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Streamlined Data Centre Architecture for Lexington Bank

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Executive Summary One of the largest commercial banks in North Carolina, Lexington State Bank (LSB), recently approached Dimension Data for a data centre technology refresh. As a result of the refresh, LSB is able to efficiently manage and scale its IT infrastructure, as well as meet customer needs for delivery of timely and accurate financial information. After assessing the bank’s requirements, Dimension Data, in a 12-month deployment, increased the bank’s storage scalability, redesigned its backup and recovery processes, and implemented a Storage Area Network (SAN) to improve business continuity.

Lexington State Bank approached Dimension Data for a data centre technology refresh

Data Centre and Storage

Improved backup and recovery time Lower costs and simplified management of its infrastructure An effective platform for business recovery.

Although the bank had good business continuity measures in place for its core bank processing, the main motivation behind LSB’s requirement to refresh its data centre infrastructure was business continuity and availability of data for a multitude of other customer-facing transactions. “As more internal applications were deployed to meet LSB’s customer requirements, it became critical to ensure business continuity. Dimension Data’s answer was to implement a more flexible storage infrastructure to support remote site replication and disaster recovery,” says Gary Fox, Dimension Data’s national practice director for Data Centre Solutions. LSB also experienced the other challenges, including that fact that its backup and recovery was labour intensive and dependent upon manual intervention, that its disk storage was directly attached to each server which limited LSB’s ability to provision, scale, manage and repurpose the disk storage as business and technical requirements changed over time and that image and fixed content storage requirements were growing as new applications, such as Internet access to check images, e-statement delivery via email, etc., were implemented. Client Overview
Lexington State Bank is the principal subsidiary of bank holding company LSB Bancshares Inc. LSB provides a full range of financial services, including accepting deposits, corporate cash management, brokerage, IRA plans, secured and unsecured loans and trust functions.


Lexington State Bank

LSB has an asset base of approximately $798 million and operates 25 branches and 31 ATMs.

Business Challenge
Before the storage refresh, storage wasn’t shared but attached to dedicated servers. “LSB estimated that only about 33% of all storage was utilized. Yet there were systems in need of additional storage capacity. Since storage was not a pooled resource, there was a limited ability to scale and re-use storage or replicate the environment for enhanced disaster recovery,” Jason McGath, AVP of Information Technology.

Solution Provided
At the start of the project, Dimension Data conducted a storage assessment of the bank’s environment. The purpose of the assessment was to identify business and technical challenges first, then design a roadmap for a data center technology refresh.

strategic planning efforts and provide senior management with instant reports on the state of the data storage resources. ● Development and documentation of contingency plans for all critical business functions. Fox says that Dimension Data worked with LSB during every phase of knowledge transfer so that they would understand each component of the implementation. “We also acted as a single point of contact interfacing with multiple vendors to implement solutions that addressed the challenges the bank was facing.”

“Lexington State Bank has complete confidence that the flexibility and scalability of our new infrastructure will allow us to sufficiently manage our data as we continue to grow.”
Richard Balentine, Director of Technology and Operations at Lexington State Bank

Dimension Data subsequently used the findings of the storage assessment to deploy a new data center infrastructure, which included: ● A centralized fiber channel storage and Storage Area Network (SAN) environment to support critical and large growing systems. Additional replication technologies to the new centralized storage infrastructure to facilitate disaster recovery. A centralized enterprise backup environment including library and software and modifying the email environment to include an assessment for planning the potential migration to Microsoft Exchange. An email archiving solution to provide risk mitigation for email discovery and compliance, as well as reducing the RTO and RPO of the email environment. Consolidation of application servers with virtual technology to reduce the number of physical servers needed in the computing environment, while reducing both hardware and maintenance costs and operational complexity. A storage resource management application to track current usage by application and business unit, provide trend analysis for budget and

Value Derived
As a result of the infrastructure refresh, LSB is experiencing improved backup and recovery time. “Before, LSB had six different tape drive technologies, and each application had its own backup process. It was very labor intensive to maintain backups on a daily basis. Now, with a centralized backup and recovery solution, the number of management interfaces has been greatly reduced, and backup and recovery times have decreased by 80%.” John Cranor, Lexington State Bank, VP IT. LSB is also experiencing lower costs and simplified management of its infrastructure. “We consolidated their service environment on a single platform to provide them with greater control over server and storage resources. This helps LSB leverage costs as it can allocate storage in a timely manner based on application needs,” says Fox. Now the bank has an effective platform for business recovery in place. Says Richard Balentine, director of Technology and Operations, “Lexington State Bank has complete confidence that the flexibility and scalability of our new infrastructure will allow us to sufficiently manage our data as we continue to grow.”






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