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January 2007 Newsletter

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									“This is Swindon”
LAA Refresh
Welcome to the January edition of “This is Swindon, writes Cabinet Member for Community and Neighbourhoods, Cllr Steve Wakefield. The LAA refresh document has now been submitted to the Government Office of the South West, and the Department of Communities and Local Government for approval. The Team would like to thank all of you who contributed to the refresh and for all the comments during the consultation period. We will keep you informed of progress via the LAA website and through “This is Swindon”. The March edition of “This is Swindon” will detail all the changes that have been made to the LAA including the new mandatory Indicators set by the Department of Communities & Local Government.

January 2007

Happy New Year!

The LAA & Partnership Team would like to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2007!

Work has begun on revamping the website to form a Partnership website, which will be launched in January 2007, with a new address of : www.swindonsp.org.uk

Our aim is to a website to link the Local Area Agreement and the Swindon Strategic Partnership.

New Sustainable Community Strategy
Following the recent successful Swindon Strategic Partnership conference at Oakfield Campus in Swindon where the New Sustainable Community Strategy was discussed in workshops we are now putting together groups from people who attended the conference to carry on the conversation. The workgroups will meet in January and the document produced from those workshops will go into consultation at the end of February. We intend to do an extensive consultation and details of where we will be over the 3 month consultation period will be detailed on our new website and also in the next edition of “This is Swindon”. More information on the conference will be available on our new website which will be launched at the beginning of January 2007. www.swindonsp.org.uk

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January 2007


Outcome 8: We will increase the number of children and young people who are safe from maltreatment, violence and abuse and improve health, education and stability of looked after children. And Outcome 10: We will improve the health of young people in the Borough.

Getting a grip on bullying
Children at Bridlewood Primary School say after putting themselves in the victim’s shoes they would now always try to do something to help anyone being bullied. As part of the National Anti-Bullying Week in November, Year 5 and 6 pupils at the North Swindon school took part in workshops designed to equip them with enough confidence to help beat bullying. The anti-bullying week focused on the role of the bystander in a bid to encourage more pupils to take a stand against the bullies. Educational Psychologist, Simon Kitson, set up role plays with pupils, which provided a realistic setting to work in. Each group had a victim, two bullies and two bystanders, and the children were asked to think about how they felt just standing by and watching someone being bullied. Simon added “it’s a really positive thing to be able to drive the message home to young children. The children have been great and I definitely think they would think twice before just standing by in the future. To coincide with the anti-bullying week the Government announced that they will invest £480,000 into a peer mentoring scheme which will give children an opportunity to report bullying to elected elder pupils at school. Swindon’s Anti-Bullying Group Accreditation Scheme met in early December to refresh work projects. The group will introduce the offer of training and resources to schools. They will work with other regions in the South West to further develop a South West regional Anti-Bullying Accreditation Scheme.

Picture courtesy of the Swindon Advertiser

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January 2007

Outcome 13—We will reduce crime; reduce the fear of crime and anti social behaviour and reduce the harm caused by illegal drugs and alcohol.

Hate Crime
Matthew Pearce, LAA & Partnership Officer met up with Joan Britton, the Hate Crime Incident Co-ordinator at Wiltshire Police and has provided the following interview. Q: Welcome to your new post as Hate Crime Incident Coordinator, what did you do before arriving in Swindon? A: I worked for Oxfordshire NHS and Oxfordshire County Council in a unit promoting social care and health services partnership and integration Q: What is your primary role as the incident co-ordinator? Joan Britton & Matthew Pearce A: I am in the process of conducting an audit across all partnership agencies to collate all recording methods currently in use, with a view to standardising reporting across the partnership. This will be in line with the recommendations of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry and to enable accurate collation of information across the Borough for LAA Outcome 13. Q: Looking to the Local Area Agreement, Outcome 13 includes some stretching targets to detect hate crime incidents at 55% by April 2009. How is Swindon police performing at the moment, and how does this compare to the UK as a whole? A: In comparison to 14 other similar police basic command units that are compared against each other for a variety of Home Office standards. Swindon came top with a 49.2% detection rate for racially/religiously aggravated crimes in 2005/06. Q: What would you like to see in the future? A: A simple, user friendly reporting system across all organisations in Swindon that has the confidence of the community and would show a truer picture of hate crime/incidents. Incidents will continue to be investigated efficiently and victims treated with care and consideration. Outcome 13.2 Increase the reporting of Domestic Violence incidents annually either directly to the police or through a third party. Baseline 2005/06: 3023 Target 2006/07: 3204 Target 2007/08: 3396 Target 2008/09: 3600 Outcome 13.3 Reduce repeat incidents of domestic violence reported annually either directly to the police or third party as a proportion of the total number of incidents reported in the same period. Baseline 2005/06: 20% Target 2008/09: 17%

