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									OMM Product Manual

Kamleika Waterproof Clothing

OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

The meaning and inspiration of Kamleika. Everyone knows the words Parka and Anorak, words taken from the Alaskan and Greenland Eskimo languages respectively; meaning a warm hooded jacket. The Aleuts near neighbours of the Alaskans, had much wetter conditions, being located in theoceans islands south of the Bering straits. They named their hooded, stretchy, seam sealed and fully waterproof garments: Kamleika.

Model Vail Smock Jacket Pants

Approx Weight 230gms 300gms 400gms 250gms

Pack Size 0.9 Litres 0.9 Litres 1 Litres 0.7Litres

Size range xs,s,m,l,xl xs.s.m.l,xl xs,s,m,l,xl xs,s,m.l,xl

Pockets 1 1 4 1

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Features
• A new generation of waterproofs. • Extremely light. • Absolutely waterproof – taped seams • Very soft and silent. • Stretchy and comfortable. • Highly ‘breathable’. • Choice of 3 different fits according to your activity. Layering fit to take extra clothes. Run/ride fit ensures close fitting arms. Race fit results in zero high speed wind flap but means room only for base layer. • There is nothing else like it. How the GELANOTS™ fabric works 1. It’s an elastomeric (means stretchy) hydrophilic laminate bonded to a knitted outer (which is unusual). 2. The hydrophilic laminate ‘breathes’ well and better still because of the knitted outer (i.e. more open than weave structure). 3. It stretches i.e. elongates because of its knitted outer and recovers shape because of the elastomeric laminate. 4. Results:- breathability is amongst highest ratings anywhere and the garment is silent in use. ‘The tops are good but the pants are just magic’.

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

Vail ** *** ** *** ** ** ** ** ** *** ** *

Smock ** *** *** *** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Jacket ** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Fell running Trail running 2 Day mountain marathons Adventure racing Day walks Long distance walking Weekend / ultralight backpacking Expedition / travel Ski touring Cragging Via ferratta/scrambling Mountaineering

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM In Depth
VAIL RUN/RIDE JACKET This is the closest fitting garment in the series, the stretch fabric allowing a much closer fitting than normal. This close fitting is great for mountain runners and bike riders because of the lack of wind flap and hence noise. • Reflective detail: sleeve detail is full sleeve length and fully visible from sides and rear. Additional 15 cm long detail in both rear seams. Chest badge also reflective. • No hood – but drawcord closure at neck. • Thumb loops as cuff closure. • Internal zipped chest pocket. • Dropped rear for good cover when cycling and elasticated hem. • Race fit, takes base layer under only. KAMLIEKA SMOCK Soft, silent and rattle free, and it stretches! Probably the softest and most silent fully waterproof rain top available today and fast becoming the first choice of mountain runners. Made from Gelanots fabric, which is at the upper end of the breathability ratings for performance jackets. Fully taped seams and OMM race approved. • Closer fitting than the jacket but not as close as Vail. • An elastomeric film bonded to a knitted fabric and tape seamed. • Gives a performance waterproof / breathable garment which has unparalleled softness. • Roll away hood with peak and adjustable face draw cord. • Reflective detail is full sleeve length and fully visible from sides and rear. • Elastic cuffs with thumb loops. • Elasticated hem. • Internal zipped chest pocket. • Thumb loops as cuff closure. KAMLIEKA JACKET A jacket with all the benefits of the smock construction but with a ‘layered’ or relaxed fit for colder conditions/more layers or more general use with 4 pockets. Can be teamed up with the amazing stretch pant. Made from Gelanots fabric which is at the upper end of the breathability ratings for performance jackets. Fully taped seams and OMM race approved. • Full length zip • Roll away hood with peak and adjustable face drawcord. • Adjustable cuffs. • Adjustable hem drawcord. • Reflective detail to both rear seams, 15 cm long. • 2 upper chest pockets. • 2 lower front hand pockets. • Layered fit’ - enough room for warm garments underneath.

