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									Search and Rescue Technician II & III (SARTECH) National Test National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

Host: Madison County Search and Rescue

Dates: Oct 17 - 18, 2009

Location: Public Classroom: Carroll Electric Building, 5056 Highway 412 Business, Huntsville, AR, 72740 SARTECH Candidate Information Sheet (9/2009) Today's Date: __9/23/09__

1) This nationally recognized certification testing is open to the public. You do not need to be a NASAR member to challenge this test. You do not need to be a member of any SAR team or emergency services organization to challenge this national certification test. You must be 18 years or older to attend this specific testing event alone. If under 18yrs, a parent or legal guardian must attend with you and also actively participate in the testing event. Please contact the Lead Evaluator prior to registering if under the age of 18 years old. Absolutely everyone must register in advance. 2) It is critical to note that NASAR changed the written test for SARTECH II in the Fall of 2005. If you have been using the old FunSAR book to study, or if you completed a FunSAR Class prior to Nov 2005, then you are NOT fully prepared to challenge the new written test for SARTECH II. The test is now based upon the new textbook, Fundamentals of Search and Rescue, which was published in 2005. All old copies of the FunSAR book should no longer be used. Also note that there is just one test for both the SARTECH II event and the FunSAR Class. If you have completed the “new” version of the FunSAR Course (after Dec 2005), then you will not need to re-take the written test under certain conditions. When you register for the SARTECH II event, you will need to provide a copy of your FunSAR certificate dated within one year of the SARTECH II testing event. Once all of your documentation has been verified, you will still need to register. You are not required to attend the FunSAR Class prior to challenging this test. You can study on your own, or with your team, and then attend any SARTECH II test. If you have any questions about these changes, please contact NASAR at . 3) Prior to attending this SARTECH test, you must read and study the NASAR SARTECH II objectives & criteria in detail. The objectives & criteria are available free on the NASAR website as of Sept 2004 as per a vote of the Board of Directors. Go to the NASAR website, click on the “Education” drop-down menu for further information. Click on the document link to open the PDF page to read the objectives & testing criteria. (You need to have Adobe Reader to see the information). It is strongly recommended that you print a copy & bring them with you! All fees are collected in advance, along with the Candidate Registration Form & Liability Release Form. YES, you need to read the new FunSAR book & study the chapter objectives in addition to studying the SARTECH II criteria. Read the criteria before you arrive!!!! The NUMBER 1 reason that people fail SARTECH II is that they do not take the time to read and study the criteria prior to attending. You may have years of previous SAR experience, but you still will need to learn the NASAR terminology for the testing. 4) If you successfully complete all aspects of this SARTECH II test, (or the SARTECH III test give at this same testing event), you will be mailed an internationally recognized Certificate from NASAR, and a SARTECH rocker (patch). Please note that I send all paperwork and fees to NASAR via traceable overnight delivery within 3 business days after the test. HOWEVER, please note that I have no control over when NASAR mails the certificates to participants. At this time, it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks or longer for certificates to be mailed from NASAR to each participant. If you do not have your certificate after eight weeks, please contact Janet Adere at the NASAR office to ask questions. Please also let me know so I can try to assist.
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5) As a courtesy to everyone at this event, please see that all beepers, pages, cell phones, etc, are either switched to a 'silent mode' or turned off during the course. These items are very distracting to others. DO NOT ANSWER OR USE YOUR CELL PHONE DURING ANY PART OF THE WRITTEN TEST OR FIELD SKILL TESTS!! DO NOT USE BEEPERS OR PAGERS EITHER! 6) The written test is given first. The NEW written test (issued after Dec 2005) for SARTECH II is 145 questions - - 130 multiple choice questions, along with 15 map & compass problems. To pass the written test, you need a score of 70% or higher. You will be told your test score in private after everyone has completed the test. This is NOT an open book test. Each candidate for SARTECH II will have their own color topographic map (not full-sized) to use for the navigation section of the test (to write on). Please read the SARTECH II standards for information on what happens if you do not pass the written test. There are no refunds. The written test for SARTECH III is 75 multiple choice questions; The SARTECH III test does not have any navigation problems or skill stations. The SARTECH III test is only a written test & nothing else. This is NOT an open book test. Passing score for SARTECH III is 70%. Please also note that the SARTECH III practice test is available on the NASAR website. 7) Please note that all cigarette/cigar butts must be “field dressed” and all trash taken with you from the field. Do not leave any trash of any kind in the woods, including food items!! This testing site is held on private property & also National Forest Property, so no trash of any kind should be left on the ground. Also note that weapons, concealed or not, are not permitted at any time. The possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs before or during the testing, or on the outdoor course, is not permitted. No children, no pets. However, feel free to take home all ticks and chiggers……. 8) To accomplish the goals of this event, we will need to operate on a tight schedule. Please arrive in the testing room at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time so we can be prepared to start on time. It is strongly recommended that you bring a “fast-fix” lunch with you each day. High-energy snacks are also suggested. You will be required to bring with you at least 2 liters of water beyond the 24hr pack requirement. No potable water is available at the Field Testing Site, so bring it with you!! 9) As a participant in this course, you will have at least one very important responsibility: if you do not understand something concerning the testing procedures, then it is your responsibility to first read the SARTECH II criteria in detail, and then ask questions. We may have a tight schedule; however, we will always take the time to ensure that your questions concerning the general operation of the SARTECH event will be answered. READ THE CRITERIA. 