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January 2007


Outcome 13—We will reduce crime; reduce the fear of crime and anti social behaviour and reduce the harm caused by illegal drugs and alcohol.

Swindon Community Safety Partnership’s newly appointed domestic violence co-ordinator, Lin Williams, organised an event in the grounds of the Civic Offices to support International Day Against Violence Against Women. A white ribbon was tied around a tree and balloons and released on Friday, 24 November. White ribbons were also available at Civic Offices, Wat Tyler House and Premier House to wear in support of International Day Against Violence Against Women. Lin’s role in the partnership includes working with agencies, organisations and communities across the borough to raise awareness of domestic violence and identify ways to support victims and survivors. The partnership includes Swindon Borough Council, Swindon Primary Care Trust, Wiltshire Police, Wiltshire Fire Brigade, Wiltshire Probation Area and Wiltshire Police Authority. In Swindon last year there were 2993 incidents of domestic violence reported to police. One in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives and on average two women are murdered every week in the UK by their partner or ex-partner, according to the British Crime Survey. On the next page Lin Williams has supplied a Domestic Violence quiz. The answers are on the back page of this newsletter.

From left to right: Arlene Griffin, Jenni Manners (Swindon Women’s Refuge), Cllr Steve Wakefield, Director Chris Sivers, Emma Powell, Lin Williams, Kay Scarrott, Jackie (Swindon Women’s Refuge).

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January 2007

Domestic Violence Quiz
1. Domestic Violence accounts for: 2% 10% 25% 9. Is a woman: Less likely more likely just as likely to be assaulted when she is pregnant?

of all reported crime 2. In Britain, a woman is killed by a violent partner every: 3 days every week every 2 weeks

10. Domestic violence happens because of: drink mental illness stress unemployment power & control

3. It is estimated that: drugs 3% 13% 33% 11. How many women a year seek medical attention for violent injuries received in the home? 20,000 50,0000 100,000

of women experience domestic violence in their lifetime 4. How many times on average is a woman assaulted before she seeks help? 5 15 35

5. On average, how many men a year are killed by their female partner or former partner? 30 52 120

12. What percentage of children are either in the room or the next room when domestic violence is occurring? 10% 30% 70%

6. On average, how many women a year are killed by their male partner or former partner? 30 52 120

13. In Britain, the police receive a complaint about domestic violence every: 6 seconds 60 seconds 6 minutes

7. On average, what percentage of domestic violence charges are withdrawn by the complainant before the case goes to court? 18% 58% 98%

14. When there is an incident of animal cruelty, what percentage is there likely to be evidence of domestic violence? 10% 25% 70%

8. How many women’s refuges are there in England? 200 1000 5000

Answers are available on the back page of the newsletter.

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January 2007


Outcome 1: We will establish Swindon as the leading location in the UK for new, relocating and existing businesses and encourage the growth and development of

Swindon New Business Competition
On December 6th 2006 the Swindon New Business Competition was launched as an initiative to support new start up businesses with a cash prize of £3,000 for first position, £2,000 for the runner-up and £1,000 for the third position. Businesses interested in taking part in the competition will need to complete the entry form and must be a new business that has started after 1st August 2006 or is planning to start before 31st July 2007. Closing date for entries in hard copy is The Mayor & Mayoress of Swindon - Cllr Mike Bawden and Joyce Bawden, Andy the 31th July 2007. Reeve, Business Start Up Adviser
Manager of Business Link.

All entrants must be aged over 18 years and residents of Swindon Borough Council. Competitors can seek support with their entry by contacting the Business Link on 01225 712300 or Swindon Borough Council on 01793 466168. A shortlist of finalists will be invited to give a presentation about their new businesses to a panel of judges and a presentation ceremony will take place on 16th November 2007 at the Swindon Borough Council offices. The entry form is available on http://www.swindon.gov.uk/business-newbizcompetition2007

Outcome: 3 We will be a pioneer in the use of digital technology ensuring that all people have access to the benefits of the Internet and information technology.

