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24 October 2008

This week in The Knowledge
 Exmouth

Remembrance Sunday parade
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Rural Services Network
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Autumn colours ▪ Photo by Lynne Jones  Art, Cuba and the

 News from the

Devon Hedge Week
Friday 24 October to Sunday 2 November
Whether your interest is walking, history, wildlife, arts and crafts or practical skills, Hedge Week provides everyone with the opportunity to enjoy and learn about one of Devon's finest landscape features. The diversity of Devon’s hedges What makes Devon‟s hedges distinct from those in many parts of Britain is the presence of banks on which the trees and shrubs grow. At times these banks are huge, several metres high. On other occasions, they may be fairly low, either because that is the way they were built, or because they have been eroded down over the years. Then the bank may be faced either with stone or with turf. In contrast, many of our coastal hedges are faced with slates. Such differences reflect the great variation in the geology across Devon. If you‟d like to attend an event during Hedge Week, check the events listing for booking or special equipment requirements. The location map and the listed location details /grid reference will show you where each event is being held. To find out further information or to book a place, simply get in touch with the relevant organisation or individual using the contact details provided for each of the events.

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Environment Agency

Council Offices Knowle Sidmouth EX10 9BL

24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

Exmouth Remembrance Sunday parade and wreath laying
The Exmouth Branch of the Royal British Legion invites the Chairman to the Remembrance Sunday parade and wreath laying on 9 November. The invitation is also extended to all Members of the Council. The parade will be in a new format this year, and in response to popular demand the entire ceremony will be held at the War Memorial. The parade will not march to All Saints Church. A short service of remembrance will be included in the ceremony at the War Memorial. The full itinerary is available in the Members‟ Area.

News from the Rural Services Network (RSN)
Rural inquiry video posted on YouTube
An inquiry to support rural communities is using the internet to overcome accessibility issues and reach a wider audience. The Essex Rural Commission established by Essex County Council - is studying a range of issues affecting rural communities. In a bid to reduce rural isolation, a film of the commission's inaugural meeting has been posted on the videosharing website YouTube.

Best practice: How to reopen your local post office
Robert Bullard examines how one local authority bucked the trend and saved dozens of post offices from closure. Over the next three years, Essex County Council hopes to reopen half the 33 branches earmarked for closure in the county. So just how has it achieved the impossible? And what can other councils and communities learn from its approach?

Website vision for rural Britain in 2020
A rural development charity has launched a website to ask people how they would like rural Britain to be in 2020. Ruralnet UK said it wanted people to contribute their ideas online in a bid to help inform policy and influence strategy. A collective vision created by hundreds of people would help to inspire people to deliver a better future, it added

 Garages slam PM over price cut call
Independent garage forecourts have hit out at Gordon Brown over calls to cut fuel prices at the pumps. The Prime Minister said forecourts should cut fuel prices in line with the fall in the price of crude oil or risk an investigation. But many rural garages where petrol often costs more - are unable to match prices offered by supermarket forecourts because they don't buy enough fuel to qualify for wholesale discounts.

Note: Members of RSN (which includes Councillors and Council staff) can gain free and full access to RSN Online by registering.

Chairman’s engagements
Sunday 26 October Chairman to attend West Devon Civic Service in Mary Tavy.

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24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

Art, Cuba and the revolution
Juan T Vazquez Martin, a leading Cuban artist, is visiting Farringdon Society of Arts on Saturday 8 November at 2.30pm. He will talk about abstract visual art in the social and cultural context of Cuba, both before and after the revolution, and will be showing examples of his work. The cost is £5 (to include tea/coffee). Jan is also offering an art masterclass the following day. To book a place or find out about the masterclass, ring 01395 239181.

News from the IDeA (Improvement and Development Agency)
Dealing with flooding – councillor comment
On Saturday 6 September, Castle Morpeth Borough experienced 6 weeks‟ rainfall in 24 hours. Nearly 1,000 homes and businesses were flooded and more than 850 houses were evacuated, most of them in Councillor Nic Best's ward. Find out how the community pulled together to deal with the aftermath.

Children’s and adults’ services – interviews with joint directors
'Think family, think community' analyses the role of directors with combined responsibilities for children's and adults' services. This IDeA report highlights the emerging challenges for this new cohort and includes extracts of interviews with 10 directors who have the joint function.

Plans for affordable housing boosted by joint working
With the „credit crunch‟ giving added impetus to collaborative working, find out how councils are increasingly working together to deliver on ambitious plans for affordable housing.

Hail the new bus service
Haydock Industrial Estate is one of the largest employers in St Helens Metropolitan Borough Council. Due to the types of businesses on the estate, working hours were out of kilter with public transport provision. Enter the 920 bus service – a hail and ride service – designed to accommodate shift workers.

