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									Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
David Gorbet – Group Manager (Engineering)
Mike Hines – Product Manager (Marketing)
Session Goal

 Establish baseline understanding of the SLK Project

 After this session, you will know:
 • High level answers to most frequently asked questions
 • What new or specific questions you want more detail on during
    the general Q&A sessions
 • When we will answer some open questions
About SLK
    Designed to work with Learning Gateway       5
    SLK languages                                6
    When will it ship and how much is it?        7,8
    When can we talk publicly about SLK?         9
    How can we learn more about SLK?             10
    When can I get a Beta copy?                  11

About Class Server
    Why didn’t we update Class Server?           13
    So what happens to Class Server users?       14
    Product and Licensing Support for Class      15, 16

Moving from Class Server to SLK
    How Content and Standards will work in SLK   18, 19
    Class Server / SLK Feature comparison        20
    How can I find out more and make sure I’m    24
       up to date?
    What authoring tools let me make SCORM       25
       2004 with standards alignment
    Outstanding Issues                           26
Present Today

Category              Definition
Systems               Companies that deploy and/or maintain independent vendor solutions
Integrators (SI)      for customers.
Independent           Companies that develop original software for sale, and make at least
Software Vendors      70% of their sales outside of their own company.
Customers             Current or potential license owners of Microsoft software for
Public Sector Staff   Microsoft employees that serve customers and partners.
Product Group         The Microsoft employees that are building what we’re talking about
Staff                 today!
Does it work with Learning Gateway?

 SLK has been designed from the beginning to be a
   Learning Gateway component.

 It will be easier to deploy, more flexible and more easily
    scalable than its predecessor.

 New Learning Gateway VPCs are planned in time for BETT
In what languages will we offer SLK?

 It will be delivered to the regions in English
    • Each Microsoft subsidiary (country) will prioritize SLK localization
      according to national need

 Localization of SLK will be fairly simple, and the subs
   can outsource to local partners for a faster, more
   responsive answer to localization needs
    • Documented guidelines for localization are planned so that third
      party vendors can easily localize SLK
When will it ship?

 We plan on launching SLK at BETT in London in
  January, 2007

 We plan on making drops available to partners in July
    • Expect complete API set, not a usable UI in July
How much will we charge for SLK?

 We will announce pricing at NECC in San Diego this
   • Will address how current Class Server users can acquire SLK
   • Will address licensing for ISV and SI partner use of SLK
When can I talk about SLK?

 After we make an official project announcement on July
   5th at NECC, to be precise.

 Until then, this remains the worst kept secret in the
   Education team.
How can I learn more about SLK?

 After the announcement at NECC, we will establish a
   community site for discussion of all things SLK.

 for details after July 5th.
When can I get a Beta copy?

 Partners attending invited to join community in July.

 Access to drops
 Access to specs
 Access to forums on community site
 Dedicated PG manager for the community sites
About Class Server
What happens to Class Server now?
Why didn’t we update Class Server?

 • Class Server was designed in a pre-SharePoint and
   pre-SCORM 2004 world
 • SLK is what Class Server would have been if we’d
   designed it today:
   •   Deep technical and conceptual integration with SharePoint
   •   Support for SCORM 2004
   •   Data Model that supports item level analysis
   •   Much simpler installation, configuration and use
What happens to Class Server users?

 They can convert to SLK, or may keep using CS4 as
   long as they please…

 …but keep in mind the following:
    • Class Server will not run on SharePoint 3
    • Support will transition to a 3rd party provider; no QFEs or SPs
    • Class Server will be removed from the price list on 12/31/06
    • SLK is much better than Class Server
About product support for Class Server

 From now until June `06
 PSS will continue to support CS4

 After June `06
 Users worldwide will use an international vendor for Class Server and
    Learning Gateway support.
     • Support incidents are pre-paid by Microsoft until 12/31/06
     • The same model as EMEA and APAC use on weekends
     • Vendor has years of Class Server and Learning Gateway support

 Switching to pre-paid vendor support means:
 CS4 users will now get Learning Gateway support
 The community newsgroup status will not change
Licensing support for Class Server users

 Technology Transition Period
 Many institutions may not upgrade to SLK & SharePoint 3
   for a year or more.
 How will we support institutions that want to use Class
   Server and SharePoint 2 beyond 2006?