Swindon Community Digital Strategy
Internet Broadband connections are available in Swindon either through cable, telephone or wireless technology. The real impact of this digital technology comes from the accessibility and the needs of the local community and businesses and hence the use of technology to boost socio-economic improvements. In order to focus on these needs and to meet the objectives of the Local Area Agreement (LAA), Swindon Borough Council is organising the forum The Swindon Community Digital Strategy on 9th January 2007. The Forum has been designed to help local organisations to address the impact of technology and link future or exiting local digital programmes in the Borough to technology provider organisations. Further details on this event are available on www.swindonlaa.org.uk Visit our website for all our latest news at: www.swindonlaa.org.uk

January 2007


Outcome 10: Indicator 6—To halt the year on year rise in obesity for children under 11 by 2010.

Activ8 school fitness programme
The activ8 junior fitness programme, created by the Lifestyle Development Team was launched in January 2003. Since then over 2550 primary aged children have now taken part in the scheme. Initially set up for years 5 and 6, the programme has now expanded into years 3 and 4 with the years 1 and 2 and special needs programmes being launched from January 2007. The feedback from all teachers and children has been very positive. The programme was developed as a two-pronged approach in fitness awareness and education; firstly to support the national curriculum’s via an exciting and inclusive fitness programme and secondly to attempt to address the issues surrounding the growing inactivity and obesity levels in young people. Courtesy of Activ8 To enable the success to continue, a continuation programme for young people in secondary schools will be launched from September 2007. Do you have a few hours spare in the day, or after school? Are you interested in working within this, and other exciting programmes? Or passionate about making a difference to the future of our children’s health and activity levels? If so, then please get in touch. For more information about the activ8 fitness programme, it’s successes and future developments.
Courtesy of Sport England

Contact Ian Baker – Fitness Development Officer on 514401

Consultation on Community Buildings & facilities
A Consultation on Community Buildings and Facilities will begin in January 2007 through to March 2007. The Community Assets Review was approved by Cabinet on the 13 December 2006. You can read the following documents at the website listed below. The Community Assets Review Timetable for Community Assets Review

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January 2007

Outcome 6: We will increase the number of young people aged 16-18 who are engaged in employment, education or training. Indicator 3: Increase the number of pregnant teenage aged 16 –18 and teenage mothers aged 16—18 in education, training and employment.

U Too Training
U-Too has been working with young dads-to-be in Swindon for nearly three years now, initially with a group at The Foyer in Old Town, currently at a number of flats and supported housing locations in various parts of town on a one-to-one basis. In order to facilitate this work we liaise with a number of agencies and professionals, including Social Services, Connexions, YOTs, midwives and health visitors. Many of young dads have partners who attended our Young Mums To Be course at the Link Centre. As a result, the dads also want to learn more about issues relating to pregnancy, the birth and early infancy so that they can play a more active part in this life-changing event. We cover these issues in a ten-module course, which is aimed at helping the dads to better equip themselves for their new responsibilities. Although the course is non-accredited, we are also able to offer the dads a number of follow-up Open College Network qualifications, in addition to any on-going support they find helpful. Several of the dads have participated in the making of two DVD’s by partner agencies, which explored issues relating to young parenthood. They have also attended local Teenage Pregnancy Conferences, and run workshops for adult delegates. We are currently in the process of making a Big Boost application through the Prince’s Trust in order to make our own film demonstrating the various ways in which young dads can make positive contributions to the upbringing of their children. In doing so we intend to demonstrate the importance that young dads play in their children’s lives. If you would like any more information you can contact Mike on 01793-465409 or via email at u-tootraining@tiscali.co.uk

Picture courtesy of u-too training

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January 2007


Outcome 11: We will establish frontline partnership teams in our neighbourhoods to increase the capacity of local communities throughout the Borough, so that people are empowered to participate in local decision making and are able to influence service delivery.