Year of Healthy Communities Calendar October entries
Read about a cycling scheme aimed at isolated groups in Warrington. Learn how Wakefield Metropolitan District Council is enhancing the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities. Read about the success of a 'warmer homes' scheme in Suffolk.

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24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

Find out more about funding
The Volant Charitable Trust
The Volant Charitable Trust has funding available to support charities and projects, whether national or community-based, at home or abroad, that alleviate social deprivation, with a particular emphasis on women‟s and children‟s issues. All charities should be registered with the relevant national charity commission or equivalent body.

Improving quality of life
The Mohammad Ibrahim Foundation has funding available to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK, both now and in the future. It likes to consider work which others may find hard to fund, perhaps because it breaks new ground, appears too risky, requires core funding or needs a more unusual form of financial help such as a loan.

Tackling poverty and misery
The John Paul Getty JR charitable trust has grants from £500 to £50,000 available to help projects that tackle poverty and misery in the UK, and unpopular causes in particular.

Improving quality of life
The Links Foundation funds new or existing projects and can help meet costs such as salary, rent and stationery as well as capital costs. It does not, however, fund individuals or core costs. Its aim is to benefit communities by providing, or assisting in the provision of, facilities or services necessary to improve their conditions of life.

Jamie Buckley (Engagement and Funding Officer) ▪ Tel: 01395 517569 (or Ext 2769) Email:

Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee Asset Management Forum Honiton Street Market Advisory Forum Planning Inspections Committee Licensing & Enforcement Sub Committee Elizabeth Hall Advisory Forum Executive Board

Officer contact
Chris Lane Chris Lane Chris Lane Christopher Holland Chris Lane Chris Lane Diana Vernon

Monday 27 October Monday 27 October Tuesday 28 October Friday 31 October Monday 3 November Tuesday 4 November Wednesday 5 November

9.30am 10.00am 2.15pm 4.00pm 9.30pm 7.00pm 5.30pm

CANCELLED Committee Room East Devon Business Centre Council Chamber CANCELLED Exmouth Town Hall Council Chamber

Would Councillors please pass their apologies to Democratic Services whenever they are unable to attend a meeting so that post can be sent or withheld as appropriate. Please check your pigeon holes for any post whenever you visit the offices. If you would like a copy of the papers relating to any of the above meetings, please contact the relevant Democratic Services Officer. (All the above meetings are at Knowle, unless otherwise specified). Click here to view agendas and minutes on the Council‟s website. Click here to view planning applications online. Click here to view new applications received relating to the Licensing Act 2003. Diana Vernon 01395 517541
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Christopher Holland 01395 517543

Hannah Jarvis 01395 517542

Chris Lane 01395 517544

Debbie Meakin 01395 517540

Rachel Perram 01395 517542

24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

Portfolio Holders’ decisions
Decisions put to Portfolio Holders Decisions will be published in a future edition of The Knowledge
Resources (A T Moulding) Axe Valley, Exmouth and Honiton Ring and ride schemes – Applications for Financial Assistance To consider the applications for financial assistance submitted by three Ring and Ride Local Management Committees – Exmouth, Honiton and Axe Valley. Further details: Claire Bird, Assistant Accountant, Ext 2033

Decisions by Portfolio Holders Members are notified of the following decisions
Economy (J P Halse) Request to sell surplus Council housing land in rear of 9 – 11 Charles Road, Honiton to Messrs Christopher and Michael Slade, the present freeholders of The Old Manse, High Street, Honiton Agreeing that in accordance with past practice, the request be agreed on terms and conditions to be negotiated by the Property Services Manager and that the land in rear of 9 11 Charles Road, Honiton, be declared surplus to requirements and sold to Messrs Slade. Economy (J P Halse) Upgrade of electrical system for Sidbury United Football Club Agreeing that the electrical upgrade to the Council‟s facilities be approved and that this improvement be recognised in future lease negotiations. Request by the Sidmouth Rugby football Club for a ground lease and consent to construct and use a new Sports Pavilion at the Sidford Playing fields Agreeing to grant a 50 year ground lease to Sidmouth RFC for the construction of a sports pavilion, subject to the granting of planning permission and agreement of terms and conditions for a lease. The above decisions will become effective on 30 October 2008 at 9.00am unless “called in”. The published procedure for a “call-in” is on pages 135-137 of the Council Constitution, or contact Democratic Services for assistance or explanation.

Environment (G K Liverton)

In the press
Long life depends on where you live
Living in a wealthy area could prolong your life by up to 14 years, according to a new study by university academics. According to The Grim Reaper‟s Road Map the average age of death varied between 66 years in Easterhouse, Glasgow, and 80 in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

More open justice for families on the courts
Family courts are to be opened up to public scrutiny in response to mounting criticism from parents whose children are taken into care that they are victims of „secret justice‟. The move, to be announced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, is supported by most judges but opposed by many social workers.