KAMLIEKA PANTS Soft, silent and rattle free! Redefining leg wear – a stretchy close fitting pant for running and cycling. Use as an outer layer or the only layer, and you can forget you are wearing them. Probably the softest and most silent fully waterproof rain pant available today and the only one you can run and ride in. Teams up with any of our three outerwear options. Made from Gelanots fabric which is at the upper end of the breathability ratings for performance jackets. Fully taped seams and OMM race approved. • Closer fit around lower leg. • Shorter leg length to avoid catching when running or cycling. • Probably the only waterproof pants light and stretchy enough for cycling. • Large (100 mm) reflective logo on both rear lower leg. • Side zips to just below the knee for easy on-off. • Unlike normal waterproof pants, these sell in a ratio almost equal to smocks and jackets. • When using with waterproof boots then gaiters are advised otherwise the close fitting ankle closure (necessary for run/ride) will allow water to drain into your boots. • Chris Townsend TGO report; ‘…and that leaves the OMM Kamleika pants which if you run or cycle are your only choice’.

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Increase Performace
HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR GARMENT How to - regulate your temperature with your garment.

OMM garments are designed to enable the wearer to stay comfortable in a wide range of conditions, without stopping to add or remove clothing. Key temperature control features of the Vail Run/Ride Jacket are: Front zip –allows maximum ventilation in warmer conditions. When it gets colder, simply zip up. Sleeves – Cuffs are elasticated, which allows them to be pulled up above the elbow. Elastication ensures that they will not fall down again. In colder conditions sleeves can be pulled down to partly cover the hands, thumb loops will keep them in place. Layering – The Vail Run/Ride Jacket has a Race fit, with room for only a base layer underneath. If this is not sufficient, the close fitting, uncluttered design allows a synthetic insulated jacket to be worn over the top. This will remain warm when wet, and avoid the temperature loss incurred when removing a shell layer to add layers underneath.

• •


Chest Height Waist In’ leg Out’ leg

in cm in cm in cm in cm in cm

XS 32-34 81-86 5’0”-5’4” 152-162 28 71 28 71 39 99

S 34-36 87-92 5’4”-5’8” 162-173 30 76 30 76 41 104

M 38-40 97-102 5’8”6’0” 173-180 32 81 32 81 43 109

L 42-44 107-112 5’10”-6’2” 178-188 34 87 33 87 44.5 112

XL 44-46 112-117 6’0”-6’4” 183-193 36 92 34 92 46 116

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Care and Maintainance
How to - get best product life and performance Normal domestic detergents and fabric conditioners contain wetting agents, which degrade the Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish on the face of the fabric. This results in the fabric “wetting out” in the rain, seriously reducing breathability. OMM recommend the use of specialist cleaning and reproofing products from Grangers - Your garment needs cleaning and reproofing once water stops beading and rolling off the surface. For cleaning use Granger’s Wash-In Cleaner Plus. This treatment removes dirt and contaminants and helps eradicate bacteria. For reproofing there are three Granger’s options – two wash-in treatments, and one spray-on. Granger’s Wash-In Waterproofer is very easily applied. After washing your garment in Wash-In Plus, simply run another washing machine cycle using the Wash-In Waterproofer. Granger’s 2 in 1 cleans and applies a DWR treatment in one wash cycle, restoring your garment to its original comfort and performance. Granger’s XT Spray On Reproofer gives the most durable proofing finish. After washing with Wash-In Plus, spray evenly over the garment while still wet. To maximise effectiveness it is essential to tumble dry your garment (low setting).

Repairs Small tears should be repaired promptly to stop them spreading and prevent fraying. This can be done using a proprietary repair tape such as Tenacious Tape, available from most specialist outdoor shops. To further strengthen the repair, seal the edges of the patch with seam seal adhesive. Effective temporary repairs can be made in the field using duct tape.

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OMM Kamlieka Waterproofs - PRODUCT MANUAL

OMM Guarantee & contact details

We have a no hassle guarantee meaning that we stand by our products at all times as being fit for the intended purpose. Returns and warranty claims. In the first instance, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product. Alternatively contact our UK Sales Agents:
UK sales agents, after Sales Service:

returns and warranty issues. ARK Group, Lowbrook Barn, Lancaster Road, Lancaster LA2 6AL Tel +44 (0)1524 822 084 Fax +44 (0)1524 824 417 Email

If you have comments or suggestions for improvements please email or call Mike Parsons on the product help line: (UK) 01768 482182

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