10) NASAR does not require that you attend any NASAR class prior to challenging the SARTECH tests. Anyone can print the SARTECH II criteria from the NASAR website to study with the NEW Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (2005 version only) book to study for the SARTECH II test on their own. If you prefer to attend training prior to challenging the SARTECH II test, the NASAR FunSAR (Fundamentals of Search and Rescue) class is the course that will prepare you to challenge SARTECH II. In addition, please also note that anyone can study the SARTECH III standards along with the Introduction to Search and Rescue book to study on your own for the SARTECH III written test. If you prefer to attend a class to help you prepare for SARTECH III, then you would attend the Introduction to Search and Rescue class. 11) TO CLARIFY: A person with the title of NASAR Lead Evaluator is authorized by NASAR to issue SARTECH tests. NASAR Lead Evaluators do not teach any part of the course as part of SARTECH, and there is no such thing as a “SARTECH Instructor” or a “SARTECH class”. Some Lead Evaluators may provide a review session prior to any testing as a courtesy to the participants, but this has never been a NASAR requirement and the review session is not part of SARTECH test!! SARTECH has never been an “educational class”; it is a testing event only. Please also note that some NASAR Lead Evaluators are also NASAR Instructors, but there is still no instructional process connected to the SARTECH program. Please contact me if you have questions.
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12) Information in this handout is subject to adjustment/change as needed. This handout is provided as a courtesy to anyone who is considering attending my SARTECH event to provide you with as much information as possible prior to the event. Other NASAR Lead Evaluators may, or may not, provide this type of informational handout. If you have any questions on this SARTECH event, on other NASAR educational courses, or if you would like to Host a SARTECH event or NASAR class, please contact the Lead Evaluator: Ms Susan J Thrasher. YES, people really do ask me all of this information. When other questions are asked, more information is added to this document. 13) Various NASAR Evaluators, Apprentices &/or other qualified staff will assist with this event. 14) Electronic navigation devices, such as a GPS (Global Positioning System), electronic compass or cell phone with navigation, cannot be used during this SARTECH event. You must provide your own orienteering style compass and your own UTM 1:24,000 grid reader to use during this event, along with a pen/pencil. I strongly suggest that you use the quality UTM grid reader that is made by TraceSAR II, and do NOT use the less accurate UTM grid readers that are sold by NASAR and other vendors. The TraceSAR II Grid Reader is sold by Forestry Suppliers, , item #45678, $9.95. TraceSAR II is sometimes sold by the NASAR bookstore, but at a higher price. 15) The SARTECH Lead Evaluator for this event is: Ms Susan J Thrasher. NASAR Life Member. Instructor for NASAR classes: Introduction to Search & Rescue {since course inception in 1998}, Fundamentals of Search & Rescue {since 1993}, and Advanced Search & Rescue {since inception in 1996}. NASAR Lead Evaluator for the SARTECH III/II national tests {since 1996}. Selected as the 1997-98 NASAR Instructor of the Year. Participant in the initial SARTECH 1 pilot program {1996} & first SARTECH 1 Lead Evaluator in Arkansas; past SARTECH 1 Lead Evaluator {1996 – 2002}. NASAR Board Member Jan 2002 until Dec 2004, July 2002 – Jan 2004 appointed as Chair of NASAR Education. NASAR Instructor-Trainer for the (past) NASAR Water Rescue program, teaching river rescue in AR, TX, CO, NC, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Panama. Instructor, Personal Watercraft Rescue Specialists; Instructor, Indiana River Rescue School; Instructor, TREPI (river rescue) for the Fire Service of Panama & Fire Service of Costa Rica (in Spanish); Selected as a member of the 1996 Olympic Swiftwater Rescue Team for whitewater canoe & kayak competitions. Instructor, National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC), teaching cave rescue since 1995 across the USA, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, etc. Navigation & Outdoor Skills Instructor since 1993 for the national "Becoming An Outdoorswoman", teaching at seminars in AR, OK, MO and WY. Past navigation skills instructor for the National Turkey Federation’s “Wild Outdoor Women” programs in Arkansas. Member & Instructor: Madison County Search and Rescue Team, based out of Huntsville, AR. Real Job: Office Manager for Thrasher & Company, Inc, our family owned Investment/Brokerage firm in Northwest Arkansas. In a previous life, 12+ years in Hotel Management. TO CONTACT: Email: (Office & email is Monday – Friday only, 8:30am – 5:00pm). Or regular mail: 1204 S.E. 28th Street, Suite 4, Bentonville, AR, 72712. Office: (479) 273-5333. 16) The number of candidates accepted for this SARTECH event will depend on the local resources available (room size & the number of Evaluators who can assist). The size of the event is determined at the sole discretion of the Lead Evaluator. Generally, the minimum size is 7 (seven) and the maximum is 15 (fifteen) to twenty (20) candidates. If the minimum requirement of paid candidates had not been met at least 14 (fourteen) calendar days prior to the start of the event, the SARTECH weekend could be canceled. If the Lead Evaluator cancels the class, refunds will be provided minus the cost of return fees, (envelopes, postage, etc). Note that this SARTECH II event will be held 99.7% of the time regardless of weather conditions, so preplan accordingly. If you are flying to Arkansas to challenge this test, do not purchase your airline ticket until we confirm that the event will be held. There is no way for us to confirm this SARTECH event until we have the minimum number of paid participants prior to the event. **deadline for this one event only will be 5pm on Oct 9th.
