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We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting precision and agro engineering products such as Mini Oil Mill plants, Decorticators,Pulverisers and many more agro machineries.We have recently introduced first time in INDIA Low cost Hand Operated Oil Expeller very useful to crush varieties of Non-Edible & Edible seeds.It has many advantages the foremost you can get a pure oil within minutes.This Oil Expeller is manually operated by one person and requires very little space and requires no maintenance cost except greasing .The machine is easy to clean.The weight of the Expeller with MS Stand is 6 kgs only Which can be easily sent by courier worldwide.You can buy this New Hand Operated oil Expeller @ 135 USD (Outside INDIA )Within India Rs 5000/- Includes VAT and Courier Charges). Manuall instruction book & Demo CD will also Sent along with the Machine. For More information you are most welcome to contact at my email rajkumarexpeller@gmail.com or Cell No +91-9422807682.
Terms & Conditions :-The Above charges 135 USD are inclusive of Indian Postal Courier charges upto your address Delivery will be made within 30 Days. 1) Payment - Payment By Swift Transfer. 2) Packing – Standard Cartoon Packing. 3) Shipment – Within 3 working Days After Receipt Of Full Payment. 4) Our Bankers Name – UNION BANK OF INDIA SWIFT code no. –UBININBBDHN RAJKUMAR AGRO ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. C/c A/c no. 349205040001292 UNION BANK OF INDIA GHAT ROAD BRANCH – NAGPUR NAGPUR (M.S) - INDIA

Name Of Edible Seed Oil Yield Per 100 Kgs. Ground Nut Without Husk 40 –42% Groundnut With Husk 25 – 32% Til 40 – 50% Kardi 20 - 25% Sunflower 28 – 35% Ambadi Linseed

20 – 22% 35 – 39%

Name Of Edible Seed Oil Yield Per 100 Kgs. Name Of NonKaranja Edible Seed Oil Yield Per 24 –28% 100 Created PDF Kgs.

Mustard 34 –39%

Khopra 60 – 65%

Jagni 35 – 38%

Castor 32 - 35%

Cotton 14 – 16%







Neem Seeds

31 – 38%

08 – 10%

25 - 28%

30 – 34%

50 – 60%

30 – 32%

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12 – 16%


1) The oil extraction percentage entirely depends on the quality and dryness of the seeds. 2) It is essential to use boiler for crushing groundnuts without husk and castor seeds. 3) Design & specification subject to change without prior notice

Oil Extracted From Different Kinds of Seeds

Groundnut Seeds

Jatropha Seeds


Lin seed (Flax Seed)

Mustard Seeds

Palm Nut

Saff Flower Seeds (Kardi)

Soya been

Sunflower Seeds

Til (Seasame)

Tung Seeds




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Oil Extracted From Hand Operated Oil Expeller

1) 2) 3) 4)

Sunflower Oil Linseed Oil Kardi Oil (Saff Flower oil) Groundnut Oil

1) Coconut Oil 2) Mustard Oil 3) Jatropha Oil 4) Karanj Oil(Pongamia Oil)

1) Walnut Oil 2) Almond Oil 3) Soya been Oil 4) Tung seed Oil

Oil Cake After Extraction of Oil From Hand Operated oil Expeller

Coconut Cake

Groundnut Cake

Jatropha Cake

Karanj Cake (Pongamia Cake)

Almond Cake

Linseed Cake (Flax seed Cake)

Mustard Cake

Kardi Cake Soya been Cake (Saff Flower Cake)

Sunflower seeds Cake

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Oil Coming Out

Cake Coming Out

Cake Discharge

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