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									Internet Searching
Name _Jeanitra Carroll__ Searching While many people use only a single search engine (e.g., Google, Yahoo) to look for information on the Web, there are many search engines with different strengths. A few examples of the most popular sites are given below. Search Engine URL  Google  AllTheWeb  HotBot  AltaVista  AskJeeves  LookSmart  Matacrawler  Vivisimo  Dogpile

1.Using the same search terms, do a search using each of the search engines listed above. How does the number of hits differ in different search engines? How do the first three hits compare across each of the search engines? Google- 117,000,000 AllTheWeb- 124,000,000 HotBot - 31,100,000 AltaVista -163,000,000 AskJeeves -31,070,000 LookSmart -__________ Matacrawler- _________ Vivisimo - 84,776,898 Dogpile -_____________ 1. Try doing a search using the search terms below. What’s the difference between a and b? a. Internet search activity-this search term gave me a scattered search it had information on internet search activity and other unrelated things. b. “Internet search activity”-in this search term I got a more detailed search. 2. How do + and – influence searches in most search engines? Try using the following search terms: recipe cookie +oatmeal –raisin Using the plus and minus sign it gives you the recipe for specifically the oatmeal raisin cookie.

3. Look for your own name on the Internet. List 2 URLs that have your name (or someone with the same name as you). ,

4. What search terms could you use to find a tutorial that would help you to learn Microsoft FrontPage? List 2 URLs of relevant sites that you find. (

5. List the URL of one newspaper from outside of the U.S. Korea Times Daily

6. List your general rules or search strategies when you search web sites. I use quotation marks to make my search verbatim and I use the + and- for a detailed search.,

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