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									Class 4 Poetry 2008 Forever
I went through A golden gate, A silver gate, A mother of pearl gate. Until I found a path, I followed it to I do not know where, But I’ve followed it there, Forever more. Through tangled undergrowth, Through fields of flowers, Clear stone paths, And dark green grass, Forever more. So now I am watching over you, For now I am in heaven, Looking down from the skies, I see it all in my bright blue eyes, Forever more.

Killer Lightning!!
This powerful shock comes down from the sky, It can knock you down in seconds, When it hits the ground it leaves an ash filled hole, You don’t want to be near it. When its cloud is near the beach, You’d better get out of the water, Because if it hits the sea, You don’t want to be near it. If it hits a tall, wide forest, You’d have to run for your life, Because if it hits just one tree, You don’t want to be near it.

Lightning is dangerous so Keep Away!! By Gregory

The beautiful Sunset
The Summer Sun Set A yawn came to my mouth When the night fell The sunset there in front of me All I want now is a cosy time. Tomorrow will be another day Maybe even a little play I'll get a drink And sit back down With not a speck of a frown. Now the spring comes It's getting cold My leaves on the tree are going gold Bye sunset you were great Oh I'm sorry it's getting late. By Georgia P
Bright but beautiful warm and calm, A yawn, that’s all, just a yawn. Tomorrow is on its way, Tomorrow will be the same, warm and cosy. The days get shorter and nights grow longer, In Autumn that is. Then it’s frosty cold and wet, Winter breaks the warm day. Spring, the beginning of a new year, Then it starts all over again. Spring, Summer, Autumn then Winter, A whole year ahead. By Charlotte S

The Rabbits A female rabbit was giving birth, And soon a little rabbit was upon the earth, Eating carrots all day long, Giving off an awful pong. When danger comes the baby rabbits run, For nothing apart from their mum. When danger has gone it will be glad to eat Without the sound of trembling feet. One day the rabbit lost its mum The rabbit wandered out of its hole having fun And wandered right next to a fox! The little rabbit ran Running as fast as it possibly can. When it found its lovely home His mum sniffed him up to the bone His mum was very cross and he was not allowed to play Well, that is not until May. William H

The Weather’s Changing
Today is very sunny Everyone is playing outside Tomorrow it’s going to be sunnier So I am going to the seaside. Today is very windy Blowing hats away A little sparkle of sunshine And my mum is shopping today.

Today is very frosty Getting hard to see Everyone staying inside So I play a game and that’s including me. Today it is snowing The day before Christmas Eve Snowballs flying everywhere I hope Santa brings me presents Please, Please, Please By Amie P

The Door
Go and open the door. Maybe outside there’s A cat, or a dog, Or a bunny rabbit, Or your dreams. Go and open the door. Maybe a huge television, Maybe just a tiny one, Or a killer movie Or your nightmares. Go and open the door, Maybe a new land, Or a fantasy world, Or a world with no rules. Go and open the door. Maybe a ghost, Or a ghoul, Or you’ll just be alone, Go and open the door.

The Door
Go and open the door. Maybe outside there ’ s A cat, or a dog, A frog, Or a flying fish. Go and open the door. Maybe an angel is talking. Maybe an endlessly tall building, Or a person, Or a clock That doesn ’t tell the time. Go and open the door, If there ’s a flood It will disappear. Go and open the door. Even if there ’s only An evergreen that has no leaves, Even if there ’s only Snow that is hotter than an oven, Even if there ’s just darkness, Go and open the door.



The Rough Skin The warm sun shining so bright and clear, The sand blowing off one of my knees, The feel of my skin, How rough can it be? When the wind blows, I feel so free. My trunk is so long, My ears are heavy, How tiring it is, But I guess that's me. Have you guessed what I am, I'm an elephant you know, Harmless, but heavy, Strong, but full of joy. I'm the love of others, And the warmth of you. By Leanne C

Budding Atmosphere I only see the Earth seven months a year, Though I come back every time, When I bud I FEEL so FREE, I see the world as it shows it to me. I see the children playing around, I see their parents watching in the window, I smell the cookies the girls have made, I see the bird’s eggs that are laid. Have you found out what I am? If you have, you would understand this poem. I sprout beautifully every time. I stand next to the bluebells that chime. Finally, I’ve sprouted, I’m ready to be cut, I’m going with my friends, Into the pot, until my season ends. My story is done, like my life, I’m going to the compost heap, I’m going to the tower, Have you guessed? I’m a flower. By Sophie E

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