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					REDCAR AND CLEVELAND CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S TRUST 14th June 2007 2.00pm The City Learning Centre, Eston
PRESENT: Cllr Helen McLuckie Cllr Ian Jeffrey Mal Fitzgerald (Acting Chair) Colin Moore Maurice Bates Diane Hunt Jim Wingham Stephen Childs Fran Toller Barbara Shaw Trevor Foreman Peter Race Michelle Larkin Julie Conner Steven Rushby (Minutes) IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Valerie Halton Lesley King (Items ) APOLOGIES: David Brown Debbie Clinton Brian Thomas 1. Lead Member for Children’s Services Cabinet Member for Education Chief Executive, Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary and Development Agency Chief Executive, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Director of Adult and Children’s Services, Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Partnership Director for Redcar & Cleveland, North East Learning and Skills Council Chair of the Community Network Director of Community Services, Redcar & Cleveland and Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust Head of Women & Children’s Division, South Tees Acute NHS Trust Chair of Local Safeguarding Children Board Cleveland Police (For Stewart Swinston) Non Executive Rep, Redcar & Cleveland Primary Care Trust Middlesbrough PCT (For Peter Kelly) Project Manager for Transition, Adult and Children’s Services Support Officer, Adult and Children’s Service

Business Development Manager, Adult and Children’s Services

Tees, Esk and Wear Valley NHS Trust Redcar & Cleveland Headteachers Representative National Probation Service

WELCOME ACTION Cllr Halton thanked all the members for their hard work and support before handing over the meeting to Mal Fitzgerald, who as vice chair of the board, chaired the meeting. Mal Fitzgerald thanked Cllr Halton for her contribution as chair. A round of introductions took place.

Saved as: T/ Project Management/ Children’s Trust Board/ Minutes and Agenda/ 14.06.2007min

2a. MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING Minutes were approved and seconded. 2b. MATTERS ARISING There were no matters arising. 3. FORMAL SIGN UP TO TRUST PAPER The document was formally agreed, however some information needs amending on the signature sheet before it is signed. 4. UPDATE ON THEMED SUBGROUPS PRESENTATION Julie Conner presented to the group the updates around the developments of Themed Subgroups.


LINKS BETWEEN LSCB/ TRUST BOARD AND STAY SAFE SUBGROUP Barbara Shaw shared with the group a statement of intent. The statement is to ensure close links between the LSCB/ Trust Board and Stay Safe subgroup, as both boards have responsibilities and are accountable for the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcome of ‘Staying Safe’ and to ensure no strategic or operational gaps. The statement was agreed Action Point: Copy of final paper to be sent to and signed Mal BS/ MF Fitzgerald.


INTEGRATED PROCESSES INC. CHILD WELLBEING MODEL Julie Conner updated the board on the progress being made towards integration, the processes being carried out and a reminder of why we are doing it. An update on the developments in the west of the borough and locality base at Overfields was shared as well as developments towards the implementation of the Child Wellbeing Model.


WEBSITE UPDATE The draft layout of the Children and Young People’s Trust website was shared. It was agreed that the current developments need to continue but needs to expand and develop overtime to make it accessible for children, young people and families as well as groups such as asylum seekers, visually impaired etc. The name of the website address is to consulted with Children and Young

Saved as: T/ Project Management/ Children’s Trust Board/ Minutes and Agenda/ 14.06.2007min


On 26th – 29th June the DfES National Support Team will be visiting Redcar and Cleveland to carry out a support visit. It is suggested that even though the visit is being referred to as a support visit it will impact on the JAR. Anyone who will be involved in the visit will be briefed beforehand. 10. CYPP REFRESH/ LAA/ SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY STRATEGY CYPP Refresh: Lesley King thanked all the partners for the input in the CYPP Refresh. An update on the review and consultation process was presented. The board endorsed the review document. Commissioners from each agency need to take the review forward. Local Area Agreement: An update was given on the LAA and how it aligns to the CYPP. Sustainable Community Strategy: The current strategy will become the delivery plan of the LAA. 11. NEIGHBOURHOOD RENEWAL FUND After 2008 there are no further arrangements in place for neighbourhood renewal funding. Board members were asked to take away document, showing a breakdown of services and initiatives that will be affected by the loss of funding. Alternative funding needs to be found wherever possible. 12. ANY OTHER BUSINESS A paper mapping out the arrangements for the JAR Project Board to become the JAR Project Board/CYPP Board has been developed. The recommendations were approved and the board committed to them. A draft Multi-Agency Standard of Case Recording has been developed. The board agreed in principle to the adoption of the standards and agreed to the delegation of final standards to the JAR/ CYPP Project Board. The Police Authority has made inquiries regarding their involvement on the Board.

Saved as: T/ Project Management/ Children’s Trust Board/ Minutes and Agenda/ 14.06.2007min

Action Point: Julie Conner is to investigate the appropriateness of JC Police Authority inclusion on the Trust Board. The next set of Children’s Services, Everyone’s Business briefings have been organised for July. All partners were asked to encourage staff to attend. Dates are July 2nd City Learning Centre at 9am, 11am and 1.30pm July 3rd Lawrence Jackson School at 3.30pm July 4th 9am at Skelton Youth Centre July 4th 4pm at Freeborough Specialist Engineering College July 6th 9am at Compass Centre, Redcar Community College Due to the diversion of Big Lottery Funding to the 2012 Olympics, some local 3rd sector support may be lost. A fund allocated to young people will now not start until December Current commitments will be honoured until 2009. It was noted that the recent Youth Voice Event organised to help consult Children and Young People for the CYPP refresh was successful and a positive day for children and young people in the borough. Jim Wingham suggested that similar events should be held more than once a year. Some funding from the Community Partnership might be available to help. Likewise, the BME fashion show was also noted as a recent success for children and young people in the borough. The event will be held again this December. Due to the dates of future meetings clashing with the Redcar and Cleveland Joint Commissioning Group, Brian Thomas, from the Probation Service is unable to attend. As dates for the next two Board meetings have already been set, it was suggested that these could not now be rearranged, however this should be taken into account when setting dates for 2008. 13. DATE AND TIME OF THE NEXT MEETING 13th September, 2.00pm at The City Learning Centre, Eston.

Saved as: T/ Project Management/ Children’s Trust Board/ Minutes and Agenda/ 14.06.2007min

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