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Report to the Mayor 2 November 2009 Report by Head of Benefits & Community Welfare SUBJECT: COMMUNITY CHEST 1. Executive Summary To advise the Mayor of one new application to the Community Chest fund. The Mayor is also asked to determine the amount to be awarded (if any). 2. Recommendations The Mayor is requested to consider the application for assistance, summarised at Appendix B to this report. 3. Implications (a) Legal/Policy Grants are able to be awarded where the Council has a legal power. For applications submitted the Council has a legal power. (b) Resource At a meeting of the Executive on 24 January 2009, it was agreed that the Community Chest Small Grants reserve which is available to charitable, community or voluntary groups and was established by full Council in February 2004, be retained to allow for a number of “one-off” enhancements to community support activities which are deemed priority. The budget for 2009/10 is £4,000. The Mayor should note that the maximum amount that can be awarded in accordance with the criteria from the Community Chest is £500. There is a balance available for distribution of £2,500. (c) Risk The risk to the organisation is that in not awarding a grant, the organisations will face financial difficulty/not be able to undertake their project. 4. Details A. Criteria The Council’s criteria for awarding grants for 2009/10 are shown at Appendix A.

Report to The Sound Investment Theatre 2 November 2009


Applications Organisation Sound Investment Theatre Purpose for which funding is Amount sought Requested Theatre hire for forthcoming event £600

Details of these applications are shown at Appendix B to this report. 5. Summary of Consultations and Outcome Not applicable for this report. 6. Ward Councillor Views Not applicable for this report. Report Contact Officer(s): Susan Audin, Head of Benefits and Community Welfare CWU/H.2(a) Grants Committee of the Executive 13 February 2007 Application forms received from each organisation.
A – Criteria for the award of grants 2009/10 B – Application details Sound Investment Theatre

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Report to The Sound Investment Theatre 2 November 2009


Community Chest Grants exist to improve the quality of life for residents of the Borough by helping to fund projects or events which meet one or more of the key themes from the emerging priorities for the Sustainable Community Strategy (please see page 5 of this application form). A Thriving Borough... Economic Development, Regeneration and Enterprise A Greener Borough... Environment and Climate Change An Aspiring Borough... Children and Young People A Healthy Borough... Adult Health and Well Being A Safer Borough... Safer Communities An Inclusive Borough... Social Inclusion, Community Cohesion and Culture A Sustainable Borough... Housing and Transport
Who can apply? Established charitable, community, voluntary groups or not for profit organisations with genuine open membership for all which operate for the benefit of the locality and its residents. In addition, applications are welcomed from newly emerging groups for whom it may not be possible to answer all the questions on this form, however, this does not exclude such organisations from being considered for an award. Applications cannot be considered from individuals or party political groups. What will you fund and how much can we apply for? Applications can be made for a grant to contribute to a particular project or event taking place in Bedford Borough. The maximum grant available is £500; applicants should also be able to show that they are seeking funding from other sources towards the cost of the project or event. Conditions of funding You should show that your project or event meets one or more of the key themes of the Council’s refreshed Sustainable Communities Strategy (see page 5 of this application form), that there is a demonstrated need and that your project would not ordinarily be funded from other council grant schemes or other statutory bodies. In most cases, reimbursement will only be made once an event/project has been undertaken and proof of payment(s) made will be required, however, it may be that in certain circumstances other payment arrangements could be considered. Your project or event must be undertaken in the financial year 2009/10. Failure to achieve this will mean that the funding automatically lapses. We regret we cannot fund running costs, however, your group could, for example, apply for the costs of room hire or publicity for an event or project. Your group must have a bank or building society account in the name of your organisation, with two or more unrelated authorised signatories. You must have accounting arrangements to record the spending of the Council’s grant. Any sum awarded will be regarded as a ‘one-off’ and no commitment will be given to ongoing funding


Report to The Sound Investment Theatre 2 November 2009

Name of applicant and operating address in Bedford Borough: Sound Investment Theatre 8 Spenser Court Spenser Road Bedford MK40 2BA October 1987

How long has the organisation been established? Is this a new applicant? Aims and objectives of the organisation:

No Aim to offer opportunities for all to participate in and contribute to the cultural life of the community by taking part in the annual productions. No None North Beds

Registered Charity: Affiliations to National Organisations: Geographical area of operation, (town, village or area)

Expected outcomes of the organisation's current and planned activity(ies) and how they will be monitored The 2008 production of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was performed in December last year. Number of paid employees: Number of volunteers: Does the organisation have: A Governing Document: Set of Rules 0 12

An Equal Opportunities Policy:


An Environmental Policy, or provided evidence of working towards one:


A Child Protection Policy, if working with or for children/young people: An appropriate quality mark or provided evidence of working towards one: Independently verified accounts if established for more than a year: A bank account in the name of the organisation with two signatories who are not related: How many people will benefit from this service or activity?

Yes No



40 members excluding the audience.

DETAILS OF REQUESTED FUNDING (a) Amount of Grant Requested £600.00

Community Chest 02.11.2009

(b) Purpose for which funding is requested: (c) What groups will benefit? d) What if the amount awarded by the Council is less than the grant awarded? Theatre hire for event. All ages – particularly people with learning disabilities, people on a low income. Money from other budgets would make up any shortfall. This would compromise other aspects of the show – e.g. sound and lighting, costumes and publicity.

Assistance from other sources Name of Date applied Organisation applied to

Anticipated Date of Decision if pending

Amount Awarded

Bedford Mencap

March 2009

2 April 2009 £700.00

Bedford Dramatic Club

April 2009

21 May 2009 £500.00

Bedford Lions Club

Last year


Beds & Luton Community Foundation

Last year


House of Industry

Last year


Purpose for which grant to be used Towards theatre events held by group. Up to group to assign the award money, normally spent on costumes, props, and technical services for the events. Towards theatre events held by group. Up to group to assign the award money, normally spent on costumes, props, and technical services for the events. Theatrical event December 2008, props, costumes etc. Theatrical event December 2008, props, costumes etc. Theatrical event December 2008, props, costumes etc.

Financial Details: The organisation has produced accounts in accordance with the Charities Act, which are endorsed by an independent examiner, Mr Michael Bonney, a retired bank manager. I have not attempted to verify Mr Bonney’s credentials or signature. The financial information is limited, but the organisation’s finances are modest, with income and expenditure just £3,000 for 2009. No assets or liabilities are declared. The information provided appears reasonable for such an organisation. Comments: Suggest refer to Community Chest as request is for one – off event. The Treasurer who is also a bank signatory is an officer of the Council.

Community Chest 02.11.2009

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