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24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

In the press


Government to buy up empty homes
Margaret Beckett, the new Housing Minister, announces Government plans to buy up empty properties from developers who cannot sell their newly built homes. They will then be rented to people on council house waiting lists.

Jamie Oliver supports council ban on takeaways
The campaigning cook has applauded Waltham Forest Council after it has banned new takeaways from opening within 400m of local schools. The Sun 22/10/2008

Blueprint for greener homes
Ed Miliband, the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, is to draw up plans for tough new targets for cutting energy in the country's 26 million homes.

U-turn over post offices?
One of Peter Mandelson‟s first moves in his new post as Business Secretary could be to halt the mass closure of post offices.

 Town halls face a £2.5bn black hole as stores stop paying taxes
Some of the country‟s biggest companies are among thousands that have stopped paying business taxes to councils, creating a £2.5bn „black hole‟ in town hall budgets. Companies are asking to defer payments and some are failing to pay altogether, leading The Times to speculate that council tax bills could rise and services could be cut.

Councils to save pubs
Hundreds of crisis-hit pubs could be bailed out by councils under plans being drawn up by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears. To qualify they will have to turn themselves into post offices, shops, libraries or cafes as well as serving drinks.

Mandelson tells councils - help small businesses
Lord Mandelson announced that councils and the NHS will follow Government departments and pay suppliers within 10 days to help small businesses.

Blow for green nappies
A Government report that found old-fashioned nappies damage the environment more than disposables has been hushed up because ministers are 'embarrassed' by its findings. The report says washable nappies, hailed by councils as a key way of saving the planet, have a higher carbon footprint.

Wardens to stop blue badge cheats
A Government crackdown has been announced after it was revealed that 13,000 blue badges allowing disabled people to park their cars are stolen every year. Parking wardens will be empowered to confiscate stolen or forged permits as part of a £55 million plan.

Scarborough named enterprise capital 2008
Scarborough has been named as the UK Enterprise Capital 2008, an award given to the city that makes the most progress in turning round the local economy. The Council forged a partnership with small entrepreneurs, stretched out the tourist season and encouraged the set-up of non-tourism businesses.

Computer as important as pen and paper
Schools Minister, Jim Knight, announced a £300m initiative aimed at ensuring all five to eighteen-yearolds have broadband access at home by 2011

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24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

In the press


Report calls for councils to pay pubs to let public use their loos
A report released by the Communities and Local Government Select Committee suggests that local authorities should pay pubs, shops and cafes to allow public access to their facilities. The Committee found that there has been a significant downward trend in the provision of public facilities and praised Westminster Councils “SatLav” initiative.

Truancy rise in primary schools
Truancy results have shown a rise of 5% in absence rates for primary schools.

U-turn on street lighting
Residents in Powys, Wales, have forced the council to switch on street lights for fear of crime. The council said the lights had been turned off to cut energy bills and reduce pollution. Daily Express 22/10/08

News from the Environment Agency
New ways of measuring our water environment

From 2008, the new European Water Framework Directive replaces General Quality Assessment, which means that the way of measuring the quality of water bodies has changed. As well as rivers, which were the focus of the previous system, the Water Directive Framework covers ground water, estuaries, coastal waters and lakes, not previously included in General Quality Assessment results. Under the Water Framework Directive, the Environment Agency is looking at a far wider range of indicators for water environment, such as the health of river insects and plants. The grading of each water body is set by the lowest result. Under this new, more stringent, measurement, 22% of assessed rivers by length in the South West were classed as „good‟ . Most of those rivers that didn‟t achieve „good‟ classification did so due to the levels of fish population and nutrients. Richard Cresswell, the Environment Agency‟s Regional Director for the South West, said “The Water Framework Directive gives us new measures that will help improve our understanding of the water environment and the health of associated animals and plants. It means that we can use the data to focus our efforts to continue to improve the quality of our water environment, meet new challenges such as climate change and balance the use of water for economic and social purposes with the needs of the environment.” The draft plan will be published on 22 December 2008 for a six month public consultation and the Environment Agency will be encouraging all interested parties to get involved in the process.

Production information The Democratic Services team produces this weekly information sheet every Friday for Members of East Devon District Council. Please contact Diana Vernon if you have any comments about the newsletter. If you wish to reproduce any of the images used in The Knowledge, please contact the editor who will seek permission from the contributor. Telephone: (01395) 517541 or Extension 2741. Email: Submissions: If you have items that you wish to be included in the next issue, contact Democratic Services. Telephone: (01395) 517542 or Extension 2742. Email:

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24 October 2008 ▪ Issue 24 2008/2009 ▪ Produced by Democratic Services

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