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17) Each person will be required to sign a liability release form and to fill out various paperwork/forms for NASAR prior to the testing event. 18) While on the Navigation Course for SARTECH II testing, you are not permitted to have or make contact with anyone other than radio contact with the SARTECH Lead Evaluator or assigned Evaluator for emergencies. Any kind or type of contact between team members, or any other participant on the navigation course, will be grounds for immediate failure for this station. This is includes the use of radios between participants, whistles, talking, noise makers, air horns, etc, that might be used for directional reference. The navigation station is a SOLO event that must be completed on your own! If there is ANY doubt of your solo participation during this skills test, you WILL be required to repeat this station. The decision of the Lead Evaluator concerning any discrepancies on this topic is final. If you don’t agree with this, then don’t register for this event. 19) Other items that you might want to bring with you &/or have available nearby in your car – Folding chair, clipboard, bug repellent, several pencils with erasers, sunblock, extra set of car keys (we charge extra to break into your car to get your keys!), camera, extra UTM grid reader, gaiters, snake-proof boots, complete change of clothes, extra water, fast-fix food, extra batteries, extra headlamps & flashlights, a spare orange vest, even more water, any medicines that you might need, spare set of reading glasses, toilet paper, etc. Please note that if you are allergic to bees, wasps, ants, spiders, snakes or various other outdoor creatures, it is your responsibility to bring your medicines with you and have it on your person at all times. You are also encouraged to wear long sleeves & long pants made of durable clothing while on the navigation course & other skills stations to help protect you from poison ivy, poison sumac, scratches, bug bites, etc. If it is raining, you’ll need durable rain gear to complete the navigation course through the underbrush. It has already been proven that cheap plastic rain gear doesn’t survive this course. Take the hint, wear only DURABLE rain gear on this navigation course!! You will get hot, you will get cold, you will get dirty, and you will probably want to change clothes at some point at the end of the day. 20) If you have a reading challenge/disability, please notify me at least three weeks prior to the first day and possible arrangements could be made to have someone read the test to you. All candidates for the skills stations must be mentally & physically capable of completing each test station on their own. This is a very physically demanding event!! No refunds. 21) If you are coming to this SARTECH test to re-test any section that you attempted at a previous SARTECH II test, you will need to provide a copy of your SARTECH Failure Report that should have been provided to you from your previous Lead Evaluator. You must submit a copy of the Failure Report with your registration to indicate the date of the testing event where you first attempted the station(s), list of station(s) that you need to re-test & name of the previous Lead Evaluator. If this information is not submitted with the registration form, the registration will be rejected. If the previous Lead Evaluator did not provide you with this document, then it’s your responsibility to contact them to obtain a copy of the document prior to attending your retest. It is your responsibility to keep in contact with the NASAR office to ensure that you are still within the one year retesting period. It is also your responsibility to keep in contact with NASAR concerning any fee that NASAR requires for retesting. The local fee for this event, which is added to the NASAR fee, is still required when the registration is submitted. Check the SARTECH II schedule for the GENERAL time frame of the testing event. You will be required to check-in at the same time as all other candidates. 22) Please note that photographs will be taken during this event. These photos might be used in future MCSAR brochures and we will attempt to have all photos posted on the MCSAR website. If you prefer not have your photograph taken, then it will be your responsibility to avoid the photographers. It will also be your responsibility to notify MCSAR in writing on the first day of the course that you prefer not to have your photograph used in any MCSAR literature, any SAR literature, or posted on the MCSAR website. If you would like a copy of the photos, bring a blank CD or thumb-drive with you and we will attempt to copy/share/download photos on the final day of the course.
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23) We will try to stay on schedule, however, please remain flexible. We may need to stay later or arrive earlier than the original schedule indicates to accomplish the goals of the SARTECH testing. Please note that all candidates must begin the SARTECH event on Saturday morning. We only use Sunday if there is a need for re-testing specific skills stations or to re-issue the written test. 24) If you need a copy of the SARTECH II pack list, please check the NASAR website. The most current pack list is dated 10/1/04 & this date is printed at the bottom of the page. It is your responsibility to check the NASAR website prior to attending this SARTECH II to ensure that no other pack list has been issued by NASAR prior to the date of this local testing event. 25) This SARTECH II testing event is for humans only. Please do not bring dogs, SAR dogs, pets, horses, ferrets, rabbits, burros or children to this event. However, feel free to take home any snakes, ticks, skunks, spiders, chiggers, etc. Your full attention needs to be focused on the written test and the skills stations and you will not have time to be concerned about outside influences. Adult guests are welcome to be onsite to observe or take photos, but only if they sign a release form and agree to follow the directions of the Lead Evaluator. Video is not permitted. All guests must be registered prior to the first day. 26) NASAR policy as of 7/1/08 reserves the right to refuse access to or remove from its programs any person who: • Is known by the Instructor to have been convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of any felony; • Presents themselves at the educational class or certification examination and, in the Instructor’s best judgment, is impaired by either alcohol or drugs; • Becomes disruptive to or threatens the good order of the educational class, certification examination or any person in attendance. If you have any questions concerning this NASAR policy, please contact NASAR 27) SARTECH fees: If the fee is paid after October 9th, 2009, payment can only be made in the form of a money order or cashier’s check, payable to Madison County SAR. If the full fee is paid & registration is RECEIVED prior to October 9th, 2009, payment may be made by personal check, business check, money order or cashier’s check, payable to Madison County SAR. Please note that personal or business checks are not accepted after the deadline. The fee for bounced checks is $50.00 & payable by money order or cashier’s check only, in addition to the testing fee. Purchase Orders are not accepted due to the incredibly long waiting period and difficult procedures needed to obtain payment in a timely manner.

