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Hoof Health


Hoof Health

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									Hoof Health
D a i r y S u p p l i e S & S e r v i c e S 2 n d e d i t i o n

StepSept ™ products
The right Step to Help control lameness!

StepSept™ CSE-200
concentrated Hoof Bath enhancer
• Dramatically improves the effectiveness of conventional hoofbath solutions • Cuts copper sulfate, zinc sulfate or formaldehyde usage in HALF! • Save money while reducing the use of heavy metal solutions Features and Benefits • Acidifies the solution, which creates a germicidal effect on hoof pathogens more potent than copper sulfate • 3rd generation quaternary ammonium chloride provides more killing power than copper sulfate • Includes surfactants that help penetrate hard-to-reach areas of the hoof where infections begin - much better than copper sulfate • pH buffered to resist neutralizing effect of organic matter • Solution works longer and treats more cows per gallon than copper sulfate

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5 gal. 15 gal. 55 gal.

8524070 8523733 8523734

Cut C opper Sulfa te Us age i Half – and G n Bette et r Res ults!

2 plus 2 can equal 5. it’s called synergy, and StepSept CSE-200 has it!
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StepSept™ CSE-200


• more effective hoof bath solution • Substantial cost savings over copper sulfate alone • a more environmentally friendly hoof bath solution

StepSept™ PB-50
pre-Bath Hoof cleaner
• Helps reduce bacterial hoof infections • Highly concentrated • High detergent level with penetrating surfactants Use Two Ways 1) As a pre-treatment hoofbath solution before the hoofbath treatment solution 2) Or, daily to improve and maintain hoof health hygiene Features and Benefits • • • • Loosens the grip of filth and soil on the hoof Debris drops off the hoof before the cow enters the main treatment hoofbath Cows enter the treatment hoofbath cleaner and respond better to treatment Less contamination helps extend the life of the footbath solution. Save money with more cows per bath ask your BouMatic Dealer about the StepGuardian™ Automated Hoof Bath System.
StepSept PB-50 Provides Superior Hoof Cleaning

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15 gal. 55 gal.

8524054 8523732

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Hoof Health
2 n d e d i t i o n D a i r y S u p p l i e S & S e r v i c e S

StepSept™ FB -T100
concentrated Topical Hoof Treatment
Use Two Ways 1) as a Topical Treatment • Use at full strength for the prevention and treatment of foot rot, hairy foot warts and other bacterial or fungal infections of the hoof • Excels at treating and reducing lameness due to bacterial infections • Provides a “one-two punch” of acidified copper sulfate with a secondary germicide • pH buffered to resist the neutralizing effect of organic matter • Deep, penetrating, antibacterial formula gets to the source of infections with concentrated strength, and less waste than a hoofbath solution • Apply with a typical, garden-variety pump sprayer or spray bottle 2) as a footbath • Helps maintain hoof health in herds with a low incidence of lameness • No additives are required when StepSept FB-T100 is used at one gallon per 49 gallons of water as a hoofbath solution

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2.5 gal. sprayer 4x1 gal. 15 gal. 55 gal.

5100225 8523729 8523730 8523731

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StepSept™ pH Down
Concentrated Hoof Bath Acidifier
Features and Benefits: • • • • • • • • Saves money by reducing copper sulfate use environmentally friendly non-toxic and non-hazardous Improves treatment efficacy and hoof health Enhanced copper sulfate efficacy by lowering pH significantly unique new technology formula keeps pH below 4 even in heavy soil loads Can handle up to 500 cows before footbath change is required StepSept pH Down kills bacteria which cause most common hoof diseases Acidification can reduce copper sulfate use by 50% or more while maintaining efficacy

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15 gal. 55 gal.

8524233 8524234

Saves Mone y. Kills More Bacte ria. Lasts Longe r!

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Hoof Health
D a i r y S u p p l i e S & S e r v i c e S 2 n d e d i t i o n

StepRight ™ natural rubber flooring
leading the Way to ultimate cow comfort and productivity
Why rubber flooring? Rubber flooring has been proven to be better than bare concrete floors at reducing lameness problems and herd cull rates. Natural rubber flooring increases cow comfort and milk production while also improving skid resistance and heat detection. • StepRight reduces hoof health and lameness problems • StepRight provides greater cow comfort and increased milk production StepRight natural rubber flooring is an important part of BouMatic’s complete hoof health program. Together with BouMatic’s StepGuardian hoof bath and StepSept hoof bath solutions, StepRight natural rubber flooring provides unsurpassed cow comfort and hoof health. This means increased milk production and reduced losses from hoof problems and lameness on your dairy.
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The advantages of StepRight natural rubber flooring, exclusively from BouMatic: • Made from natural rubber which is proven superior to other recycled rubber flooring products • Natural rubber flooring is a monolithic, closed-seam flooring that eliminates all but a few anchors • Non-absorbent and urine resistant with a skid resistant surface • More resilient and will not flatten over time • Static free and electrically resistant • New - StepRight CX - controlled expansion • New - StepRight CX Diamond Tread - controlled expansion and extra traction surface

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Hoof Health
2 n d e d i t i o n D a i r y S u p p l i e S & S e r v i c e S

StepRight ™ CX
StepRight CX is a controlled expansion, natural rubber flooring for dairy cows that’s easy to install and increases cow comfort.
unique features of StepRight CX • Integrated nylon fiber component in the rubber compound limits expansion and contraction. There’s less stretch and deterioration common with other rubber flooring. • Limited expansion and contraction means fewer anchors required. Just set it and forget it. • Diamond Grip or Hammer Top embossed provides best traction. • Non-absorbent and more urine resistant. • Available in rolls and mats.

StepRight ™ CX & StepRight ™ CX Diamond Tread
controlled expansion, natural rubber flooring
• • • •
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Available in 5/8 in. thick rolls 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-ft. widths by 100 ft. long rolls Available in 3/4 in. thick 4 ft. x 6 ft. mats with straight or interlocking edges Can be custom cut to match rotary parlor stalls or for custom-fit pens New Diamond Tread pattern available in 4- and 5-ft. by 100 ft. rolls, for extra traction in extreme situations

StepRight CX 5/8 in. rolls 2 x 110 ft. 5100702 3 x 110 ft. 5100703 4 x 110 ft. 5100704 5 x 110 ft. 5100705 6 x 110 ft. 5100706 StepRight CX Diamond Tread 3/4 in. rolls 4 x 100 ft. 5100707 5 x 100 ft. 5100708 StepRight CX 3/4 in. mats 4 x 6 ft., straightcut 5100709 4 x 6 ft., interlocking 5100710 Custom cut (cut from 4 x 6 ft.) 5100711
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StepRight™ CX

StepRight™ CX Diamond Tread

StepRight ™
natural rubber flooring is easy to install!
• Available in 110-ft. long rolls in your choice of 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-ft. widths • 3- and 4-ft. mats are grooved on the sides to accommodate the patented connecting system • Concrete anchors are kept to a minimum - one anchor every 12 inches across one end of the flooring rolls • Bottom surface is grooved for maximum drainage • Can be precision cut for new construction or to retrofit any existing area
w w w . b o u m a t i c . c o m

flooring 2 x 110 ft. 3 x 110 ft. 4 x 110 ft. 5 x 110 ft. 6 x 110 ft.

7911009 7911001 7911002 5100416 5100458

Seam Top, 8 ft. 7911003 Bottom, 8 ft. 7911004

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