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					COG Meeting 1445 hrs, 29th March 2005, Room F1/016 Minutes OPEN SESSION 1. Attendance Chief Constable Assistant Chief Constable Head of Crime Operations Head of Uniform Operations Taking Control Programme Manager Head of Professional Standards Western Division BCU Commander Head of HR

Mr P Fahy (Chair) Mr G Gerrard D/C/Supt K Hamilton C/Supt D Barnett C/Supt N Ingram C/Supt H King C/Supt T Jackson Ms C Barton 2. Apologies

C/Supt P Thompson C/Supt C Pownall Dr N Brown Mrs K Watkins 3. Urgent Business

Eastern Division BCU Commander Northern Division BCU Commander Head of IMD Head of Corporate Development

Mr Barnett informed COG of a road traffic collision involving 3 Cheshire officers assisting with the post Tsunami operation in Thailand. He reported that PC Kevin Brinkman had been fatally injured and that PC’s Ray Gordge and John Briscoe have received serious, although not life threatening injuries. He outlined to members the procedures that had been put in place both in relation to families of the officers and the other officers involved in the relief operation, following this incident. 4. Notes of the Last Meeting The minutes of the last meeting held on 21st March 2005 were agreed. 5. Matters Arising There were no matters arising. 6. Security Briefing The security briefing is excluded from this document in accordance with the exemptions contained within sections 23 and 31 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.


Press Briefing No update provided


Outstanding Actions COG/A/18 Mr Barnett reported that Mrs Watkins believed that the BCU Support teams would have the capacity to input the required stops information. Mr Jackson expressed concern that this may not be the case. Mr Fahy requested that the force proceeds on the basis of the BCU Support teams inputting the required data and that resourcing issues are monitored. The action was closed. Action: Mr Barnett to review Stops input process after two month period and report back to COG at start of June 05 (COG/A/28)


Operational and Performance Update Mr Hamilton provided an update on operational matters as follows: • • • • Three rapes have been reported and investigated to a satisfactory level Four woundings have been reported and investigated to a satisfactory level A body has been found in the Mersey at Halton and is believed to be a woman missing since February and not a suspicious death Suspicious death of an 18 year old male after consuming a quantity of Ecstasy. Three 16 year olds arrested in connection with his death and drugs and cash recovered. Death of a 5-month-old baby on at risk register in Chester & Ellesmere Port. Being treated as suspicious and mother has been arrested. Suspicious death of an 81 year old woman in a nursing home in Chester & Ellesmere Port. A line of enquiry is being pursued in relation to the recent Macclesfield fire death


• •

Mr Hamilton highlighted that all of the FMIT was currently being utilised and that the team was currently carrying a number of vacancies for a variety of reasons. It was agreed that Mr Hamilton would liaise with Ms Barton regarding resourcing options.

Mr Gerrard provided an update on Call Handling performance. 999 call handling response times were satisfactory; there has however been a dip since January in average time taken to answer non emergency calls. There has also been an increase in the number of calls. Mr Barnett stated that a deliberate strategy to concentrate on 999 calls will have had an impact and that he expects performance to improve as the CCRB beds in. Management of the Call Management Department following A/Supt’s Turton’s departure was discussed and will be progressed outside of the meeting. Mr Gerrard advised that in preparation for the next baseline inspection managers would be identified in the next couple of months to take responsibility for each area. He added that he planned to liaise with Mrs Watkins to compile a database for inspection material. Mr Gerrard provided details of the most recent crime performance figures and identified an increase in violent crime and Halton’s low conversion rate from admin to sanction detection as two areas of vulnerability. He reported that he is in the process of redesigning performance review with Mrs Watkins and Supt Finchett and that Divisional Commanders will be asked to ensure consistent accountability across divisions i.e. the same post will be responsible for the same area across all divisions. There will be monthly performance meetings attended by the Area Commanders and chaired by Mr Fahy. 10. PNICC Update Mr Barnett referred to the ACPO document ‘PNICC update: Operation Hawthorne (Supporting Op. Sorbus) and updated COG regarding the force’s involvement in this. He reported that Insp. Booth would be responsible for planning and liaison and that a regional structure is also in place. No Annual Leave has been cancelled to support the operation as yet and no specific commitment asked of the force.

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