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Want to improve transaction value and bond your clients? Enhance practice brand and image? Provide consistent advice? Standardise your consultation procedures? Enhance clinical evaluation?

Look no further than Vet solutions Protocols!
Designed to improve practice turnover, Protocols provide practices with a mechanism to follow a standard procedure for pet examination, ensuring no steps are forgotten or sales opportunities missed. What’s more, your client can receive aLeith Veterinary Practice full colour printout of tailored healthcare practice branded recommendations for their pet, reinforcing your verbal advice. Protocols can include stored Emergency triage routine photographs of the clients pet, illustrations of diseases, and tables of historical data such as vaccination history or weight profiles. Alternatively, Protocols can be used to capture all the information required as part of, for example, a triage examination or for a pet passport application.
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1 Papermill Wynd Edinburgh EH7 4QL Tel: 0131 556 3327 Fax: 0131 556 3525


MRS P AVERY 1 Hedgerow Road, Collington Lincolnshire, LE23 7RW

Species Breed Date of Birth Colour Sex Neutered/Spay Insured

Canine Span.Cav.K. Char. 18.02.1996 Blenheim Female No NO

Weight ( Optimum UnKnown )
13.00 Kgs


Reason for triage?
Road Traffic Accident

Temp in Cent.

Whatever, your requirements, Protocols can be tailored to meet your own particular needs or internal procedures.

Heart rate(bpm)

Pulse rate(bpm)

Respiratory rate/min

CRT (secs)

Colour (mm)

Competitively priced, an introductory standard pack of three Protocols – Wellpet, Triage, and DietDog – is available to all practices. Thereafter, you can purchase additional Protocols from our library, have bespoke Protocols written to your specific requirements, or even write your own! Start adding value to your practice by contacting your Vet solutions account manager or the Edinburgh team on 0131 556 0555 or We can advise you on your specific system requirements and help tailor Protocols to your needs.
Prepared on: 13.03.2008

Any open wounds?
grazes RF & RH cold extremities

Any other symptoms or information

See overleaf for example.

A fully customisable layout and content including font and style to match practice branding and policy.

Leith Veterinary Practice
1 Papermill Wynd Edinburgh EH7 4QL Tel: 0131 556 3327 Fax: 0131 556 3525

Animal details to include image of pet imported directly from PremVet or RoboVet.

WellPet Health Check
Species Breed Date of Birth Colour Sex Neutered/Spay Insured

Customised header to allow for practice branding including logos

Feline DSH 18.02.2007 Tabby & White Female Yes No



Advice and information can be tailored and customised to meet practice policy

12 Old Street, Huddersfield West Yorkshire, HD3 5RS

Skin and Coat
Your pet has fleas which cause irritation and distress. Good flea control involves regular treatment of all cats, dogs and the household with reliable flea products. Pet shop products are not as effective. Flea spray (or, if you prefer, flea spot-on products) provide good, easily applied flea control. There is also the option of a monthly dose of Program, given with food, which stops fleas breeding. Program is easily administered and is a safe, effective way of removing fleas from the home. Even in winter fleas continue to breed and one flea can produce up to 40 eggs per day; flea control is needed. For further advice ask our nurses and see the free flea advice leaflets. As you need to treat all cats and dogs in the household make sure you get enough packs to do so. Please note all above products are non-organophosphate. Program injectable for cats gives year round protection with just 2 injections.

Owner details imported directly from PremVet or RoboVet.

Normal Respiratory Examination - No coughing, gagging or tracheal irritation. Lungs sound fine, and there is no wheezing or abnormal lung sounds.

Teeth and Mouth
Cleaning 1-2 times daily with CET. Toothpaste will keep your pet's teeth healthy. If you cannot brush your pet's teeth, Logic oral hygiene gel can be placed in the mouth or on food. It's action cleans the teeth with no need to brush. Hill's have produced TD diet which has special bite sized chunks to clean teeth as your pet enjoys a meal.

Your pet has ear mites. The mites live mainly inside the ears of cats and dogs. Complete eradication of the mites requires treatment of all in-contact cats & dogs. To kill mites living outside the ears an effective flea product should be used.

Normal Eyes - Your pet's eyes are bright and clear, and normal vision is apparent. There is no evidence of discharge, swelling, or irritation. The pupils are normal and responsive, and the blink and menace reflexes are present. There are no visible signs of cataracts, aging changes to the lens, or retinal disease. The pupil is normally responsive and the membranes around the eye are not inflamed.

Worming advice
Pets under 6 months old need worming every month. Adult dogs and cats should be wormed every 3 months. Drontal or Milbemax tablets are safe, effective, single dose treatments against all tape and roundworms commonly affecting pups, kittens and adult dogs and cats. Stronghold spot-on treats both roundworms and fleas in one safe, easy, application on the skin. Prepared on: 28.02.2008

Any reference to brand names or any clinical advice is for illustrative purposes only and does not imply any product endorsement or recommendation.

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