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									Polycystic Kidney Disease and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: Building Bridges to the Future March 9-10, 2006
Organizing Committee Peter Harris (Co-Chair) Cheryl Lyn Walker (Co-Chair) Lisa Guay-Woodford Lisa Henske Mayo Clinic UT MD Anderson Cancer Center University of Alabama Fox Chase Cancer Center

Workshop Agenda Thursday, March 9, 2006
12:00-12:45 12:45-1:00 Lunch provided Welcome Vicky Whittemore Lorrie Rome

Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance PKD Foundation

Session I: Introduction to PKD and TSC
Chair: Cheryl Walker 1:00-2:00 Vicente Torres Peter Harris Discussion Lisa Henske Stefan Somlo Discussion Clinical aspects of PKD and TSC Genetics of PKD and TSC


Overview of TSC research Overview of PKD Research


Greg Germino Animal models for PKD David Kwiatkowski Animal models for TSC Discussion Break


Session IIa: Research Focus Areas
Chair: Lisa Henske 4:30-5:30 Cell Signaling Brendan Manning Thomas Weimbs Jim Calvet Discussion

PI3K Signaling in TSC PI3K Signaling in PKD Ca+ and cAMP signaling in PKD


Cell Cycle Cheryl Walker Jing Zhou Adjourn for the day

p27 alterations in TSC Cell cycle aberrations in PKD


Friday, March 10, 2006 Session IIb: Research Focus Areas (cont’d)
Chair: Peter Harris 7:00-8:00 8:00-8:45 Continental breakfast in meeting room Cilia and Cell Polarity Lisa Henske Brad Yoder Discussion

Hamartin (TSC1) localization to centrioles Cilia in the PKD and roles in the nervous system


Vesicular Trafficking and Protein Targeting Ray Yeung Trafficking defects in TSC Lisa Guay-Woodford Protein targeting defects in PKD Gerd Walz Title needed Discussion Cytoskeleton and Cell Adhesion Vera Krymskya Rho signaling in TSC Angela Wandinger-Ness Cytoskeletal aberrations in PKD Discussion Break Targeted Therapies John Bissler Sandy Dabora Charles Edelstein Vincent Gattone Lunch provided


10:15-10:45 10:45-12:00

mTOR as a therapeutic target in TSC Rapamycin clinical trials in TSC Rapamycin, an effective treatment in PKD? Vasopressin receptor antagonists in PKD treatment


Session III: Workshop Highlights, Future Directions and Research Needs
Chairs: Cheryl Walker & Peter Harris 1:00 Open-ended group discussion Adjournment

TSC/PKD Workshop Information Sheet

Meeting Dates: March 9-10, 2006 The workshop starts at 12:00 noon on Thursday, March 9th with a lunch. Meeting Site: Chicago O’Hare Hilton (can be reached from the airport via tunnel on foot) Presentation Specifics Talk length for each session Session I 20 min with 10 min for discussion Session IIa 15 min with 5 minutes for discussion Session IIb 15 min with 5 minutes for discussion Session III Group Discussion – open ended Flash drives Both PC and Mac laptops will be available for use by the speakers. Please bring your presentation on a flash drive for quicker loading. Flight Arrangements You must book your own flight. The PKD Foundation will reimburse the cost of your airfare up to $300. Please book early for cheaper flights. Reimbursement forms will be in the packets given to those attending the Workshop.

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