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Farm Safety and Crime Prevention Pack


Farm Safety and Crime Prevention Pack

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Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch Associations

Farm Safety and Crime Prevention Pack
This book is for Farmwatch members who have had their farm equipment fitted, with the Smartwater property marking product.

Rural Crime
Cumbria Police and our partners are committed to reducing crime and improving public safety in rural areas. To further address this issue we have begun a Rural Crime Initiative in North Cumbria and Eden. As part of this initiative we are offering crime prevention help, advice and a highly effective, forensic coding system to mark your property so as to make it less attractive to thieves. This pack contains details of who you should contact for help and advice together with other information that you may find useful. An ‘ACTION’ guide is included which details the action you should take to report suspicious incidents. Information sharing is the key to detecting and preventing crime. To allow us to share information with you we have purchased a system called Voice Connect. This enables us to tell you about rural crimes, suspicious incidents and vehicles quickly and efficiently. Information can be passed to your landline, mobile or by email. If there is something you need to know then we will tell you about it but please remember we have to have the information in the first place and that is where you can really make a difference.

If you think something is suspicious; Tell us about It. Local Policing Teams
Policing in Cumbria is focused on the needs of our citizens and our communities. People in Cumbria told us that they would like to be policed by people whom they know. So, we have been developing local policing teams over the past four years that are responsible for working with local neighborhoods and communities. Each team is led by an Inspector Inspector Lee Skelton - Appleby Inspector Tony Quinn - Penrith Inspector Dave Coates - Brampton

National Counter Terrorism Security Office Secure Your Fertiliser
Since the early 70's inorganic nitrogenous fertilizers’ (sometimes spelt fertilizers) have been misused by terrorists as an ingredient in home made explosive (HME). Whilst the concern affects all solid nitrate fertilizers the widespread use of ammonium nitrate (AN) and ammonium nitrate based fertilizers is of particular significance. The UK currently manufactures or imports about 4 million tonnes of AN and AN based fertilizer annually from a global market totaling 23 million tonnes. Not surprisingly (given the relatively small land mass of the UK) we are by far the heaviest users of AN and AN based fertilizers in the world. Inevitably this means that the blending, storage, transport and use of fertilizer is commonplace creating opportunities for potential terrorists to acquire such material. This website aims to raise awareness amongst the farming and growing community and to provide practical guidance about securing your fertilizer.

For Further Information: -
If you have suspicions about somebody's activities or behaviour, or if you have any information that might be relevant, Call the police Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. In an emergency, always dial 999.

Property that is identifiable is less attractive to thieves. Smartwater is a forensic coding system similar to but more robust than DNA. Not easily detectable under normal lighting conditions. Smartwater glows under ultraviolet light and is virtually impossible to remove completely. Smartwater The Kit issued to your farm is unique and identifies your property conclusively. The presence of Smartwater is a highly effective deterrent to theft. It is vital that potential thieves are aware that your property has been marked with Smartwater. It is important to display warning labels where they are a visible deterrent to would-be thieves. A selection of self-adhesive labels is included for display in windows and doors. Smaller stickers indicate that individual items are forensically coded. To maximize this system’s potential to deter would-be thieves, North Cumbria and Eden Rural Crime Initiative will make extensive use of the media to publicise the fact that farm property has been forensically coded.
FARMERS Remember this Product is free to farmers in North Cumbria and Eden through Farmwatch Please tell your friends to give us a call and find out how to apply. Phone: 01228 558257

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Smartwater manufactures a range of products for both the domestic and commercial sectors; please visit our shop for the various packages on offer. Smartwater Tracer

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Smartwater Tracer is designed for the protection of general domestic items and commercial assets, such as IT and audio/visual equipment, power tools, and hobby items including golf Products » clubs. Its unique forensic fingerprint is almost invisible to the naked eye, fluoresces under Forensic Property ultraviolet light, and is virtually impossible to completely remove. Tracer is also suitable Coding for use in schools, hospitals and other organisations.
AntiIntruder/Robbery Spray System

Tracer is used in Smartwater’s Home Coding System allowing you to safely apply it to jewellery and other sentimental items. Smartwater Instant


Similar to Tracer, Smartwater Instant’s unique forensic fingerprint is almost invisible to the naked eye and fluoresces under ultraviolet light. Instant is primarily used to code Brand Protection vehicles (domestic and commercial) and outdoor equipment, although it is suitable for use on most general household items.
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An additional feature of Smartwater Instant is the inclusion of uniquely numbered microShop Entrance dot particles which are mixed in with the forensic solution. The particles enable the police service to quickly establish true ownership of the property in situ.
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Smartwater Super Label The Super Label is a tamper resistant sticker which has a unique forensic code embedded into the label’s adhesive – effectively combining asset management with the protection of News Archive Smartwater Tracer. Should a thief attempt to remove a Super Label, the unique Smartwater code can be established from the smallest speck of adhesive.
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Your company logo can also be incorporated into the adhesive, providing quick Find Out More identification of the true owner of the property. As with all other Smartwater products, Super Labels glow under ultraviolet light.
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Please click here to download our Protecting your Home and Personal Belongings Leaflet (574kB PDF), Protecting your Commercial Property Leaflet (527kB PDF) and our Super Feedback Label Leaflet (Front - 348k) (Rear- 121k). Asset Register Keep a record of all your Smartwater coded items by recording them on the downloadable Asset Register PDF (78k).

