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					Mailing Preference Service Information
Junk mail can be a real problem. Many people receive a lot of unsolicited post from ‘direct mail advertisers.’ However, the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) can put an end to most of this mail. If you aren't already receiving junk mail, signing up with the MPS will prevent you from receiving it in the future (your name can be added to mailers’ lists when you open a bank account, join the AA, etc…). To significantly reduce the amount of unwanted post (“junk mail”) you receive from Direct Mailers, please complete the relevant section of the Registration Form (page 2) and post it to the FREEPOST address below . Here is some information on the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). Further information can be found by emailing the MPS, on their website, or by writing to their Freepost address — details of all three are at the bottom of this page.

• Registering with the MPS is FREE. • Your name and registration details will remain on file for five years. After that time, should you wish to use the
service again, you will have to re-apply.

• The MPS can remove your name from up to 95% of Direct Mail lists. • If you receive mailings that do not show your name and address accurately, please contact the mailer directly to
correct your details.

• You can expect to receive mailings from companies with whom you have done business in the past. You may also
receive mailings from small, local companies. If you wish these mailings to be stopped, you must notify these companies directly.

• It may take up to four months before you notice a significant change in the Direct Mail you receive. • The MPS cannot stop unaddressed material from being delivered. • Please let us know if you change your address. • The MPS is a non-profit organisation.


Please send the Registration Form (page 2) to the following address. No postage is required.

Mailing Preference Service FREEPOST 29 LON20771 London W1E 0ZT (web) (email)

last updated 22 March 2003

Mailing Preference Service Registration Form
Section A — Removing Your Name from Direct Mail LIsts
If you or anyone at your current address wishes to stop most Direct Mail, please complete the following information: SURNAME (only) CURRENT ADDRESS


If you have moved recently and wish to stop Direct Mail to your previous address, please complete the following information: SURNAME (only) PREVIOUS ADDRESS


Your Signature
Once you’ve completed the relevant information above, please sign your name. SIGNATURE DATE

Please send this form to the FREEPOST address given on the first page..

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