Summary of Prevalence Studies by bigbro22


                         Summary of Prevalence Studies
      NAME                    HOW                 SAMPLE               SAMPLE                         QUESTION                       RESULTS
                                                    SIZE              DEFINITION                        ASKED
     NVAWS1               Telephone                8,000♀            >18 yrs random           Lifetime: Physical, Sexual               25%♀
                           Survey                  8,000♂                                                abuse                          8%♂
      NCVS2               Telephone                43,000           >12 yrs random           Rate of IPV per year by an              7.7/1000♀
                           Survey                households         men and women                           IP                       1.5/1000♂
                                                   80,000                                    % violent crime attributed to             85%♀
                                                 individuals                                           IP in 1998                      15%♂
       UCR3            Official Statistics         2,846♀               Homicides            % of homicides attributed to              32%♀
                                                   9,344♂                                                   IP                          4%♂
       SIVV4            Clinical Study            554,700♀           >12 yrs injuries           Intentional or possibly               25.4%♀
                                                  862,000♂             from single                   intentional IP                    4.5%♂
 Community              Clinical Study         3,655/4,641♀           >18 yrs in ED               Acute trauma from IP                 2.2%
    ED5                                                              during specific
                                                                          times                 Physical abuse last year              12.6%

                                                                                             Lifetime: physical, emotional            36.9%

 Urban ED6              Clinical Study            648/833♀           >18 yrs random          Assault/threat/intimidation by           54.2%
                                                  65% with            4 hours time            boyfriend/husband acute
                                                   current               blocks                         Lifetime                      11.7%
     Inner City         Clinical Study              283♀             >18 yrs random              Physical/nonphysical                15-32%♀
        ED7                                         233♂             4 hours blocks                violence past or                  11-28%♂
                                                                                                   Present violence
     Primary            Clinical Study               1952                 >18 yrs              Physical, sexual violence
      Care8                                        females                female                       One year                         5.5%
                                                                                                       Lifetime                        21.4%
 Pregnancy9                Various              Review of 11                                  Violence during pregnancy              0.9-20.1%
                        Methodologies             studies
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