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S190 Glass Chip Repair Kit £11.00

S130 Windscreen Scratch Repair Kit £22.00

S131 Extra Polishing Powder (100g) £9.00 S132 Extra Polishing Powder (1kg) £32.00 S133 Replacement Polishing Pad £14.00


M.O.T. regulations could mean your car will fail its inspection because of a scratched windscreen. Now though, you can restore your glass with this glass polishing kit and your electric drill. Polishes away scratches caused by windscreen wipers, car washes, and even the local cat. Instructions included.

A small stone chip in your windscreen can be an irritating flaw on an otherwise well detailed car. This handy kit has all you will need including thorough instructions to carry out a repair in about one hour to laminated windscreen glass actually injecting resin into the chip. Replacing the windscreen is an expensive option so why not repair the damage at a fraction of the cost?

For a Clear Visibility
V245 Rain Repellent

V385 Anti Fog (200ml) £6.00


Rain-X leaves the exterior of your windshield clear of rainwater without affecting your wipers. Easy to apply, it forms a second line of defence against wet weather driving conditions. A positive aid to road safety. If you ride a motorbike, why not try it on your visor?
V235 Dr OK Wack

Stop windows from misting up! Rain-X Anti-Fog prevents fogging, misting and steaming on interior glass and mirrors. Long lasting and easy to use, it helps maintain clear visibility whilst driving.

V375 Rain Repellent System

Unique solution to repel rain, dramatically improve visibility and make driving safer. The two-step cleaning and protection system contains leading edge nanotechnology, which creates performance characteristics that have never been achievable before. Critical to the process is the unique cleaning milk, which removes dirt and stubborn debris such as bugs, much better than standard household glass cleaners. The nano sized particles in the protection fluid then create an ultra thin repellent coating, causing water to bead and disperse from the windscreen using the aerodynamics of the car, not just the wipers. The improved visibility is outstanding – and one application lasts for more than 6,000 miles. It can even withstand car washes! 75ml Cleaner, 30ml Repellent Fluid.

Screenwash (250ml) £9.00

V370 Glass Cleaner (500ml) £4.50
Removes traffic film, dust, fingerprints, nicotine haze, grease and dead flies from windscreens, mirrors. Pretty good in the house for tiles and windows.

Designed to eliminate dazzle and obscuring films such as oil and diesel. Supplied as standard in many of the world’s leading car marques. Once you’ve tried this you will never go back to your old brand.

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Order tel: 01706 658 619


Black Liquid Rubber This Sealer Will Not Crack or Wither Under the Sun’s Rays

V127 Black Rubber Paint


Your old window seals can be given new life by rubbing off the perished surface with wire wool and then painting them with black liquid rubber. Fill small cracks and retain flexibility.

S185 Windscreen Sealer (380ml) £7.00 S119 Caulking Gun £5.50

This amazing glass sealer is permanently elastic and does not crack or wither under UV rays; it is resistant to water, caustic washing solutions and atmospheric influences. Use between rubber profiles and body joints when fitting front and rear windscreens. Also perfect for fitting sunroofs. Does not attack chrome, paint or rubber.

Install Your Own Windscreen
S135 Installation Tool £26.00 J250 Miniscraper £3.00
J250B Extra Blades (pack of 5) £1.00

Perfect for removing unwanted stickers from your car windows. Supplied with 5 single edged razor blades, which safely retract into the metal body when not in use. Hundreds of uses around the house and workshop. Excellent for cleaning paint from glass or tiles: no more need for masking tape.

Install rubber sealing strips easily and as quick as windscreen replacement specialists. Supplied with a variety of shapes of hooks and eyes to assemble rubber onto glass and then to insert the rubber or plastic filler strip into the windscreen surround. (Not suitable for metal filler strips). Simplifies standard installations and is a must for specials, kit cars, and customs.

Repair Your Mirror and Your Headlight
S137 Mirror Repair Kit £10.00 S145 Headlight Repair Kit £10.00

V255 Glass Valet £8.00 V256 10 Spare Bonnets £4.50

Clean glass effortlessly, wipes cleans and anti-fogs in one step. Ergonomically designed to prevent stress and strain. The long lasting absorbent bonnets affix easily to trap dirt and grime. Use with your glass cleaner as an anti-fog or to clear condensation.

Rearview mirrors falling or even breaking off happens all the time. Sometimes when the mirror comes off, the windshield is not affected. But other times, when the rearview mirror breaks off, it takes a piece of the windshield with it. From the simplest remounting to the most complex, you can now re-mount rearview mirrors quickly, easily and inexpensively with our kit!

Every day car owners are finding their headlights broken by flying rocks or pebbles. Our kit seals and protects damaged housings, forming a permanent, weather proof seal, and eliminates expensive replacement.


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