Absolutely everyone needs to register in advance for this SARTECH event.

NASAR Member: $75.00 per person for SARTECH 2 Non-NASAR Member: $95.00 per person for SARTECH 2.
NASAR Member fee for SARTECH III only: $60.00 per person Non-NASAR Member fee for SARTECH III only: $80.00 per person
Note that proof of NASAR membership MUST BE SENT WITH THE FULL REGISTRATION FEE. Payment should be made to Madison County Search and Rescue (MCSAR). Receipts are available upon request at the site. Payment & completed registration form should be sent to MCSAR, c/o Susan Thrasher, 1204 S.E. 28th Street, Suite 4, Bentonville, AR 72712. IF YOU PROVIDE A READABLE EMAIL ADDRESS, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your participation for this event. Fee does not include lodging, meals or transportation. This also means that the email that you provide should be fully functional to receive emails & you need to check your email. If anything changes prior to the testing, email notices will be sent. It’s incredible to note how many people write down email addresses that don’t work or email addresses that they never check. Please note that we can not be responsible for lost or delayed mail or email. Please also note that the internet is not perfect and some emails just don’t get where they are supposed to go. If you are not sure that we have received your payment, registration & proof of NASAR membership, please email or telephone during office hours at the number provided previously in this document, or via If we have not received your paperwork, then there is no way for us to know
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that you will attend. If it’s after the deadline, you must contact the Lead Evaluator prior to sending the registration! Please note that majority of this fee goes to NASAR for your certification. The local fee rarely covers the expenses to host this activity, which includes postage to NASAR, copies and materials used during the testing. The Lead Evaluator, all Evaluators and all staff members volunteer their time (and pay their own gas & food) to help host this national event. In the rare event there is any profit from this event, the proceeds go to Madison County Search and Rescue so that we may continue to provide this service to the SAR community. **********As of 6/1/09, the NASAR Board of Directors increased the NASAR certification fee which is once again based upon NASAR membership: NASAR members pay $55.00 per person as the certification fee; non-NASAR members pay $75.00 for the same certificate. Any amount above the NASAR fee is considered the “local fee” to help off-set expenses to hold this SARTECH event. NASAR voting members still receive a $10 credit with NASAR to use in the bookstore or towards your membership fee. Non-Voting NASAR members (Roster members) will receive a $5.00 credit. It is your responsibility to stay in contact with NASAR concerning these credits and any changes to the use of the credits.

