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Pet Insurance PolicySummary
This is a PolicySummaryonly and does not containfull detailsof the limits, terms, conditions exclusions the or of insurance cover. For full detailsof the insurance cover, pleasereadthe Pet Insurance Schedule and Statement. Documentof Insurance and any endorsements together.A copy of the policy documentis available request. on lnsurer policy is underwrittenby Liverpool This insurance Victoria lnsurance CompanyLimited.
Type of cover

providescover for veterinaryfees. emergencyboardingkennelsand cattery fees, advertising This Pet Insurance and quarantine reward costs, theft or straying,accidental death, holidaycancellation, fees, loss of PETSCertificate Pet Passport, repeattick and worm treatmentand emergencyexpenses cover abroadand accidental damage. Third party liabilitycover is provided dogs only. for Two levelsof cover are available Essential and Premier. Your Pet Insurance Schedule and Statementwill show which levelof cover you have selectedand the policy wording will show which covers and limits apply to each levelof cover. Significant features (refersto the Sectionin the Policy Document) Section 1 - Veterinaryfees All reasonable costs for treatmentof your pet by a vet due to accident,illnessor disease. Coveris providedfor up to 1 2 months from the date of occurrence to up t5,O00 underEssential and f5,OOOper conditionwith n o t i m e l i m i t u n d e rP r e m i e r . Significantor unusual exclusionsor limitations (refersto the Sectionin the PolicvDocument) Exclusionsunder Section 1 - Veterinaryfees: . Any treatmentexceeding1 2 months after the incidentunder Essential. . Any treatmentexceedingf5,OOOper condition. . Any treatmentcosts incurredafter the expirydate of yourpolicy. . Any medicalconditionwhich occurredor existedin any policy. form priorto inceptionof the insurance r l l l n e s s r c o n d i t i o n h i c h o c c u r r e d i t h i nt h e f i r s t 1 4 o w w days of the start date of cover for your pet. . Costs arisingfrom preventative and electivetreatments, r o u t i n e x a m i n a t i o n s .a c c i n a t i o n s ,p a y i n g c a s t r a t i o n , v e s , pregnancy giving birth. or r The cost of dentaltreatmentexcept as a resultof an accident. ' . A n y c l a i ma s a r e s u l to f a ' n o t i f i a b l ed i s e a s e . g e Rabies. o Costs followingyour pet's death.

Section 2 - Third party liability (applicable to dogs only) L e g a l l i a b i l i t yu p t o f 2 , 0 O O , O O 0 .

Section 3 and 4 - Death from illnessand death from accident price of your pet up to a maximum of The purchase t750 if it dies or in the event of humanedestruction by a vet to alleviateincurable and inhumane suffering f o l l o w i n ga n i l l n e s sd i s e a s e r a c c i d e n t . , o Deathfrom illnessis only provided dogs under 9 for years of age and for cats under 1 1 years of age. Section5 - Advertisingand reward Up to a maximum of f75O for the cost of local advertising and a suitablereward for the recovery of your pet if your pet is lost or stolen, P l e a s eu r n o v e r . . . . . t

Exclusionsunder Section 3 - Death from illness: . Any medicalconditionwhich occurredor existedin any policy. form priorto inceptionof the insurance r Deathfrom illnessin the case of dogs of 9 years of a g e o r m o r e a n d c a t s o f 1 1 y e a r so f a g e o r m o r e .

_ LV_= and Liverpool victoria are registered trade marks of Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited and LV = and LV = Liverpool Victoria are trading styles oflhe Liverpool Victotia gtoup of companies. Liverpool Victoiia Insurance Company Limiied ILVIC), registered In England nio.3232514 is althoris;d and regulated by the Financial Services Authorjly, reg.ster no. 202965. LVtC a member of the ABi. Ragistered address: C-ounty cates, bournemouth, BH 1 2NF. Tel: O12O2 292 333.

Doc Name: PETNB.LIV - 20802735 worksman

Section 6 - Theft and straying The purchase price of your pet up to f 750 if it is permanently lost due to getting lost or being stolen, and no recovery has been made within 45 days despite advertising and the offer of a reward. Section 7 - Boarding kennel/cattery fees Up to l75O in total for boarding your pet if you or a member of your family normallyliving with you is h o s p i t a l i s e do n m e d i c a l a d v i c e f o r m o r e t h a n 4 d a y s . Section 8 - Holiday cancellation costs Any non-recoverabletravel and accommodation expenses up to fl,0OO if you have to cancel or cut short your holiday because your pet needs life saving treatment or goes missingwhilst you are away or within 7 days of departure. Section 9 - Accidental damage for cats U p t o f 7 5 O f o r a n y l i a b i l i t yt h a t y o u b e c o m e l e g a l l y responsible to pay due to accidental damage caused by your cat. Exclusions under Section 7 - Boarding kennel/cattery fees: . Hospitalisation ue to any medicalconditionknown d of at the start of the policy. Exclusions under Section 8 - Holiday cancellation costs: . Any pre-existing or foreseeable condition or disease likely to require emergency life-saving treatment.

