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									Oscar's JPEG Thumb-Maker In a quest to find the easiest option for the mass resizing of images I stumbled across Oscar’s Thumb Maker, something which could resize a hundreds of images from my digital camera into much smaller (size-wise) pictures to be used with the mNm Image Upload systems. If you look at a portrait images that you may realize that most of them can be easily cropped to landscape and still looks fine. If you don't cut the head on a picture of your mother in law then everything is OK. In most of the cases you need to cut not in the middle but more in upper half. But here, sadly the choice of software comes to minimum. So… step in: Oscar’s How it works While it may look complex, it isn't. What you need is to choose source directory of JPEGs, optionally with all subdirectories and then the output directory. Set the desired Width and Height and various options and go press Start. Rule of the thumb The software will always take care to protect the aspect ratio of the images, no matter what. While you set some desired size, some images could not be perfectly resized to it since their ratio may be different. For example if the source is 1600x1200 then the image may be perfectly resized to 640x480 without anything else since both have the same W/H ratio. However if your desired size would be 600x400 then such image can't be resized without changing the ratio - which we don't want. In such case the image will be processed with the Rule you select: The Perfect Fit will always make the result image of the desired size (while still preserving the image ratio). If the image can't be just simply resized then the software will crop whatever is necessary to make it the exact size. Good! The other two options will allow you to have the result in not-exactly the desired size. That means if the source and result ratio differ the software will allow to make the result image larger or smaller than desired size without any cropping. Fit Outside will create images equal or bigger than desired size and Fit Inside will create images equal or smaller than desired. Portrait images The all above silently expect that we set it for Landscape images (the width is larger than height) The set of second rules are for a case when the source is portrait image (height > width) 1) Reverse W & H This will simply reverse width and height and apply the Rules. That means if our desired size is 640x480 and we are processing portrait image the result will be 480x640. 2) Fit Inside W & H Regardless the settings in rules the portrait will always fit inside the desired size. If a desired size is 640x480 then the result portrait image will be 360x480 (to completely fit inside without cropping) 3) Create Landscape This is area of my interest - it will create a landscape image from portrait by cropping. The important setting is Height crop position - a position from where to take the crop image. As illustrated, 50% is in the middle. The

normal usage would be 65-80% - a slightly above center so most of the head shots are fine. But yes, few images will be always cut the wrong way. 4) Don't care This is setting will ignore any differences between portrait or landscape and simply follow the other rules we set. Effects I added few quick effects: Sharpen, Auto Brightness and Color Boost. They all are set with constants for not very strong effects. Auto Brightness may render some images too contrast. Copy EXIF (Exchangeable image file format reader for digital still cameras) The software can copy Exif info from source to the result thumbnail. This will make the result file a bit larger, but for example the frame can use the Exif info to display thumbnails.... Now press start and wait...it will take some time to process your thousands of images. But it pays off. On a 48MB CompactFlash I was able to squeeze thousand-something images and that's a nice slideshow! Its a wrap The software does for me what it was suppose to do, it takes from 30 min to 1 hour to convert thousand something images to Frame friendly format. It isn't probably the fastest thumbnail creator but it comes free. It is distributed as is, there may be sure other things which you may require from thumbnail creator - but then I would recommend to look at some commercial one.

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