Directions to classroom location - - Saturday: Public use room inside the Carroll Electric Building, 5056 Highway 412 Business,
Huntsville, AR, 72740. This facility does not have a public phone or phone number for after-hours. Link to Google directions - (link was correct as of 9/23/09),+Huntsville,+AR+72740,+USA&ll=36.097245,93.726597&spn=0.063666,0.10437&z=13&iwloc=addr

The written test and the 24hr pack Skill Station will be held at the classroom location. All other skills stations will be held at the Field Testing Site which is about 25 miles south of Huntsville, AR. Directions will be provided to drivers, or we can caravan to the site. Please note that once we leave town, NO services are available (food, water, gas, etc). Please also note that the Field Testing Site is an extremely rural location and cell phones rarely work in this area. Repeat: you need to bring water, bug spray, etc, with you to this event. If you are flying to this event, the nearest commercial airport is the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, XNA, located near Bentonville, AR. You will need to rent a vehicle since the testing site is about 60 miles east of this airport. If you are flying your own plane, there is a runway in Huntsville (no services) . If you land at this local airport, we can assist with local transportation within Huntsville. No rental cars are available. Lodging in/near Huntsville, AR Motel: Faubus Motel (479) 738-6320, 301 S Harris Street, Huntsville, AR, 72740 {No internet, no breakfast, but clean rooms} Camping: Withrow Springs State Park (479) 559-2593 About 5 miles north of Huntsville, just off of Highway 23 Madison County Wildlife Refuge, (primitive camping only) About 12 miles north of Huntsville, (go past the state park) Local Walmart - - - (479) 738-2001 Pharmacy inside Walmart (479) 738 - 1270 This is a smaller Walmart that is NOT open 24hours, limited food items, no gas station. Location: 121 Lee Street, Huntsville, AR Food – everything is within a 10 minute drive (or less) from the classroom. However, there will be long lines near lunch time at each facility, so preplan accordingly!! There is a Harp’s Grocery next door to Walmart that has a deli section & limited hot food.
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Burger Shack, 302 E Main Street, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2752 Crossbow Restaurant, 537 Parrott Drive, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2422 Pizza Hut, 137 Lee Street, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2800 Sonic Drive In, 306 E Main Street, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-1200 Subway, 311 N Haskill Street, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2114 That Little Pizza Place, 201 S Harris Street, Huntsville, AR (479) 738-2155 Mexican Restaurant (new), ask for directions

********INFORMATION IN THIS HANDOUT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. All information in this document is specific to the date provided on the first page and will not be accurate for any other date or testing event. I keep copies of these documents from each testing event for each year to prove what information was provided for each year. Please note that other NASAR SARTECH II Lead Evaluators may or may not provide a Candidate Information Sheet prior to any SARTECH testing. Yes, people really do ask these questions!

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