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Microsoft PowerPoint - Compression Ratio Rules of Thumb

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					Compression Ratio Rules of Thumb
• Compression ratios to maintain excellent quality: – 10:1 for general images using JPEG – 30:1 for general video using H.263 and MPEG-2 – 50:1 for general video using H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Emerging standards offer further improvements (e.g., JPEG2000 at 40:1 generally looks much better than JPEG at 40:1, and H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC produces excellent quality at 60:1 for some types of video content) Application-specific conditions can enable much higher compression ratios (e.g., 1000’s:1 when nothing is moving) Event-based methods that selectively identify certain important images to keep while discarding others


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Network Bit Rate vs. Compression Ratio
Image Compression
Frame Rates

Video Compression

Adv. Video Compression

Network GSM Digital Cellular 56K Modem (PSTN) DSL or Cable Up-Link Cellphone TV DSL Down-Link Wireless LAN (802.11)

Compressed 10:1 Compressed 30:1 Compressed 60:1 Kbps Frames/Second Frames/Second Frames/Second 14 56 128 300 768 11,000 1 1 1 3 8 109 7 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 4 9 23 326 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 8 18 45 652 1 1 1 1 1 1

(e.g., JPEG)

(e.g., MPEG-4)

(e.g., H.264)

Maximum theoretical frame rates for transmitting generic VHS-quality digital video data (352x240 frames) using various networks and compression techniques

Format PCM WAV AIFF MLP DSD Apple Lossless Monkey's Audio DTS DD (also AC3) Dolby Pro-Logic MP3 WMA Ogg Vorbis AAC

Description Uncompressed Audio PC Audio Format (usually uncompressed audio) Apple Audio Format (usually uncompressed audio) Meridian Lossless Packing Direct Stream Digital Lossless Audio Compression Lossless Compression Digital Theater System Dolby Digital Analog Multi-Channel Format MPEG-1 – Layer 3 Windows Audio Open Source Audio format from MPEG-4

Common Usage Audio CD, uncompressed computer audio PC audio files Mac's audio files DVD-Audio Super Audio CD (SACD) iTunes WinAmp compatible Multi-channel CD & DVD Primary audio for DVD's and HDTV Laserdisk, VHS, Broadcast TV 2-channel compressed format for computers and portable applications 2-channel compressed format for computers and portable applications Open source competition to MP3 & WMA Similar to MP3, but better quality at low bitrates and supports DRM features

OEMs Innovate with Additional System Headroom for Video Performance and Features
Video Telephony on DM642-720
10% 60% 25% 5% 42% 30%

Video Surveillance on DM642-720
15% 5% 8%

Real-time CIF (352 x 288) H.264 baseline video encode & decode G.723.1/G.729 Audio + Acoustic Echo Cancellation H.323 networking stack Headroom for: • Image pre/post-processing • Network transport • Better audio quality • System control

MPEG 4 simple profile D1 (720x480) encode
Motion detection

MP3 or AAC Audio RTP/RTSP or HTTP Networking Headroom for: • Object recognition • Tracking • Encryption • Event detection • Position mapping

C6205 System Careabouts MPEG-4 SP Decode MPEG-4 SP Encode MPEG-4 ASP Decode MPEG-4 ASP Encode MPEG-2 Decode MPEG-2 Encode H.263 (Baseline) Dec H.263 (Baseline) Enc H.264 (Baseline) Dec H.264 (Baseline) Enc Microsoft WMV9 Dec Microsoft WMV9 Enc RealVideo 8 Dec RealVideo 8 Enc G.726 Enc Capture/Display JPEG TCP Receive TCP Transmit Connectivity DSP Careabouts Performance (MIPs) On-chip memory Peripheral integration Price (2004 10kU) 1600 128K PCI $9.23 $80-90/ More 5760 1032KB/More PCI/Utopia2 4800 256KB 3 Video ports, EMAC, PCI, HPI $40-50 4000 128KB 2 Video ports, EMAC, HPI $32/$37 3200 128KB 1 Video port, EMAC $19.95

C6415/C6416 (720Mhz)*** Multi D1 Dual D1 Dual D1 D1 Multi D1 D1 Multi D1 Dual D1 Dual D1 D1 Dual D1 D1 D1

DM642 (600MHz) Multi D1 D1 Dual D1 D1 Multi D1 D1 Multi D1 D1 Dual D1 CIF Dual D1 D1 D1

DM641 (500MHz)*** Multi D1 D1 D1 Dual D1 D1 Multi D1 D1 D1 D1 D1

DM640 (400MHz)*** Dual D1 D1 Dual D1 Dual D1 D1 D1 D1 D1*** NOTE: Data is for algorithm only and does not include networking stacks or additional frameworks/software necessary to run the algorithm. NOTE: Multi is 3 or more simulataneous channels For more Information please contact your local Product Information Center

(200MHz) Multi CIF CIF*** CIF*** Dual CIF Multi CIF CIF CIF CIF



1% 3 – 20bit video ports

1% 2 – 8bit video ports

1% 1 – 8bit video ports

D1-86% / CIF-28%

D1-% / CIF-%

D1-22% / CIF-7% 95.2Mb/s (28.6%) 88.4Mb/s (34.9%)

TCPIP stack

TCPIP stack

On-chip EMAC

On-chip EMAC

On-chip EMAC

All performance data is for 30fps unless otherwise noted Resolution Information: D1(720x480) / CIF (352x288) ***ESTIMATED; All Data for C6415/6416 (720MHz), DM641, and DM640 are Estimated

Not able to perform at 30fps

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