Exclusionsunder Section 9 - Accidentaldamage: r Damageto propertyin the ownership,custodyor controlof you, your family, household any or personemployedby membersof your household or any personentrustedwith the care. controland custody of your pet. Exclusionsunder Section 10 - Overseastravel Exclusionsunder O,uarantine costs: . Costs incurredwhere the microchipwas not functioningpriorto departure. . Costs incurredwhere your pet was sufferingfrom a conditionpriorto departure. Exclusionsunder Loss of healthcarecertificate: r Where loss of the certificateis not reportedwithin 24 hoursor the loss occurredpriorto departure.

Section10 - Overseas travel O,uarantine costs Up to f 1,500 perperiod f insurance o Loss of PETSCertificate/PetPassport Up to t250 perperiod f insurance o Repeattick and worming treatment Up to f 1,000 perperiod f insurance o Emergency expenses cover abroad U p t o f 7 5 0 p e rt r i p

Other significant unusualexclusions limitations or or

(Refers the Sectionin the PolicyDocument) to

The standardexcessesshown within the policy wordingor on the Pet Insurance Schedule and Statement. General Exclusions: . Any conditionor event that occurs in the first 14 days from the start date of your pet beingcoveredby the policy. . Any Pet less then 8 weeks of age at the start date of your policy. r Any incidentoccurringoutsideof the UnitedKingdom,Northernlreland, the lsle of Man, the Channel lslands,Eireand the membercountriesof the PETSTravelSchemeexcludingnon EU listed countriesas definedby DEFRA. o War risks, hostilities, terroristactivity, revolution, militaryor usurpedpower or radioactive contamination. r Intentional slaughter, orderof any Goverment, by LocalAuthority or any personhavingjurisdiction the matter. in . Any animalwhich shouldbe registered underthe UK Goverment'sDangerous Dogs Act 1991 or the Dangerous Dogs ( N o r t h e r nr e l a n dO r d e r1 9 9 1 o r a n y s u b s e q u e na m e n d m e n t s . l ) t r The use of your pet for guard,securityor racing.

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Period of cover The policy lasts 1 2 months and would need to be renewed for the cover to continue. Cancellation

When you receiveyour Policy,you have 14 days in which to considerthe cover provided.lf the cover does not meet your requirements, you have the right to cancelthe Policyand receivea full refund.You will needto returnall your documentsto us within 14 days of receipt.Refundswill be made within 30 days of receiptof your requestto cancel lf you wish to terminatethe contract after this 14 day period,pleasecontact us.
How to make a claim l f y o u s u f f e r a n a c c i d e n t o r w i s h t o m a k e a c l a i m , p l e a s e C A L L U S F I R S T o n 0 8 4 5 6 0 0 4 8 2 8 . T h e i n f o r m a t i o ny o u w i l l need to provide us will include the policy number and the type of event that has occurred e.g. accident or illness, loss of pet. Please do not make your own arrangments before speaking to us unless emergency veterinary treatment is required.

How to complain lf you have a complaintabout your policy or the serviceyou have received,pleasecontact us by phoneor letter. lf you preferto write, pleaseaddressyour letter to: The Complaints Manager,LV: Pet lnsurance The ConnectCentre KingstonCrescent Portsmouth P O 28 0 1 q P l e a s e u o t et h e P o l i c yN u m b e ri n a l l c o r r e s p o n d e n c e . A copy of our internalcomplaintsprocedures available request. is on lf we cannot resolvethe differences betweenus, you may refer your complaintto the Financial Ombudsman Service within six months of receiving our final response letter.The addressis: Financial Ombudsman Service,South Ouay Plaza, 18 3 M a r s hW a l l , L o n d o n , 1 4 g S R .T e l e p h o n e 8 4 5 0 8 0 1 8 O Oo r e - m a i l , o m p l a i n t . i n f o @ f i n a n c i a l - o m b u d s m a n . o r g . u k . E 0 c
What happens if we are unable to meet our liabilities? l f w e a r e u n a b l e t o m e e t o u r l i a b i l i t i e s o p o l i c y h o l d e r s , o u m a y b e a b l e t o c l a i m c o m p e n s a t i o nf r o m t h e F i n a n c i a l y t Services Compensation Scheme. The level of compensation differs depending on the type of cover: Gompulsory insurance 10O%o f claim o Non-compulsory insurance lQOo/ool the first f 2,000 and 90% of remainder of the claim Further information can be obtained from: Financial Services Compensation Scheme, 7th Floor, Lloyds Chambers, P o r t s o k e nS t r e e t , L o n d o n , E 1 8 B N . T e l e p h o n eO 2 O 7 8 9 2 7 3 0 0 o r e - m a i l , e n q u i r e s @ f s c s . o r g . u k .

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