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For further information please try their web site

Information Sharing
Information is the key to detecting and preventing crime and this process is part of the partnership which involves you, the NFU, the police and the entire rural community. If you notice a suspicious vehicle or person please don’t hesitate to pass this information on. Don’t keep it to yourself. Make a note of descriptions and particularly vehicle numbers. Experience has shown that if you think that something looks suspicious then it probably is. Even small pieces of information can fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to reveal the completed picture. What you think is irrelevant or insignificant may actually be an important link to a crime. All information is treated in the greatest confidence and its source is never revealed. If you think that the information you have may be urgent then ring the police on 0845 33 00 247 and state that you are a member of Farmwatch. Other less urgent information can be recorded on the enclosed form. You can also telephone the NHW Development Officer: Paul Caine on: 01228 558257 or email:


Farmwatch Action Plan
Important: If you discover a theft or burglary is in progress, dial 999 ask for Cumbria Police and give your name, address mobile contact number. **Do not switch light on where possible. Do not approach suspects** Give the Police Operator as much information as you can, using the table below to help you. Name and AddressTime / day / date
1. What can you see? 2. How can you see? (Light conditions, binoculars etc) 3. How far away are you? 4.Are there any obstructions to view? Description HeightBuildFacial FeaturesClothing-

………….Hrs…………….day…………………/… /2006/7




Make/model……………………………..reg no………………….

1. Vehicle details
Make/model……………………………..reg no………………….

Describe what you see and include such things as:
Which vehicle was the property in? Were any of them armed with anything? Which way did they leave and in what order? Direction of travel? Anything unusual such as noisy exhaust, something written on the van, stickers in the window? Anything said or names used? Time they left

Do Not Put Yourself at Risk

Useful Contacts
Community Safety Unit. Carlisle Police Station, Citadel Chambers English street, Carlisle, CA3 8SG Volunteer Centre Carlisle c/o Carlisle Council for Voluntary Service 27 Spencer Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA1 1BE Eden Voluntary Service 33 Sandgate, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7TJ Voluntary Action Cumbria The Old Stables, Redhills, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0DT umbria Age Concern Carlisle and District 20 Spencer Street, Carlisle, CA1 1BG Age Concern Eden The Resource Centre, Sandgate, Penrith, CA11 7TP Farm Crisis Network National Helpline 07002 326 326 (24 hours) Samaritans Helpline: 08457 90 90 90 (24 hours) Victim Support Cumbria North and East Divisional Police HQ, Hunter Lane, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7UT National Health Service Healthy Eating Advice Eden District Council,
Town Hall, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7QF Crime Prevention Advice Andy Hunton Tel: 01228 558251 Nigel Meadows Tel: 01228 558252

Judith Holmshaw Volunteer Centre Coordinator
Tel: 01228 512513

Tel: 01768 866966 Fax: 01768 866966 Tel: 01768 242130 Fax: 01768 242134 E mail: Tel: 01228 536673 E mail: Tel: 01768 863618 E Mail: Tel: Carlisle 01228 544444 Tel: Whitehaven 01946 694266

E mail

Tel: 01768 899 934 fax: 01768 217 598 Email:victimsupport.cumbrianortheast@virgi

Tel: 01768 817817 E mail: Tel: 01228 817000 Carlisle City Council Civic Centre, Rickergate, Carlisle, CA3 8QG

Cumbria Fire Service For advice / free fire safety check Public Rights of Way Matters Capita Simon Citizen’s Advice Bureau Neighbourhood Development Officer Cumbria County Council Eden Area Office Penrith Library, St Andrew's Churchyard Penrith, CA11 7YE Neighbourhood Development Officer Cumbria County Council Carlisle Area Office, Lower Gaol Yard The Courts, Carlisle, CA3 8NA Safer Homes Carlisle Police Station Free home security advice for people in North Cumbria and Eden Disability Association Carlisle and Eden Regents Court, Kingmor Business Park, Carlisle CA6 4SJ Cumbria Family Mediation Meadow Bank, Shap Road, Kendal, LA9 6NY Cumbria Federation of Young Farmers University of Lancaster, Newton Rigg, Penrith CA11 0AH

Tel: 0800 358 4777

Tel: 01228 673084 Tel: Penrith 01768- 863564 Tel: Carlisle 01228-536814 Tel:01768-242368 Fax: 01768-242144

Tel: 01228-606730

Claire Stevens: Tel: 01228 558255

Tel: 0845 1249 300

Jackie Hayton Tel: 01539 733705 E Mail:
E mail:

For Further Information Please Contact: - Paul Caine - Neighbourhood Watch Development Officer Community Safety Unit Carlisle Police Station Citadel Chambers English street Carlisle CA3 8SG Tel: 01228 558257 E Mail: THIS DOCUMENT IS PROTECTIVELY MARKED

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