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Modified Belfast Regime – thumb


Modified Belfast Regime – thumb

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Modified Belfast Regime – thumb
Instructions for patients who have undergone tendon repair of the thumb.
Your tendon has been repaired, however you need to wear your splint at all times for the next five to six weeks in order to allow the tendon to heal well. Three months after the operation, the tendon will be as strong as it was before you cut it. Early gentle movement as instructed by your therapist will aid healing and function. Therefore, you should carry out the following exercises every four hours unless instructed otherwise. 1. Remove the sling and elastic netting to perform exercises. 2. Only attempt the prescribed exercises. 3. ________ passive bends of the thumb towards the palm of your hand. Use your good hand to move the thumb and keep your injured hand completely relaxed. Aim: Full passive bend of the thumb to the palm. 4. ________active bends of the thumb. This means using the muscles of your injured thumb to move it. Aim: Active bend of the thumb to two thirds of the way to your palm, near your little finger. 5. ________ passive bends of your thumb towards the palm and then try and hold the bent position actively. 6. ________ active stretches of your thumb to the back of the splint. Make sure you fully straighten the end joint of your thumb. 7. Stretch your shoulder, elbow and fingers every two hours. 8. Keep your hand up at all times either in a sling or resting on the arm of a chair to prevent swelling.
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Patient Information
Do not attempt to use the operated hand for any activity, for example gripping, driving or lifting and do not attempt to wash your hand. Any of these things may damage the repaired tendon. If the splint rubs, contact your therapist. Do not remove it or attempt to alter it yourself. If you experience any pain or a sudden decrease in movement, please contact your therapist: _________________________________________ Telephone: 01223 596205.
Addenbrooke’s is smoke-free. You cannot smoke on site. For advice on quitting, contact your GP or the NHS smoking helpline free, 0800 169 0 169 Please ask if you require this information in other languages, large print or audio format: 01223 216032 or Informacje te można otrzymać w innych językach, w wersji dużym drukiem lub audio. Zamówienia prosimy składać pod numerem: 01223 216032 lub wysyłając e-mail: Polish Se precisar desta informação num outro idioma, em impressão de letras grandes ou formato áudio por favor telefone para o 01223 216032 ou envie uma mensagem para: Portuguese Если вам требуется эта информация на другом языке, крупным шрифтом или в аудиоформате, пожалуйста, обращайтесь по телефону 01223 216032 или на вебсайт Russian 若你需要此信息的其他語言版本、大字體版或音頻格式,請致電 01223 216032 或發郵件到 Cantonese Bu bilgiyi diger dillerde veya büyük baskılı ya da sesli formatta isterseniz lütfen su numaradan kontak kurun: 01223 216032 veya asagıdaki adrese e-posta gönderin: Turkish


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Modified Belfast regime - thumb

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