We have about 30 volunteers but really need a few more new ones to inject some enthusiasm, writes duty manager Jean Goodall. Basically, the front of house volunteer role is to take tickets, sit in during the performance, undertake the fire evacuation duties and generally help out to meet and greet the public. If there's a band, they may be asked to sell merchandise which can be great fun as it means the volunteers also get to meet the artistes. As well as getting to see the show, volunteers will also receive a £2 Arts Centre voucher which can be redeemed against a show of their choice.

From left to right: Volunteers, Richard, Anne, Duty Manager Jean and LAA Officer Matthew.

People can get involved by emailing the Arts Centre at boxoffice@swindon.gov.uk marked for the attention of Jean Goodall we will get back to them for a chat and a time when they can come in. Usually the best introduction is to give them a front of house role for the evening. Actually doing the job for a couple of hours is far more effective than just talking someone through it! Some of our volunteers have been with us for years and we honestly couldn't function without them. Even if they only help out once or twice a season, that help is greatly appreciated. They get to meet new people, see a great show and, above all, have fun. Matthew added “There are many ways we can all play our part to ensure Swindon is in the best business location. Volunteering is key to building increased desirability, success and pride in our town. I was really impressed with the work and dedication of the volunteers at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road, Old Town. So much so, that I have joined the rota and become a volunteer myself”.

Making the arts visible, valued, enjoyed and easily accessed by the people of Swindon

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January 2007

Outcome 13: We will reduce crime; reduce the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour and reduce the harm caused by illegal drugs and alcohol.

Swindon needs to tackle the little problems in order to solve bigger issues like anti-social behaviour. That was the message from Louise Casey, the Government's co-ordinator for the Respect agenda. Ms Casey, who was taking part in anti-social behaviour summit in Bristol, met volunteers from some of Swindon's Neighbourhood Safety Teams before being given a tour of Pembroke Gardens in Moredon. The park is one of the areas being targeted as part of a clean-up day, which happened in Moredon in December. Copses of trees, which are used by youngsters and drug dealers as dens, are being cut back, graffiti is being cleared off walls and rubbish is being picked up. The Respect campaign was launched by the Prime Minister at Toothill Village Centre in January. "The type of problems you have in Swindon are typical of everywhere else in the country," said Ms Casey. "Everyone in Britain is suffering from this and that is why something needs to be done. What makes Swindon stand out is that the frontline services are working very closely with the community to do something to improve life for everyone. She added that she was pleased the town had been able to use dispersal orders and ASBOs so effectively. She added that ASBOs were not a badge of honour. "Teenagers will always try and make out that they are proud of their punishments. But it is nothing to be proud of and I think we are getting this message across." Neighbourhood warden, Ray Woodfield, said that he thought the clean-up would definitely have an impact on the area. "We need everyone to look after their area to help us win the battle.
Picture courtesy of Swindon Advertiser.

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January 2007


And Finally……..

Forthcoming Events

• •

Swindon Community Digital Strategy Seminar—9th January 2007, University of Bath in Swindon from 9.00—1.30. To find out more or book your place please contact Ernesto Gomez on 01793 466168 or e-mail egomez@swindon.gov.uk LAA Partnership Board meeting 30th January 2007. The Sustainable Development Team are organising this year’s Quality of Life Awards. The awards are to reward individuals, community groups, local businesses and schools for carrying out projects that improve the environment and or quality of life within the Borough. The closing date for entries is 27th February 2007. The event will be held on 20th April 2007 at the Punjabi Community Centre. For an application form please contact: Lynn Forrester at lforrester@swindon.gov.uk

E-mail the team at: swindonlaa@swindon.gov.uk Write to the team at: Swindon LAA Room 1.34 Civic Offices Euclid Street Swindon SN1 2JH Telephone the team on: Left to right: Janet, Alison & Matthew. 01793 466301—Alison Chamberlain 01793 463883—Matthew Pearce 01793 463248—Janet Beattie

Future Newsletters
What would you like to see in future editions of “This is Swindon”?

The answers to the domestic violence quiz on Page 5 are as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 25% 3 days 33% 35 30 120 98% 8. 200 9. more likely 10. power & control 11. 100,000 12. 70% 13. 6 seconds 14. 70%

Send your comments, contributions and information on your forthcoming events to: swindonlaa@swindon.gov.uk Articles for the next edition to be submitted by 15th February 2007 March 2007 edition will be published on: 1st March 2007

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