 After June ’06
 For owners of a Class Server – Server license, we will:
 • Waive the requirement for Class Server CALs
 • Allow licensee to replicate and use the Server in
 • All licenses and rights are non-assignable
Moving from Class Server to SLK

How does Content work in SLK

 SLK provides basic routing and grading support for:
 Any electronic document like Office, PDF, or MPEG.

 SLK adds rich assessment support for:
 Class Server content
 SCORM 2004 content
 SCORM 1.2 content

 SLK even ships with a Class Server content editing tool for
   customers who wish to keep using their CS content!
How do Standards work in SLK?

 Will SLK support CS4 resources with Standards?
      • No.
 How will SLK support standards?
      • Through the SCORM 2004 response model
           • The SCORM content object is responsible for reporting answers on each
             question and its associated curriculum standard.
           • SLK faithfully records as much as is reported by the content.
 How will reporting work?
 (more on this in technical sessions)
      • Can use SQL Reporting Services for reporting
      • Partners can easily make customer targeted reporting tools
      • Customer can make their own reporting tools
SLK Features with CS4 comparison

  Assignment Workflow                                      Class Server 4.0           SLK
  Assignment Management
   Offline Client (Teacher Client)                                 X
   Views filtered by groups                                        X
   Offline assignment creation                                     X
   Assign to multiple classes simultaneously                       X
   Assignment Date/Time                                            X                   X
   Student self-assignment                                                             X
   Teachers can also be students                                                       X
   Teachers can teach at multiple schools with one login                               X
   Standards-based grading                                         X            Content Dependent
   Grading                                                  Online or offline     Online only
   Grading chart                                                   X              Via SQL RS
   Autograding Class Server content                                X                   X
   Autograding SCORM content                                                           X
   Can leave score blank                                                               X
SLK Features with CS4 comparison

  Content                                       Class Server 4.0            SLK
  Supported Formats
   LRM                                           Single and Multi-LR       Single LR
   CS implementation of IMS                               X                    X
   SCORM 1.2                                           Limited                 X
   SCORM 2004                                                                  X
   Any document in a document library,                                         X
   including Office documents
  Content Features
   Support for adaptive and sequenced content                                  X
   via SCORM
   Standards alignment                             One size fits all   Content Dependent
   Review & Preview                                       X                    X
   Print                                                  X            Print from browser
  Content Management
   Offline LR editing tool (CS format only)               X                    X
   LR Storage                                      SharePoint, TC         SharePoint
SLK Features with CS4 comparison

  Configuration and Customization                   Class Server 4.0   SLK
   Does not require SharePoint                             X

   SharePoint Support                                     2.0          3.0

   Number of Web Parts to configure                       12            1

   Drop-n-use Web Part                                                  X

   One-step configuration                                               X

   Zero config required for scale-out                                   X

   ASP/Hosting support                                                  X

   Does not require separate file server                                X

   Multiple schools/districts per database                              X

   Multi-district support                                               X

   No provisioning required                                             X

   Customize via one set of Web Part properties                         X

   Enables deep ISV/SI customization and regional                       X
How can I find out more and
make sure I’m up to date?

 In July, we will send you an invitation to participate
    in the SLK community.

 Please check the registration form to make sure we
   have your contact info.
Authoring Tools

 What authoring tools let me make SCORM 2004
 Microsoft tools:
    • Currently working on SCORM tools
    • Planned to ship at same time as SLK
 Partner tools:
    • HunterStone (From any Office doc)
    • NSite (From PPT)
Outstanding Issues

  Open Issue                       Date Announced/Resolved
  SLK pricing and licensing        July 5
  CS4 pricing and upgrade rights   July 5
  Public Announcement of SLK       July 5

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