Theatrical and Funny Contact Lenses

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					Theatrical and Funny Contact Lenses
Contact lenses are a great way to look cool and at the same time view everything clearly. Contact lenses have been made to rectify vision problems and is now the most preferred form of treatment for the condition. But at the same time it is also becoming a craze among people with normal vision. With colored contact lenses, theatrical contact lenses, crazy contact lenses and the like being available in the market, more and more people are using contact lenses just for the heck of it.

The origin of contact lenses goes way back to the 1500's. Leonardo da Vinci, the great scientist, sculptor, painter, and in short an extraordinary man, envisaged the contact lens in the year 1508. To his audience, he sketched and portrayed various types and forms of contact lenses, which he said would set right vision difficulties. The next document fact about contact lenses took place in 1632 when Rene Descartes of France envisioned the contact lens that could be placed on the cornea. In 1823, a British astronomer, by the name of Sir John Herschel, began experiments and suggested ways of creating a contact lens that could be placed in the eye. It was in 1887, that the first ever-contact lens was manufactured. A German named Muller manufactured it and he could wear the contact lens only for a short period of time. Sir John Herschel's ideas inspired a Swiss physiologist, by the name of Fick, to come up with contact lenses made of glass. Though the lens was able to correct vision, it was difficult to wear as it was made of glass. In 1939, the Americans made the first contact lens created out of plastic. In the year 1948, contact lenses ware made to cover the cornea only. Earlier makes used to cover the whole eye. In 1971, the soft contact lenses were born and later in 1978, the rigid gas permeable lenses were created.

The technology is still being studied and efforts are being made to provide a solution, which is not only comfortable but also reliable.

Theatrical Contact Lenses

In days of yore, people could see vivid types of eyes only in movies, but nowadays with the availability of theatrical contact lenses, crazy contact lenses, etc, everybody can utilize them and scare people, get noticed etc. These lenses are available with logos of your favorite team and you can wear them to cheer them. You can wear really scary and crazy contact lenses and frighten people at Halloween. Theatrical contact lenses can be worn by anyone and is available for people who need vision correction and for people who do not need any vision correction. However, even if you do not need any vision correction, a prescription from an eye doctor is required to acquire the lenses in the United States.

While these contact lenses are made for the purpose of fun, it is advised to take proper care of the lenses. No two persons should use the same theatrical contact lenses as it could prove harmful to the eyes and the chances of infection is also high. The cleaning process of theatrical and crazy contact lenses is the same as the normal contact lenses. You need to keep your theatrical and crazy contact lenses in the solution provided by your eye physician. It is advised not to sleep with your theatrical contact lenses on, as the risk of damage to the eye is high. It is also never recommended to go for a swim with contact lenses on as the lens could be washed away or lost. It is always recommended to buy theatrical contact lenses from a registered dealer, as they will fit you with contact lens that fit your eye cornea properly. It is advised to always take extra care of your contact lenses.

Various other brands are also available in the market but the famous ones are the ones mentioned earlier. Theatrical lenses are available in many designs and colors. You can experiment with the way your eyes look by inserting theatrical contact lenses. Gone are the days when you wanted to have eyes like a cat and could not because theatrical contact lenses were available only for persons involved in theatre. Now your eyes can look like a cat by just inserting a theatrical contact lens known as Cat Eye. Cat eye is yellow in color and has a black streak, which passes off as the pupil. Let us now look at what your can do to your eyes using theatrical contact lenses. The following are proving to be a craze among the masses:

A contact lens known as Red Hot has caught the imagination of quite a few. On wearing this lens, the color of the eyes change to a blood red.

You can make the cornea invisible. For this you have to wear white theatrical lenses. It will look as though you are coming right out of a horror movie. It is recommended for scaring everybody at Halloween.

For those interested in hypnotism a theatrical contact lens is available which will make you look as though you are under a spell of hypnotism.

You can also make your eyes totally black by using theatrical contact lenses known as black out.

If you like fire, you can wear lenses that depict a fire burning. It will have a sensational effect on your audience it will look as though your eyes are burning.

On Independence Day, you can create a fan following of sorts by wearing contact lens depicting the stars and stripes.

Nowadays, you can also find a lot of theatrical contact lenses, which have the logo of the football teams. If you are an avid fan, you can go to a football game wearing lenses that contain the logo of your team. Theatrical contact lenses have impressed many. It is being used mostly during Halloween or during matches. However, the day is not far when wearing theatrical contact lenses would mean making a fashion statement.

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