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Credit cards are very useful for those people who can manage their finances properly. Nowadays even airlines offer credit cards to their clients. However, credit cards are not to be used to purchase something you cannot afford. Click here to know more

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The Best Credit Card Offers By Mario Churchill

Credit cards had been one of the most widely used forms of paying various types of bills. This may range from regular purchases, to bills payment transactions in large amounts. This is different from debit cards in the sense that the former may purchase in its behalf even if the owner does not have a corresponding amount credited to the card. Generally, the issuer of the card provides a credit limit. The predetermined amount is the maximum allowable transaction to be made by the consumer or owner of the card. Credit card companies compete for the fast growing market by offering various promotional strategies such as the following: 1.Interest rates Credit card companies try to offer the lowest possible interest rate per payment due. Said interest rate may range from 1.2% up to 5%. 2.Minimum amount due Every month, the credit card company has a predetermined percentage of amount due based from the current charges or purchased made by the owner of the card. Failure to pay the said minimum due would result to additional charges on the part of the owner/consumer. 3.Waiving of dues The usual practice had been that of waiving the first of the cards' annual dues. Other offers had been cutting off one or two billing periods without any additional charges if the consumer did not pay for the period covered by the promotional advertisement.

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Should the consumer pay the whole amount charged to the card before its billing period, the interest due from the balance is likewise waived 4.Extension card Supplemental cards are usually offered for the cardholder to enable them to extend the use of the card for any family member (or friend) to whom they would want to grant access to its use. 5.Balance transfers Most credit card companies offer a very low interest rate charging for any balance transferred to their card from that of another one. The catch is to encourage consumers to transfer all the balance charges from their current card to their very own card company. Payments are arranged on a predetermined period of time. The disadvantage of this is that if the consumer decides to pay the whole balance earlier than the stated date, no rebates would be granted.

Consumers that are not wary of their purchases may find themselves in immense debt if payments are foregone or if the individual makes purchases more than he or she is capable of paying at the end of the billing period. Missed payments would result to finance charges that would be added on top of the month's interest charges. Thus resulting to higher charges. It has been said that the rampart use of the credit card system had resulted to the Great Depression of the 1920's. The rise of the automobiles during this period resulted to a great increase in the demand for fuel. To accommodate the large purchases, fuel companies accepted credit payments so as not to loose transactions to their competitors. And the rest, as they say, is history. Still, if the individual is wary and cautious when making purchases using a credit card, one may find that he or she may use it for his or her own convenience. Below are some of the advantages of using a credit card: 1.Low risk of loosing cash. Large purchases may be made without having to carry the money around. 2.Readily available Emergency purchases, such as that of medicines, may immediately be accommodated at any store that accepts credit payment.
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The Good and the Bad About Credit Card Offers By Sean Masterson

Not all credit card offers are created equal. Some are simple and straightforward, some are a bit misleading and some are outright scams. What should you look for when entertaining the offers that hit your mailbox? Here are some things to consider... 1. What's the "Real" Interest Rate? Wow, 0% is a great offer, isn't it? Maybe, maybe not. No credit card is going to offer you a 0% interest rate for the life of the card. They're in this business to make money and if they're not charging you interest, their coffers will run dry. The question you need to ask is how long is that 0% interest rate for and what's the rate going to be when it's over? Some credit card offers feature a 0% intro rate for six months to a year and then raise the rate to a reasonable 10 to 16 percent. Other cards, however, jump your rate to 20 percent or more once your introductory offer ends, and that's not a good deal at all! Be very careful and know what your "real" rate is before agreeing to any credit card offer. 2. Annual What? Just when you thought annual fees were a thing of the past, more and more credit card offers contain them. If you have decent credit, there's absolutely no reason for you to pay an annual fee (unless the card offers some amazing perks that outweigh the expense). There are dozens of good cards on the market that don't charge a yearly fee for the privilege of carrying the card. 3. Too Good to be True? If you have bad credit and you're desperate for a credit card, the not-so-honest credit card offers may begin to appeal to you. A $5,000 credit limit at 9.9% with guaranteed approval sounds wonderful, doesn't it? All you have to do is send in your $197 processing fee. Remember what mom said -- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall for the credit card scams disguised as credit card offers. Never pay up front for a card unless you're sending in a security deposit to a reputable secured credit card company. If you do, you'll be throwing away your hard-earned cash because chances of you actually receiving a card like the one above are slim to none. Remember, not all credit card offers are the same and they're not as informative as the card's Terms of Service. Credit card offers are created by marketing companies for the purpose of enticing you to sign up for the card (or fall for a scam) -- be smart and get the dirty details of any card you're seriously interested in applying for.

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