4 Easy Ways Obama Can Win over Conservatives and Republicans

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					4 easy ways Obama can win over Conservatives and Republicans
By RB Jan 2010 1. Honest humility. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey that was shown on December 13, Obama was asked to grade his first year. His answer? A “good solid B+” that would turn into an A- with the passage of health care legislation. Really? The employment rate has risen up to around 11%, the world isn’t any safer, and the future doesn’t necessarily look that bright. Why couldn’t he just say something to the effect of “I’d give myself a C. It’s a passing grade but until the unemployment rate drops below 7%, the economy makes its turnaround, and we feel safer at home, I cannot and will not try to convince you that it’s been a perfect year.” Wow, I already want to vote for him. 2. Push other countries to adopt the English measurement system. Deep down, what conservatives really fear is that Obama is going to turn America into New Europa. I have the sense that at some point Obama is going to try to push the metric system on the American people. An aggressive effort in the other direction would make him more likeable as a “Don’t Tread on Me” kind of American. 3. Push for Gay Marriage. It’s counter-intuitive at first, but at present Obama has spoken out against gay marriage in a “wink-and-nod” kind of fashion. Basically he’s taken a stance that he’s against it, but that his stance is only as firm as the votes to get him elected. If 55% of Americans were in favor of gay marriage tomorrow, you can rest assured that Obama would switch positions immediately. This strikes the conservatives as disingenuous, and makes him seem more like a pandering politician than an honest leader. Even conservatives who disliked George W. Bush at least admired the fact that he didn’t pull any punches. 4. Push Congress to Lower Taxes. The old stand-by. This will reassure people that he’s not trying to build a socialist state.

Description: The recent victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts may spell trouble for President Obama. Here are 4 easy ways he can win over conservative support in hopes of gaining a second term in office.