Vehicle Sticker Online Purchase FAQ's by bigbro22


									                 Vehicle Sticker Online Purchase FAQ’s

Q – Where do I find my user ID and PIN?
A – The user ID and PIN are located on the right side of the vehicle sticker
application, directly above the first vehicle information grid in red ink.

Q - What should I do if I want different people to pay for their own vehicles
but they are all one user ID and PIN?
A – Any individual can pay for as many vehicles as they want under a given
user ID and pin. Simply update and click on the vehicles that you wish to
purchase the stickers for and leave the other vehicles unmarked.

Q –How much is the service charge to purchase the sticker online?
A – The fee charged by the vendor is $3.00. This is just more than half of
the total cost to completely process the sticker online. The additional cost is
being absorbed by the City of Evanston in an effort to encourage the use of
the system.

Q – How does this service charge compare to other government service
A – The fee being charged by the vendor for Evanston vehicle stickers is
right in the middle in terms of service charges used by governmental entities.
While the City of Chicago charges $1.75(2.30%) for online sticker
purchases, the Secretary of State office charges $4.75(6.1%) to renew a
license plate registration sticker online.

Q – What is the purpose of the service charge?
A - The primary purpose is to defray some of the costs for the new system.
Unlike most other municipalities, the City of Evanston is using a process
which actually creates the sticker to be sent to the resident as it is ordered.
All stickers ordered via the mail or online for the first time this year will
include not only the sticker number, but also the license plate number of the
vehicle. This is in hope of reducing the number of sticker thefts as the
number of stolen vehicle stickers has been on the rise the last two years with
the use of the new easier to remove materials.

Q – Can I order my vehicle sticker using my “Senior” discount card online?
A – No. “Senior” stickers can only be purchased through the mail (by
enclosing a copy of their senior discount card) or in person.
Q – Can I purchase my “Combo” sticker online?
A – No. These will only be available through the mail or in person at
Parking Systems. These vehicles should not be included in the vehicle
sticker only mailing.

Q – What if one of my vehicles does not appear on the vehicle order form?
Can I add it online?
A –If the vehicle replaces a previously owned vehicle, i.e. the license is
already registered to a certain address; you can update the information of the
vehicle having that license plate. If the vehicle is new and does not replace a
previously owned vehicle, the sticker cannot be purchased online because
adding a new vehicle requires proof of registration. New car sticker orders
can be placed via the mail or in person. Please include a copy of the
registration via mail or bring this with you if you come to the Collector’s

Q – I’ve transferred my current license plate to a new car. Can I change the
information and order online?
A – Yes. See above for details.

Q – I’ve changed addresses. Can I change my address online?
A – No. You will need to contact the city and provide verification that your
license plate registration has been changed to reflect your new address.

Q – I don’t have a credit card. Can I place my order online?
A – No. You will need to either mail in your order using a personal check or
order in person at the Collector’s Office with check, credit card or cash.

Q – How do I transfer a sticker from one car to another?
A - You will need to go to the Civic Center with the old receipt/sticker and
the new registration, fill out an application form with the new vehicle
information. You will then be issued a new sticker for $8.00.

Q – What if my vehicle/sticker is stolen?
A - If a vehicle sticker is stolen, go to the Evanston Police Department (1454
Elmwood) to fill out a report and then bring that to the Collector’s Office at
the Civic Center along with the original receipt and a new sticker will be
issued for a replacement fee of $8.00.

Q – How do I apply for a Senior Discount Card?
A – Any questions involving issues for seniors (applying for the discount
card or any questions about the program) can be addressed by the
Commission on Aging @ 847-866-2919.

If you have questions regarding the online purchase process, please contact
Credentials Order Processing Services Inc. at 847-716-3005. If you have
additional questions regarding vehicle stickers, please see the website for
more information or call the Collector’s Office at 847-866-2926. The office
is open Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00. The extended hours for the 2008 Vehicle Sticker
Season are also on the web site.

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