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					Expanded Academic ASAP Searching Tips
Logging on to Expanded Academic ASAP: There is a direct link on the Library Main Menu for Expanded Academic ASAP. You can also find this from the Alphabetical List of Databases on the Library web site (under Electronic Resources). To truncate words, use the * ex. searching for econ* will retrieve all these words: Economics Economical Economically Economy Econometrics, etc. etc. To search by a specific date, type in the date range you want, i.e. type 8/01/99 to 10/22/99; or you can do indicate since or before a specific date, i.e. type since 10/01/99 or before 10/01/99. Subject Guide Searching vs. Keyword Searching: Search the Subject Guide when what you want can be expressed as "show me articles about" a topic. Keyword search lets you match words in the articles themselves, not just in controlled index terms (like the Subject Guide Search). To search by a specific publication: 1. To determine if a specific journal or magazine is covered in Expanded Academic ASAP, click on Advanced Search (from the initial search screen; it's in the left-hand column). 2. Click on the Select Index (optional) box and choose Journal Name List (jn=) 3. Type in the journal or magazine you're looking for into the blank box to the right. Click on Search. 4. If you find the journal or magazine you're looking for, you're OK to ask the database to limit by that journal. 5. Do your search as a Keyword Search or as a Subject Search and once you get your initial list of results, click on Limit Search (left-hand column) and choose to limit by the journal name. You should put the journal name in quotes. For example, "Science" To search for refereed journals Refereed journals are those in which articles, before they are published, must be reviewed by a body of peers, experts in the same field as the writer. Peer review does not guarantee that an article is correct, but it does help ensure that data and methodology have met a high standard. To limit a search to Refereed Journals you can check off the box labeled to Refereed Publications on the initial search screen either from a Subject Search or a Keyword Search.

Finding Journals in the Library Using HAYSTAC (the Library's catalog)
1. Get onto HAYSTAC. There is a direct link on the Library Main Menu for HAYSTAC. 2. Click on the Title / Journal Title button to find out if the Library owns the journal you need. 3. Type in the exact journal title. 4. When you get the list of results, click on the result that equals the title you typed in and make sure the location indicates Periodical Stacks. Note: we may not have all the journals you are looking for. 5. Once you=re located the right title, the record will tell you which years we have for the journal and it will give you the call number. You need the call number so that you can find the journal on the shelf. 6. Go to the Periodical Stacks (located on the 2nd floor/Upper Mall) to find the journal. Make a photocopy of the article if you need it.

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