if applicable):
   Post Fax — large attachments, such as maps, can not be faxed with search results Email — attachments such as maps (if any) can not be emailed with search results



Request details

Date of request: When is the request required by: Is there a reason this request should receive priority? (For example: Court order, mediation etc):

We will contact you if this timeframe cannot be met and/or if geospatial analysis is required. Details of the area to be searched Federal Court/Tribunal file number/application name (if known):

NORTHERN TERRITORY Tenure: Lot: Please complete Town: at least one of the Section: Hundred: following description fields Northern Territory Portion: Pastoral Lease number or name: or Mining/ Exploration details: (i.e. EL No or MCN No): provide a clear map of the area including STATE & ACT Tenure: landmarks Land parcels: Lot number(s): Property name: Tenure (for example, agricultural lease): Shire(s): County: Parish: Town: State/Territory: Mining tenure: Tenement number(s) or block/sub block description: Other details: (additional information may be attached):

Note: Map coordinates that form part of the attachments to a search result will not be sent with results unless specifically requested. Maps and any other formal attachments will be sent. Fax, mail or email the completed form to the: National Native Title Tribunal, GPO Box 9973 in your capital city Email , Freecall: 1800 640 501, Facsimile: WA NT (08) 9221 7158 (08) 8981 7982 Qld Vic/Tas (07) 3226 8235 (03) 9606 0680 NSW SA (02) 9233 5613 (08) 8224 0939

Tribunal use only:  fee exemption  geospatial request — client contacted on (date):______  assistance recorded  request completed  invoice generated on (date):_______

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