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Faculty / Staff Member Name: Date of Consultation: Project ID:
(Office Use Only)

Faculty Member Status Full-Time Part-Time

Clinical Agency:

Purpose of Literature Search Request Grant Development Preparation of Publication Preparation of Conference Presentation

Date Required Specific Date (please identify): 1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks

RA Literature Review Tasks (check all that apply) Conducting Literature Search Preparing Draft Literature Review (Note: for grant proposals only)

Literature Review Formatting Identify the format (if applicable) that you would like to receive the literature review: Synopsis of Literature (eg: author, type of study, sample, design, data collection approach, key findings) Formal Literature Review – Not including screening stages of a systematic review (Note: for grant proposals only)

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Search Topic Briefly describe your topic (include your research question).

List important and specific keywords / concepts / authors / journals to search.

Search Specifications – Check any specifications or restrictions that apply Specific Databases CINAHL Medline Pubmed PschInfo Socio. Abstracts Eric Ageline Other (specify) Years to Search Last year Last 2 years Last 5 years Other (specify) Limits (if applicable) English only Nursing Literature only Clinical Trials only Abstracts Full Text Only Primary Sources Literature Reviews Peer Reviewed Grey Literature Geographic Coverage (eg: Canada, U.S. Europe) specify Other Limits (specify)

Note: All literature reviews will be sent via email as Word or Reference Manager Database attachments.

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